Near-Death Experiencer Panel (2010) – 1 of 4

Near-Death Experiencer Panel (2010) – 1 of 4

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Bonni Burrows —
Ellyn Dye —
Kelly Wiggin

Debbie James, Moderator

Presented at the IANDS 2010 Conference, Sept. 2-4, in Denver, CO

Abstract: Near-death experience accounts by Bonni Burrows, Ellyn Dye and Kelly Wiggin. Debbie James is the moderator.

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  1. Look at all NDE's not just at those who fit your beliefs.
    You should look at NDE reasearchers videos like doctor Raymond Moody, DR Bruce Greyson and you'll see people from different religions during their nde had the same peace, feel of intense love, life review, etc.
    And everyone's nde is influenced by their religion, beliefs, culture etc.

  2. There is a problem with hell. You see, people have the life review where they can feel the exact amount of pain, suffer, joy they created in their lives to others so it's no need for a hell. You know that case of Pam Reynolds where she says she saw the light, which emanated love, peace etc, she said it was god. But you see there is a case where a woman shot herself and encountered that same light,had a life review, everything it was explained to her, why she shouldn't have done that etc.No hell.

  3. Even full life reviews are God's gentle way of telling us about judgement day, the guides we have are the guardian angels each one of us are given, and if we do see something different from others, it is that we are allowed to see according to our belief systems, and not the whole truth, something we have to come back and research, for HELL is also real.

  4. we know only up to a point, BEWARE, cause when we come back and don't change God will separate us from him and His love we felt there, no co creators, non of that we are, cause many are given a choice to stay or return, proof that God is in control and not man or hospital equipment.