Finding Peace And Meaning In Death And Bereavement with Dr. Lani Leary

Finding Peace And Meaning In Death And Bereavement with Dr. Lani Leary

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Getting Peace And Indicating In Death And Bereavement

“This is a dialogue that all people one of us requires to have, nonetheless couple are geared up for in life. Also several folks in our society have no notion how to appropriately enable a cherished one who’s dying. We do not know what to say, how to act or what requires the dying have. Similarly, a lot of really don’t know what to say to the grieving or how to act around their existence possibly. This Afterlife Tv set episode presents a revealing conversation with Dr. Lani Leary who is an authority on how to locate peace and meaning in both death and bereavement.” ~ Bob Olson, Afterlife Tv

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Get in touch with DR. LANI LEARY: Dr. Lani Leary welcomes your concerns or feedback about this video clip and subject. If you have inquiries or responses for her, you can get hold of her at [email protected]. Convey to her you noticed the Afterlife Tv interview with her.

To Order Lani Leary’s E book: No One Has To Die Alone (Amazon affiliate):

Lani Leary, Ph.D. specializes in do the job with chronically sick, dying, and bereaved customers. She has labored for the earlier 25 many years as a psychotherapist in personal observe, as a chaplain in the intense care unit of a healthcare facility, and as a counselor in 6 hospices across the place.

She served as the director of mental wellness expert services at an AIDS clinic, as a professor of Death Scientific studies at George Mason University, and as a researcher at the Countrywide Most cancers Institute of NIH. Lani has spoken nationally at above 250 conferences like the American Holistic Medical Association, Virginia Association of Hospices, Spirituality and Healthcare, Intercontinental Unexpected Infant Death Symposium, and Omega Institute of Holistic Reports. She is the author of Healing Palms, an internationally ideal-providing audio tape about therapeutic touch and complimentary approaches to ache management. She is accredited in grief treatment, EMDR, hypnotherapy, and Vital Incident Worry Administration.

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  1. were are never really alone; the unified cosmic consciouness is with us all the time it's omnipresent 24/7; but yes it's good to have a group to help assist the exit to the next transition to the celestial realm.

  2. Excellent interview!! One of your best!! Dr Lani Leary's work is very meaningful. I wish I had heard seven years ago to the day almost… what I heard today…when I was losing my best friend to cancer, and then a year later my 35 year old brother!! I guess, better late than never! Thank you for the great questions you asked Dr Leary, Bob, esp. with regard to helping children deal with the loss of a loved one. I cannot wait to get a copy of her book!! Keep up the great work! I love your channel!

  3. Bob, you may be correct. I am reading Lani's book right now and some have seen it and made sure to move away from it. Not long ago, I would have done the same. Imagine if; we live our entire life, everything leads up to the crescendo which is our dieing moment. It's the punchline or the exclamation point of our life..and yet so many are wasting the momentous opportunity it presents. I am hoping to become a Hospice worker or the like, in the future.

  4. Thank you again for the awesome work you are doing, Bob. When it is possible can you please bring Dr Leary back so we can hear her recount her NDE. I have no doubt it is in the book, which I have already ordered from Amazon, but I am sure you will have many interesting questions for her, which will no doubt benefit viewers like me. Thank you! 🙂

  5. What a great topic!!!! I was a hospice nurse for six years and I can totally relate!!!! I always feel that hospice was a gift!!!! I always felt honored to be with my patients at the end of life I wasn't there when they took there first breaths in life and I was there for their last breaths… many amazing stories that I don't have enough space to write truly loved this video!!!!!