Recognizing the Presence of Deceased Loved Ones at Family & Friend Gatherings

Recognizing the Presence of Deceased Loved Ones at Family & Friend Gatherings

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Recognizing the Presence of Deceased Loved Ones at Family & Friend Gatherings

“Hey Afterlife Tv is again! Yay! And I’m starting with something distinctive. This episode is not an job interview but rather an straightforward-to-goodness conversation between two afterlife authors & pals. And I chose to do it this way due to the fact this episode comes out throughout the holiday time, a time of the calendar year when we’re sensation the void of our loved ones in spirit. So I invited Natalie Sudman to be part of me in this dialogue about the why & how we can acknowledge that our deceased loved ones are with us at ANY family or friend accumulating. We chat about inviting them to the party, recognizing the signals they mail us, training them what signals we will notice, and even how our remembering them has an effect on them in spirit. I consider you will take pleasure in this getaway unique that is shipped with joy, a minor humor, some channeling, and a great deal of appreciate.” ~ Bob Olson, Afterlife Tv set http:///

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  1. Hey Bob Olson, I received a similar phone call. My house phone called my house and we know that can't happen.  If you try to call your own number, you get a busy signal.  I was sorting through my husband's cd collection after he passed when the phone rang.  It was exciting to hear my last name on the caller ID and to see my own number on it too!  It had to be him letting me know he was there.  I've had many other signs of him being near, but this one is just like yours and I just had to share. I love your videos. They bring so much comfort. Thank you for that!

  2. Wow, I just subscribed after watching a third interview. Bob I think you're a fantastic interviewer. Personable, charming, great questions! Caring. You've got the love! I'm happy to have found your channel. Thanks!

  3. at 1:06 you both made me laugh especially you Bob 🙂 it was so funny and I was just as excited at that moment. also thank you so much for asking the best question – about inviting loved ones to our events and the idea of asking them to join a group picture. I would love that and I sort of did it indirectly before but now I will be more straightforward about it ! 🙂 I am so glad you both made my day

  4. hello, I've watched several interviews and I find them really helpful. first of all I was a skeptic and didn't believe in the afterlife but that kinda changed after my grandma died. when she was alive I told her that I do not believe in a god or an afterlife which she does not approve, so we made a pact that when one of us dies and there is in fact an afterlife that we'll try to tell the other, hours after she passed I smelled her favorite flowers called sampaguita, I still did not believe so I guess she went a little further and visited me in my dreams to ask "why don't you just believe?" I still get little messages from her, I can't say I believe now so I'm concerned that one day she'll have to show herself to me 🙂

  5. I've had so many dream visitations. I have and aunt and uncle who both came to me separately, each had my little toy yorkie that passed. :'( The first dream with this aunt was in a train station. Long story but very appropriate.

  6. Wow. I have lots of spirit photographs.. lots of orbs, but some other amazing things too. One pic is of a blue orb the size of a basketball bouncing off of a table. Leaving a 3 foot long trail. Anybody can check my pics or camera, I don't care. I have printed but still have original on camera. 🙂

  7. Holiday seasons, people "checking out", or Taking their Journey's on forward, like the seasons especially around fall and winter, winter mainly is a time where most or all things go to sleep, or Die off. It's jus part of the cycle of life of all living things., and the sprint world is Closer than u think, like a Thin vail separating this world and the spirit world.

  8. Bob, I love you and your show. And I would love to have Natalie Sudman as my new best friend!! Seriously!! She laughs, quilts and she channels! What a great friend she would be!!! He story is so inspiring and insightful. It’s really fun to hear you both laughing!! I’ll be contacting her for a reading if she’s still doing it. Thanks so much!!

  9. In my family, for the first year after death, during all family gatherings, a chair with a black ribbon tied to the back and a complete place setting (no food or drink) is set before it. The adults know not to sit there and small children are not allowed to sit there or play around there, being told, "that's Grandma's/Auntie's chair."

  10. My older brother died of an anyeurism in 2017. We had a memorial for him about a year later where we planted a tree in an area he really loved and had a plaque made. While we were standing together there was a butterfly sitting right by me feet. My sister in law said to me "There is a butterfly sitting right by you, some people say butterflies are often present at memorials and they contain the soul of the person who died." That butterfly just stayed right by me for a while and then my mother went to pick it up and it let her with no reservations at all. I took at picture of that butterfly and thought it was a cool moment. Fast forward to about 6 months later. For some reason I was inspired to look at that butterfly picture on my phone. I thought I saw something interesting and so I enlarged the photo. When I did that I could see on the front of the butterfly the clear perfect face of my older brother. It was as though someone photoshopped a black and white photo of my brother on the head of that butterfly. I immediately forwarded that picture to other members of my family and they were amazed. I have shown that photo to other people over the past few years and they are equally amazed. Interestingly the sister in law who brought that butterfly to my attention at the family gathering also died suddenly just two months ago. I am waiting for another butterfly:).