Her Shame Was ERASED During Her Near Death Experience – Tina Thomas 478

Her Shame Was ERASED During Her Near Death Experience – Tina Thomas 478

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Podcast visitor 478 is Tina Thomas who had a near-death experience because of to sleep apnea. All through her NDE experience she was levitating above a system.

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  1. You are not alone Tina ! I’m on a similar journey of awakening and remaining clean so that I may truly know and be able to sense the call of spirit . I too have joined tons of different groups on a similar path and it helps tremendously, AA , course in miracles study group , church , nature . Yoga . Lol , my plates full . In spite of your dark past I see joy come from you and it makes me happy .

  2. SO beautifully shared, yes indeed I love your expression of love Tina, AND you for being fearless enough to publicly share it. Glad you felt it from us all when you were "there" (though I suspect we are never not "there", hence the quotations). Jeff, thanks also for asking about the distinction between lucid dreams and NDEs. As someone who has also had both (though my NDE was in fact a "nearby death experience", in a car crash that cost my sister her physical life here) I appreciate the distinction. I absolutely agree with her answer too– that was also my experience.

  3. Oh man, what a sweetheart. What she described about her family and herself is exactly what I have been experiencing in this life with my family and myself. When I was 10, I heard this audible voice, it sounded like my dads voice but way more deeper and more powerful. He said, “I’m so ashamed of you, Heidi.” I used to think back to that, was that voice the devil or God… what did I do that was so wrong…. Man, I can see it now, my entire life was nothing but darkness, bitterness, resentment, anger, judgment… everything…. against my family, everybody else and myself. I come from a long line of people with depression, suicide, anxiety, alcoholism, drug addiction, religious zealotism. It’s running like a river of darkness in my blood.

  4. I loved this but it raises some questions of course. On one hand I can intellectually and somewhat spiritually relate to what she is saying about laying down judgement such as Jesus mentioned, Mystics speak of, and A Course In Miracles teaches. However, how can one not judge between what is good and what is bad if they are to live well and be a living example in this world? And how can we sit quietly by watching others struggle and not do what we can to help with the many different aspects of suffering in this world? That requires judgement. It requires action. Jesus came into this world joining in our suffering in order to heal it. He judged|discerned by listening to the voice of God and taught others how to improve their lives. He said to be perfect just as your Father in Heaven is perfect. How can we do that without judgement? Those who would follow Him or be His followers went out into the world and tried to teach others to correct their errors. That requires judgement doesn't it? How could they have errors if it is all meant to be what it is in all its seeming imperfection? Oh how I wish I could simply forgive myself and everyone else but my humanity seems to get in the way. I cannot bring myself to turn a blind eye yet I feel as though I do not see what is there in truth.

  5. She seems anxious. A Course in Miracles talks about forgiveness. We blame other people because it is the ego's attack on the son of God. This attack turned inwards on the body gives us health problems and I'm dealing with it now. So to forgive other people is to see the unreality of it all. ACIM says that our life is a dream and we make our own plans and carry them out. This seperation from God is our ego which beliefs in the world of bodies and sees itself as a body to be born and die. So while we are in the ego's dream the way out is through forgiveness. When we do not react to dream figures in a dream they loose all their power over us. See the unreality of it all, forgiveness is the action plan where the spiritual rubber meets the road. When we have done our part then God himself takes the final step and brings us home. This is the metaphysical teachings of A Cource in Miracles and it all makes sense to me. Look up 'A Course in Miracles Philosophy' and 'The Hero of the Dream ACIM' and there are two short videos explaining it very well. I know ACIM is correct as eastern wisdom traditions like Advaita Vedanta (nonduality) in Hinduism talk about the same stuff and gives the dream analogy. This world was not created by God or Reality but by us alone. Pain, suffering, death, and loss are some of ego's belief system through which it attacks Reality or God and creates a separate dream existence for itself. That's why the world of duality, pain, and suffering exists in the first place. I suggest checking out the teachings of A Cource in Miracles and I AM THAT of Nisargadatta Maharaj. These teachings are closest to the truth and explains what's really happening and removes all confusion. Combine them with NDEs to get the bigger picture. The truth is that the individual person is a figment of imagination of ego's dream of separation and does not exist. Discover your real being and be done with the dream once and for all. It is not difficult since this reality all wisdom teachings talk about is your very own self. It is your own being and you reach it by abandoning all self-identifications, ideas, and concepts, starting with the idea that you are the body. Only the false binds us and truth liberates. When seen in the light of truth the false does not exist. It never existed. When all false self-identifications are given up what remains is pure being. It is self luminous and infinite reality of pure consciousness. There is no darkness in it and the seperation ACIM and Advaita Vedanta talk about never really happened. The son of God was just dreaming a dream while always safe at home. Please check out ACIM and I AM THAT teachings. They are a must read if one wants to know more about the nature of reality. To those who all read my comment I strongly urge you to discover these timeless teachings. You'll see the world and yourself in a different light.

  6. Thank you Tina, I was raised LDS and am LDS, but am not a 'typical' member and have a much more expansive- liberal view. I was not raised in the Corridor. I do feel that there is a shame and toxicity in the LDS Utah and Corridor culture that is not supposed to be there and true Godly principles and doctrine has been corrupted over time. I have come to the position that all religion is supposed to be a VEHICLE to teach humans love, but unfortunately humans are the ones driving the vehicles and often corrupt the vehicles and hurt those on them. All religions hold Godly truths and IMHO we need to not ask what's wrong, but what's right and take the good parts and discard the unGodly. Using Spiritual guidance is the only way to discern.

  7. This ain't no NDE. It was just a nightmare. And when you dream of falling down a hole, you put your arms out and your feet are pointed down. Nothing to do with Jesus position. When people dive off a diving board, they don't call it the Jesus position. This Chick and her family been watching too many Jeff videos or Halloween movies