Dr. Julio Zavala, Did he have an NDE?

Dr. Julio Zavala, Did he have an NDE?

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  1. This is my grandfather and me and him are extremely close even having lived down the street for a few years and I always loved all his stories from the past but this is amazing especially in that I have never heard this before. He is being 100% honest when he says he never shared this with anyone before this video. I love you granpapa

  2. Thank you, Dr. Zavala. I too had an experience in the 70's but said nothing for many years. I am thankful for YouTube. It has given many an opportunity to share with others so that now we know we're part of a larger group. Strength in numbers.

  3. Seems for some reason, stress maybe, Dr. Savala's spirit popped out of his body, OBE and returned. He may have encountered spirit beings (family); maybe his awareness was magnified to get to those spiritual beings.

  4. I finally found another person who had similar thing as what happen to me. mine is probably the worlds most boring NDE . in my "whatever" experience, I passed out, then awoke in a strange place, I knew I had died. I went to a what I termed, "weigh" station. i met an 8 ft tall middle aged giant who was had a high pitched voice, like he was singing when he talked. Told me "there's been a mistake, its not your time yet" then I was sent back, woke up as alive as i have ever been. I knew, not believed, not trusted, I knew that I had something amazing happen. never really talked much about it, for around 29 years. I still remember it well. I wonder if mine was an OBE? is it possible i died in my sleep. I had a time dilation too, because i went to sleep and it seemed like 5 minutes but actually about 3 or 4 hours had passed from my going to sleep to awakening but the event to me seemed like about 5 minutes…