Breaking Down the 5 Wisdoms from her Near Death Experience | Anne Marie Bartolovi White NDE Part 2

Breaking Down the 5 Wisdoms from her Near Death Experience | Anne Marie Bartolovi White NDE Part 2

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Breaking Down the 5 Wisdoms from her Near Death Experience | Anne Marie Bartolovi White NDE Aspect 2

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This is aspect 2 of my job interview with Anne Marie Bartolovi White about her Near Death Experience!
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  1. I was so engrossed in this interview! Fascinating!! Thank you Anne Marie for sharing. I can see you have a lot more to tell. I think U would have a lot of positive feed back if u had a website. If that’s too much right now, u should think about reaching out to more podcast such as this one. I love this channel❤️

  2. THANK YOU !
    Re: Giving and Receiving. I get that – we receive what we give out. But don't we ALSO receive what other's are putting out to us. Which then, of course, influences what we put out there ?

  3. Interesting! This aligns with Hindu teachings. In Hindu, the "I AM" is known as the "ATMAN". The ATMAN just is and is in everything and everyone. The ATMAN knows through "Knowing" and is not bound by time.

  4. The void: The Spirit of God hovered over the waters, over the void – the very beginning stage of man's spiritual essence. And it was night and it was day … the next stage in spiritual understanding …
    It is nothing and yet everything.
    It is nothing, because it is the point of beginning.
    It is everything, because from this beginning, everything becomes as man grow spiritually and becomes love.

  5. NDE for me was profound. I felt every hurt I put on anyone even if I didn’t know it, I felt complete pain of emotional distress and hurt in the pit of my stomach, I cried with sorrow and was completely and utterly repentant and then that pain turned to bliss and understanding and I was surrounded and wrapped in love, I was forgiven and I mostly forgave myself and was open, nothing was hidden. This is only a tiny part of my experience. But it’s the truth. I kept it to myself for so many years, but I was never the same. I am now letting it go and fully emerging and letting G-D free inside me and it is bliss. Long story short. Stay free, live, love and laughter to you.

  6. I Am that I Am ; Total 'Isness' , Supermind, All-Seeing, All Knowing, All Loving ,No thought needed ,NO Ego ! All People appear as Little Children , even scary-Gangsters Cry when you look into their eyes , to see that Child within .I think it was the uncontrolled Love , pouring out, into them , that made them cry. This is how it was for me . I didn't die and after a very long time (months) I started slowly 'thinking thoughts' again , falling back into what I call; The Mundane-Mind. I still Go 'There' , but its often only for minutes and then the World-Calls and i am back in the chaos of Mundane-Mind and having to deal with the World and 'Normal' life .

  7. This is all so far from reality. Would you dare to tell all these beautiful wisdoms about “we have everything, you just have to feel it” to starving, sick children in Africa? I bet they start vibrating of rage. In my case, I have no water for 2 months now, all my vegetables died, the trees have no fruits and I collect the water I brush my teeth with to flush the toilet. But hey, we have everything, it’s all soooo easy and wonderful.

  8. This is so profound and beautiful, listening to your story and teachings, it quieted my mind. It was like entering into more of my memory, something i experience when told from the heartspace. Please share more of your wisdom, it is so needed at the time we are living in. Thank you for coming forward ♥

  9. When she said “you’re actually receiving what you’re giving” it landed as a truth in my body. I’ve heard this concept expressed in many ways but for some reason when she phrased it like that it hit different. I finally got it and integrated it. It’s happening instantaneously. In real time. We don’t get it back in some next life or in some other obscure way. It’s happening IN the moment.