Gang Member Goes To Hell After Being Shot Twice – Near Death Experience

Gang Member Goes To Hell After Being Shot Twice – Near Death Experience

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Near-death experience visitor 1069 is Dominic Morrow who lived a existence a crime and died and went to the gates of hell and back all through his near death experience.

The toughest enemy you have in daily life is you.

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  1. This was amazing. To be completely honest I was surprised at how much I heard that made all the sense in the world to me. I kept having to pause the video to let stuff sink in. That hour flew by… what an impactful conversation! ❤ Thank you both!

  2. I do not like this one at all. Got to the part where the lady was being rap— by the demons and I had to turn it off. Too graphic.

    I had two NDEs and this is NOTHING like what I experienced. I feel dirty just watching what I did. I feel…infected by this video almost. It’s terrible.

    I love this channel and watch everything, but this one? Nope

  3. What an amazing experience. I believe he definitely experienced this authentic experience. God is in charge and is using the dark side to bring us home. We are part of a grand experience to grow and become like god. Knowing good from evil and choosing good

  4. I didn’t get a lot of what he was saying because someone kept bleeping him? Lip read him enough to know he wasn’t swearing. Also, Alcoholism is a mental illness not a sin. I’ve seen a lot of NDE podcasts, including this show, but this one was so weird. He was very animated so it was obviously real to him, but goes against most other NDE experiences everyone else has had. Certainly very interesting alternative, like others have said below, maybe that’s what he subconsciously expected. Who knows? Weird do do.

  5. Jeff & Mara, I so appreciate you bringing people with all different experiences on your show and allowing them to tell their stories.
    Some channels won’t allow the hell NDEs on but they’re stories are just as important as others and could reach some that others cannot.
    Plus Jeff us just the most amazing interviewer hands down.

    Thank you

  6. This gentlemen is extremely articulate. Which really enhanced the telling of his story. He made it quite educational & Inspiring! This fellow is legit. He is speaking the truth, especially regarding prayers & worry canceling each other out.

  7. Makes me doubt. A lot of scientists have said it’s just chemicals in the brain, I certainly had some bad trips back in the day that seemed real as real can be, one even with little goblins in, until the chemical wore off.All fascinating stuff. What is the truth man?

  8. I really enjoyed this man's testimony. Even in hell, darkness, self built pit of destruction where you don't feel worthy enough for God's presence. Call out and he will be there to lift you out. Fear is a beast and if God is love and forgiveness it would follow then that he would not create more of what he is not. If the majority of women was what was seen in hell that's when I knew this was solely for that one person's perception. Basically between him and God. What if all the terrible things that happen to people on earth get siphoned down to a lower world per se and create residual energy which means yes, there is the horror show but isn't active it's just a replication. . Just a wild thought I had

  9. I never understood why God would create a place like hell, whats the point? Why waste his/ her time managing hell, he can simply destroy the evil being to be punished and be done with it smh this just sounds like fear, fear, fear, no love or forgiveness.. just fear and punishment, I don’t accept that at all… religion leaves you feeling so hopeless and not good enough, thereby creating more fear of death, very annoying….id rather be a robot than stuck in hell for eternity if that’s the case lol

  10. There are 14 realms or "lokas" throughout the Cosmos….there are 7 "lower hellish" lokas below the Earth realm(Earth is a middle planet where both good and evil co-exist) The lowest realm is called" Patala loka" where the inhabitants are full of hatred, anger and jealousy…next up is "Rasatala loka" filled with asuras or demons, who are the sworn enemy of the "devas" or divine souls…then we have Mahatala ruled by a 7-headed serpent or "naga", then Talatala…Sutula…..Vitala …then finally ….Atala loka which is at the level right below the Earth level . Now above the Earth realm there are 6 higher lokas or" heavenly realms" which are progressively of a higher frequency and much more blissful in nature than the Earth realm ….The highest level is "Brahma-loka"….the abode of Brahma himself….the creator of our Universe (there are MANY Universes!) The Lokas or realms are actually an exact reflection of the level of consciousness that an individual is at….Saintly souls go to a "heavenly realm when they "die"(there really is no such thing as death for the soul), and evil demonic souls go to 1 of the "hellish" realms…it all depends on how you lived your life on Earth….your actions and "mindset" determine your future….so be careful…watch your thoughts…because thoughts create actions…good and bad Namaste.