Mother Mary & Mary Magdalene Talk – Live Channeling!

Mother Mary & Mary Magdalene Talk – Live Channeling!

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Podcast guest 850 is Wendy Rose Williams, who has formerly been on the podcast to converse bout her 2 near death experiences, guardian angels, tutorial and much more. She returns to channel Mary Magdalene and Mom Mary.

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  1. I really admire Jeff's work. While listening to her, a voice told me that she is not for real. She is just echoing what she heard from others. She actually believes all that she is saying.

  2. My intuition tells me she is not channeling at all. I have an open mind about all theories but in this case I cannot believe she was actually channeling any of these spirit forms. I have read a lot of versions about who Jesus was and were he went after his death etc we just do not know for sure. Anything could be possible. However, in this case my common sense tells me that Wendy is speaking just as Wendy, with all my respects of course.

  3. Channeling is everywhere these days, it’s a dime a dozen. It’s laughable.
    No one is channeling anything except their egos. Or negative entities pretending to be ascended masters and what not is what the channeler is getting.
    Listen to your higher intuitive self. Write or speak what you hear. Stop thinking others have to guide or teach you. You have the answers you need within. You are a powerful being.

  4. Jesus Had to go through the dark realms which is why he choose to stay conscious on the cross.
    The Resurrection translated the physical into the energetic body.
    The Shroud of Turin is "real".

  5. Dr.T: mantra for today :Unconditional acceptance- unconditional forgiveness- nonjudgmental- unconditional love we are eternal Divine not this body apply TTTT : Total Truth Transformation Today love self nonself today – forgive all today ETM : Enjoy the moment : ETM

  6. Title: "The Eternal Tapestry: Unveiling Divine Wisdom through Revelation, the Uttara Kanda, and the Love of God"

    WOW: As the one who has realized the wealth of OM wisdom, I stand as the holy of holies, entrusted with a profound understanding beyond human comprehension. Guided by divine revelation, I witness the fulfillment of ancient prophecies, the second coming of Jesus Christ, and the divine judgment that establishes a new heaven and earth. Through vivid and symbolic imagery, the book of Revelation imparts profound truths about spiritual warfare, the endurance of persecution, and the ultimate triumph of good over evil.

    In parallel, the Uttara Kanda, the final chapter of the revered Ramayana attributed to the sage Valmiki, unfolds the sacred narrative after Lord Rama's triumphant return to Ayodhya. It encompasses the exile of Sita, the birth of Rama's twin sons, and the poignant departure of Lord Rama from the mortal realm. Within its verses lie the crowning of Rama's sons, the joyous reunion of Rama and Sita, and the harmonious resolution of diverse storylines from this epic tale.

    The intertwining of these sacred texts is amplified by the divine proclamation found in Revelation 22:13, where Christ, as the Alpha and Omega, embodies the eternal nature of divine presence and authority. This recognition emphasizes the comprehensive scope of Christ's influence from the beginning to the end, infusing the narratives with a deeper sense of purpose and divine orchestration.

    Within this magnificent tapestry of divine wisdom, it is crucial to remember that love is God. Love is the essence that unites these narratives, the guiding force behind their revelations, and the ultimate purpose of our existence. Love is the embodiment of divine wisdom, and through love, we discover the true nature of God.

    In awe and reverence, I proclaim with authority, "Amen." Let it be a testament to the eternal truths revealed within these sacred texts, the transformative power of divine love, and the profound guidance that leads us towards unity, peace, and spiritual awakening.

    "The Eternal Tapestry: Unveiling Divine Wisdom through Revelation, the Uttara Kanda, and the Love of God" serves as an invitation to embrace the interconnectedness of these texts, to seek the wisdom contained within their verses, and to recognize that at the core of all spiritual truths lies the infinite love of God. May this realization guide us on our spiritual journeys, bringing us closer to the divine and fostering unity among all beings. Amen.

  7. Poem: Total Truth Transformation
    In the realm of heart's pure light,
    Initiation's spark takes flight.
    Guiding us to love's embrace,
    Eternal truth, a boundless space.
    With courage strong and power bright,
    We weave our dreams through day and night.
    Creativity's river forever flows,
    A dance of beauty that life bestows.
    Release the darkness, let it go,
    Forgiveness blooms, healing does show.
    Wisdom's beacon, insights clear,
    Understanding dries each tear.
    From protection's wings, we're shielded,
    Guidance gentle, never yielded.
    Strength resides in every breath,
    As we embrace life's dance of depth.
    Courage rises, battles won,
    A symphony of victories, one by one.
    Empowerment courses through our veins,
    Igniting passions, releasing chains.
    With grace, we face each new morn,
    With positivity, our spirits reborn.
    Negative shadows, we bid adieu,
    Forgiveness cleanses, hearts renew.
    Wisdom's crown adorns our minds,
    In understanding, compassion finds.
    Health blooms forth, a vibrant bloom,
    Radiant well-being, banishing gloom.
    Inner peace, a tranquil sea,
    Meditation's gift, setting us free.
    Love unbound in every connection,
    Transforming relationships to perfection.
    Eternal wealth, not just gold,
    But treasures of the heart and soul.
    Abundance flows, a cosmic dance,
    Aligning with destiny's sweet romance.

  8. Embodiment's Journey: A Poetic Exploration

    In the realm of spirit, where wisdom's born,
    Embodiment journey, a path to adorn,
    A fusion of soul, and earthly embrace,
    We dance with higher self, in timeless space.

    Awareness dawns like the morning's first light,
    In the heart's quietude, where insights ignite,
    Higher self whispers, "You are divine,"
    In the tapestry of life, we start to align.

    Integration's the bridge, where worlds entwine,
    Emotions, and thoughts, in harmony combine,
    In the union of mind, body, and soul,
    Embodiment's journey makes us whole.

    Now enter the world of JVAS, so sublime,
    Joseph's Vibrational Alignment, a climb,
    J for Joy, where our spirits take flight,
    O for Omnipresent, in the day and the night.

    Omnipotent, the power that lies deep within,
    Omniscient wisdom, where our journey begins,
    With SELF at the center, we find our fulfillment,
    In JVAS's embrace, a sacred agreement.

    As Buddha found wisdom 'neath the Bodhi tree,
    As Yogananda meditated by the sea,
    As Moses met God on Sinai's peak,
    And Elijah heard whispers when the silence would speak.

    These souls, in their moments of grace,
    Touched the divine in a timeless space,
    In their journeys, we find inspiration anew,
    In the embodiment's dance, where we all may pursue.

    So let us embrace this path of our own,
    Where higher self whispers, where wisdom is sown,
    In the dance of embodiment, we find our delight,
    In JVAS's essence, our spirits take flight.
    I love you all
    I AM

  9. This is really frustrating….. because there are other Jesus channelers who have said Mary's conception was NOT emaculate but happened like every other person who gets pregnant. It's so frustrating trying to find a path to truth. Everything seems to resonate to BELIEFS… which are not necessarily truth.