How to Get the Most out of This Human Experience | Andrea Courey Near Death Experience Part 2

How to Get the Most out of This Human Experience | Andrea Courey Near Death Experience Part 2

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How to Get the Most out of This Human Experience | Andrea Courey Near Death Experience Section 2

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This is my the second section of my interview with Andrea Courey about her Near Death Experience!
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  1. Here I am again on your channel looking for another video for guidance this channel means so much to me things like that are being thrown around so much but it's really true I feel like no scratch that all the questions I have somehow seem to allign and be answered when I feel it's time to return here

  2. I want to weigh in on when you said 'evil people play a role' yes ill say the german dictator was merely trying to change the world to what he thought was better if you look footage of him you see the same touch with good and realness that NDE'ers have

  3. Excuse me for maybe havinv this sound corny but I think a beautiful thing maybe about my particular journey in this life is 20 July 1994 I was born and from the moment I was born I felt an overwelming love that helped me get passed any obstacle and made it so I don't have to get scarred. Scarred as in if you look at me you will not see a trace of pain.

  4. The part about cancer. In my earlier days I had a grandmother who has always been a favourite type of person in my life for she lit up my life with positivity and cheer. She was diagnosed with cancer and I knew what I had to do I visited her in the hospital and after a week it was all gone noone knew what happened and they played it off like they diagnosed her wrong

  5. So true! NDE’s never get old and some of the people are so unique I love hearing their messages.❤️❤️ Also loved when she talked about the granola being made with love and care because I used to joke about my mom making the best sandwiches that tasted so much better than anyone else’s because she made them with love!