He Saw His Brother On The Side After A Motorcycle Crash

He Saw His Brother On The Side After A Motorcycle Crash

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Podcast visitor 523 is Colin Scott who during his near death experience noticed his deceased brother. His near-death experience was thanks to a motorbike accident.

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  1. A real miracle he was allowed to survive and without memory of the accident. He has come such a long way in his recovery. Maybe if he speaks with his Creator about how to let go of the feelings he holds about who was at fault for the accident then peace will come into his heart. The pain may become less intense. Wishing Colin the best. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Colin, I would transcribe your handwritten book, edit, and format for publication as I have done for others and would consider it a way for me to also give back in gratitude. Rubyquail Love

  3. I'm happy for Colin that he got to see his brother, just sad his brother didn't speak. Sorry he is in chronic pain from two really terrible accidents, but I really hope he finds relief. Thank you Colin and Jeff

  4. Thanks Colin for sharing that. Jeff had a guest earlier that also said his parent on the others side didn't welcome him at all as he would have wanted. Then we have numerous ( inkl. my self) who got this message's of, " you cant stay here now". So this message from Colins brother falls in to this picture.
    They do not have time on the other side, or at least not time as we have. So they probably do not experience this,- Oh it is so long since I saw you,- and there is a big deal for some reason that we do our time here so to say.

  5. Whilst watching myself in this interview, I noticed how much I was rocking from side to side and it looked a little distracting.
    Sorry about that but I have a stand up desk, plus with a right knee replacement and a reconstructed lower left leg 30mm shorter than the right, standing still for a while causes me to need to frequently adjust my stance. Cheers!

  6. Hmmm, who should we believe? God's Word that says that the dead are not conscious of anything? Or men? Keep in mind that Satan is misleading the entire inhabited earth, Revelation 12:9! In order to experience anything, one must be conscious, right? In Ecclesiastes 9:5,10 we read that the dead are not conscious of anything at all! In fact at Ecclesiastes 12:7 we are told by the One who cannot lie, that when a person dies they return to the dust! The spirit returns to God! In Ezekiel 18:4,20 we read that the soul is not immortal, rather, it dies! In order to receive everlasting life and the blessings that God has promised, we must worship the Father with spirit and TRUTH! Soon at Armageddon God will destroy all those who are teaching anything that contradicts His Word. ..the Word of Almighty God! How do you think He feels about that? No need to wonder, read it for yourself at Revelation 22:18,19! Armageddon is right around the corner, these are the last day's of wickedness, Psalms 37:9-11! In order to receive everlasting life and the blessings that God has promised, we must worship the Father with spirit and truth, John 4:22-24! Isaiah 42:8; Psalms 83:18!

  7. Another gentleman Aussie. Enjoyed this excellent NDE account. Colin meeting his 21 year old brother Raymond that previously passed still vivid is amazing. Thank you Colin and thank you Jeff.
    Blessings to both of you.

  8. I like how he got right to it! Nice video. I can’t wait to meet my brother who didn’t make it before he could be born. He prob looks like Tom Cruise like my other brother. This is just a dream being here that is like walking through quicksand.

  9. I appreciate Colin's honesty and objectivity in relating his experience. He could have woven a fantastical tale but he did not. We can learn in an honest environment in a dishonest environment we can not learn, thank you from Ralph in Ohio.