Justin Got SHOT 4 Times and Had a Near Death Experience!

Justin Got SHOT 4 Times and Had a Near Death Experience!

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Today’s visitor is Justin Case. Justin is the creator of the guide Phases Of Existence: Items I Acquired When I Was Useless. In his book he writes about getting shot 4 situations and had a near death experience and finished up in a coma. When he was getting an NDE he began to accessibility memories from a past life.

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  1. Dear Jeff, I am a marriage and family therapist in California. I really appreciate Justin's concern for foster kids who age out of care, so I looked up what agencies are doing work in this field in Salt Lake City. I found an organization Raise the Future in Salt Lake City. They are looking for people to be involved in their organization. I think Justin would be a good match for them. I could not find Justin's email to communicate with him about this. Could you please send this message to him from me. I will be happy to email Justin privately if you can give send me his email address.

  2. Kudos to Jeff once again for asking the guest to start with their NDE and not doing what the rest of us would do and ask 'dude, how did you get shot 4 times and where do you keep the giant wheelbarrow you use to carry those huge steel balls around?' lol. Seriously though, you are an inspiration Jeff.

  3. The Mormon Church, which is head quartered in Salt lake City, and is actually a corporation , is wealthy enough to be a five hundred company. It could easily provide assistance to every youth who is in need in the entire city.

  4. What a demonstration of excellence. I look forward to the coming of compassion on a societal level like he has demonstrated individually. It seems we are heading for such transformations, though it might be a bumpy journey…