She Connected To Her Mom On The Other Side In Her Dreams – KAren Swain 488

She Connected To Her Mom On The Other Side In Her Dreams – KAren Swain 488

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Podcast visitor 488 is KAren Swain Spiritual Mentor, Educator and Galactic Tutorial, Radio/Podcast Host of ATP Media, Creator, Inspirational Speaker and Creator of the Awakening Soul E-book Sequence.

KAren’s spiritual journey was apparent as a little one, but was activated extra powerfully when her mother grew to become very sick with most cancers and died when Karen was a teenager. To the curious mind of an individual who by no means stopped inquiring issues, KAren’s issues turned to What Takes place When We Die? The place do we go? And if there is a put we go to, then this have to be where by we appear from just before we are in this article on earth, the place is this put? And what does this area offer us even though we are right here on earth?

These days KAren Swain is a Trainer of Deliberate Development, Spiritual Mentor, Educator, Inspirational Speaker, Host of Accentuate The Positive Media, Creator of Return to Enjoy & Awakened by Death, and Creator of The Awakening Soul Collection.

KAren Activates, Accelerates, Acclimates and Accentuates the New Planet Teachers. Supporting the Light-Weavers and Variation Makers bringing in a new dawn of reality in the course of these instances of change.

She enlightens you to the electricity of your feelings and beliefs, how they make your actuality and how to live in alignment with your psychological advice program. This is Steerage on a Cosmic Scale, remembering your link to your spiritual teams, Angelic support, other facets and multidimensional selves, your soul strategy, why you are in this article and how you aid this world.

KAren is 1 of Australia’s Foremost Considered Leaders and Modify Agents, displaying you the way to a additional Joyful Related Multidimensional Everyday living.

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  1. "The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago and the next best time is now" I consider this to be best motivational quote I've heard in a very long time. But motivational quotes are useless if you don't practice what you preach*

  2. I could listen to Karen Swain speak all day. Thank you for this interview. There is a very good documentary on netflix about the Thalidomide tragedy, which Karen mentions in this interview. Jeff, you are doing important work here with your channel and interviewing people who've had NDE's.

  3. When she was talking about people (like me) saying – "I'm not coming back to this place" or 'What the hell was I thinking incarnating on this nightmare planet' (those are my words). She also said a few other things about this particular subject that sounded like she was reading my mind. She used verbatim terminology that I use.

  4. I resonated with much of what she says personally. Like Karen, I started asking questions very early that none of the adults in my life could answer. I know I am not the only one. But, the adults never seemed to question anything they were taught. My first metaphysical books "Out on a Limb." My ex-father-in-law asked my ex how he could "let" me read that devil trash. I found out much later my he was hiding a lot of things behind his "Christian" faith. It's just always nice to have your experiences validated when others share similar. Great interview.

  5. I have a few books by Wayne Dyer and used to be really interested in his work until I saw how much he charged for seminars and lectures etc. How can these people be both spiritual and so materialistic? If there was just one spiritual teacher who didn't charge a penny for their services imagine how wonderful and refreshing that would be. I guess some of them start off like that but then they see how much money they can make from doing it full time once they get a following and then the corruption sets in. It is a real shame that spiritually minded people fall into the money trap.

  6. She mentioned something that was very telling in other dimensions we manifest (create) at speed of thought. We do the same here on earth as every thought you have results in a creation (either positive or negative depending on your attitude). We are creators and have not been given just part of that power but the total package. That means we are capable of creating really beauty and really horrific realities for ourselves. With that knowledge we have ability to change course at moments notice if we could just get everyone to realize we are the creators and not some small highly vulnerable creators walking on earth. There are no limitations and the ones we live with we have placed on ourselves.

  7. I absolutely love Karen! I’ve been watching her channel for quite some time. After my dear friend Naya transitioned Karen contacted her and was so wonderful to let me know how she is which of course she’s doing fabulous