How To Manifest Things In Your Life – Sterling Mire 469

How To Manifest Things In Your Life – Sterling Mire 469

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Podcast guest 469 is Sterling Mire, writer, motivational speaker and entire world-renowned manifestation mentor, with esteemed clients which include Google, Individuals Magazine, InStyle Journal, Amusement Weekly, The Life span Channel, A-checklist Stars and quite a few some others. Currently we will be talking about her Art Of Manifestation process and more. Throughout this podcast we talked about her out of body experiences and about manifestation.

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  1. I've known Sterling for six years and I know firsthand how she's transformed her clients lives, Including mine… I bought the book and it's incredible! I love this show and her episode!

  2. Love this lady. Really understand what she meant about purpose. I know someone who lives a very simple life, she creates the most beautiful gardens wherever she lives. Her neighbours and visitors to the area get to walk and drive past the most beautiful display of colour and perfume that really lifts the mood.

  3. Among the many, many things that Sterling said that resonated with me was, "Acceptance isn't agreement." She helped me realize that if I don't first accept what I want to change, I never will. If I don't first accept my challenges, if I instead deny they exist, I won't be in control and will have to endure things as they come. That seems very reactionary. Sterling's simple assertion has such deep meaning and profound impact. Thank you!

  4. Just one more thing to add: if this lady couldn’t manifest her husband not divorcing her, then her system clearly doesn’t work!!
    But I bet she’s a good explanation why it didn’t work – probably he had to experience what he had to experience etc etc!
    No, it doesn’t work.

  5. I used to think I was an empath.
    I realized I was acutely in tune to folks, because I had a narcissistic parent. Being aware of my parents mood was a survival mechanism.

  6. I respectfully disagree with some her points. 1) agreeing and accepting or two different things. She's saying to 'accept' a point of view of which one disagrees in order to be more receptive and less resistant. Yes, to a point. Freely say you "accept" someone's point of view but not agree to it necessarily. 2) suffering is most certainly NOT optional to all people. Most, maybe yes. All, no. But hey, I don't agree with her points, but it doesn't mean I accept them lol.

  7. Sterling is a truly amazing intuitive coach. I loved working with her and seeing the magic and miracles unfold everyday. The programme is enriching and enlightening. I’m looking forward to working with Sterling again ❤️

  8. Manifested a free car myself this past year. I kept my description very general. Adapted my description to what my girlfriend wanted and left it at that. Within one month of setting the intention my mother, of all people, calls us up randomly saying she would like to get us a new car since what we had was about to die. I didn't beg her I didn't tell her I needed a new one I didn't say anything about "this is what I'm going to get" or "this is what I want". None of that. She just called up and offered it and within one week we had a new car in our driveway, the exact description my girlfriend wanted and attributes I was looking for with the kids. This stuff happens all the time.

  9. We are doing our life planning on a higher level, which is separate from our day to day ego driven selves. We agree to certain life experiences without our lower selves being aware. Manifesting is a bunch of ego driven dribble.

  10. If one tells themself that "you can't have a breakthrough without a breakdown" Are they not creating that reality for themselves? If we are creators and manifest our lives shouldn't someone want to say to themself "Breakthroughs happen easily" ?

  11. Sometimes just being You..being authentic being loving caring person willing to share yourself your time your words your just listening to others making people feel Heard and understood sharing your experience with others is making a difference in the people who feel alone