Integrating a Hellish Near Death Experience and Visions of the Future | Daniel Berdichevsky NDE

Integrating a Hellish Near Death Experience and Visions of the Future | Daniel Berdichevsky NDE

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Integrating a Hellish Near Death Experience and Visions of the Future | Daniel Berdichevsky NDE

This is part 2 of Daniel Berdichevsky’s Near Death Experience tale!
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  1. Suffering?

    There is a thing called cooking stones.
    They rap the stone in white clay and heat it to 1800 degrees in a oven.
    It cooks the impurities out of the stone.
    Makes a more pure stone.

    Other times people need to be subjected to their own actions.
    After all this is the greatest form of justice.

    Some want a challenge, some owe a debt.

    Either way you have to do your time.
    How you do it is up to you.

  2. Fascinating interview / discussion. Daniel is such an endearing spirit with valuable insight. It is apparent to me that he is a Seeker, and it seems that his mission here is to communicate hard to grasp Divine Field concepts in a very "down to earth" manner. And I get a sense that his teacher journey is just beginning . I appreciated your thoughtful and pointed questions, Melissa, and the service you are performing on this channel. Thanks to both of you. Namaste.

  3. So I think you said at the beginning of your talk, that evil does not actually exist. But then a few minutes later, you said being loving, is the way to get rid of evil. So that sounds contradictory, unless I am missing something here. Ask for evil not existing, again, I don't understand how you can say that. Look at all the murders committed and so many horrible kinds of abuse. THAT is what I would call evil.

  4. This is one of the most profound videos I’ve ever seen! I am stopping at 16 minutes in just to make this comment and take time to digest.

    You are an angelic embodiment of this three-dimensional existence and you are definitely caring out the works of God sweet girl. This video has stopped me dead in my tracks.

  5. High five to ya Daniel i so agree with most all your views Love is all the really matters and yes We are Oneness No theology really needed i love the Rumi quote My Religion is Love yet Love needs no Religion

  6. I had a similar experience. I was taken to an eternity of darkness and nothingness. It was shown to me and it was eternal emptiness. It was far worse than death. The next night a different angel came and showed me pure unending overwhelming love. This was 50 years ago. I could never figure out the meaning but I believe I was being shown the end results of two different paths. Choose right and love or choose never-ending aloneness and evil.

  7. Of course, the Earth is gasping for breath. Her waters are polluted and her children-the marine animals are also dying Her trees, the lungs are being chopped off, Her flesh- the earth is being ripped apart by construction activities and mining, Her skin- the soil is coming out in rashes as it is being polluted by fertilizers and industrial runoff and the blood of millions of Her children- (the farm and poultry animals )washed into the soil.

  8. Yeshua (Jesus is God-s Son who gave His life as our atonement so we could live in Heaven eternally. He Love us all so much! He is the Savior of all of us. New Testament John 3;16 . (For God so LOVED the world that He gave His only begotten Son that who so ever believes on Him shall not perish but will have eternal life). Jesus is Messiah he is not a religion you are right on that. Jesus said no one comes to the Heavenly Father (God) without Him.

  9. Daniel, you were those King's and powerful figures on earth. You have set corruption's in motion here on this suffering planet.

    I have done the same. I have had a similar OBE. I didn't understand that I was being shown my other lives at the time, but over time I have recognized the same energies and patterns of, in my case, self righteousness at play in my self.

    There are many levels to everything, but it is the same. Same soul, same tendencies, same path, but different situations as we advance along the path.

  10. No matter how it goes I look forward to passing of the old world and the birth of the new where all is good without there being any of the mess we all have to live with on the day to day never mind the big events. Personally I really want to move on to something much nicer than this world as I am totally burnt out with so much of it especially the society that exists these days.

  11. I've been waiting to watch this with my kids, but I couldn't wait. There is so much in these videos with Daniel. He has a unique way of explaining his experiences. What a special gift! Thx, Mel. You know how to pick these!

  12. Isn't reality our conjoined perspectives? If we perceive duality and react to those perceptions and if that is our reality, then that is quite different from envisioning the perfection and having faith it exists.

  13. Let's back up a second. What he said about the east coast being flooded by tsunamis, many many people have had visions of this very same thing the past couple years now. Many people.!! They said it started with an underground earthquake off the coast of africa maybe or Puerto Rico. And Haiti and Cuba and stuff was gone underwater. So maybe God is trying to tell us something. Which scares me cause I live in maryland. By annapolis

  14. I am always amazed that it is rarely, if at all mentioned, that Buddhism teaches most of these essential things. Buddha said that everything is connected, that everything is happening now, that there is no birth and no death, that God is in everything, that we are part of God, that what we call reality is an illusion, that we can purify ourselves through awareness and compassion, and he also said that we have to find out all of that on our own, we are responsible for ourselves.

  15. is the real problem that humans are not meant to live here? The naked little Bigfoot is not nearly as adapted as the Bigman. There is an interface between BF and some kind of aliens. Some I believe, are BF embodied alien consciousnesses. The long term "human" will be much more adapted to nature than the present human. ??

  16. Enjoyed the exchange. Interesting insight. Lot’s of perspectives on the “Hellish” experiences. I subscribe to the belief system that it’s a state of consciousness. I don’t think God sends you to a place for your sins to be burned off. Interestingly, the filtration (renewal) place is referenced in Journey of Souls. Although, it’s a place of restoration and not purgatory in nature.