Y&R Actress Brenda Epperson on Jesus & overcoming fear (The Young & the Restless)

Y&R Actress Brenda Epperson on Jesus & overcoming fear (The Young & the Restless)

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Actress Brenda Epperson talks about her damaged previous, her time in Hollywood on TV’s The Young and the Restless and the significance of prayer and Bible memorization. “Pray and watch God work”

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  1. Great testimony! Thank you so much! It's very encouraging.

    Edit: I had a dream this morning where the Lord taught me about shepherding. What a shepherd does affects the sheep. The sheep follow.

    This is why it was important for shepherds like King David to obey every command of God. It affects the sheep.

    So if you are angry with our enemy Satan, follow what the Chief Shepherd said and say "the LORD rebuke you Satan."

    From my dream, I see why we have to do things God's way. Doing things in my own strength nearly cost the life of a sheep. Still this is a great testimony.

  2. I'm just saying in general, If you are really a Christian and want to be obedient to God and you decide to be an actor or actress, it's going to be hard to find decent roles and movies to play in where you don't compromise your Christian faith. I don't want to be mean, but I know these soaps are sex filled, very immoral, not for Christians to be in. How can you call yourself a Christian and still act in these immoral roles? If you are going to be a Christian, decide to stop being in these immoral roles and find something to do that is not against God.

  3. God is our heavenly father and loves us more than we can ever imagine. Put God first and seek God first. God is in charge so don't demand God to do anything for example if you don't know when is the sabbath day is Ask God when is it but don't demand God, God and Jesus never gave up on you so don't give up on God and Jesus. God sent his one and only begotten son Jesus to the world to save the world. God wont give you nothing you cant handle. God is our heavenly father and Jesus is the messiah(the chosen one), savior, and lord. God sent his one and only begotten son Jesus to the world to save the world. Jesus loves you and died on the cross for your sins. Sins are the bad things you do. God and Jesus loves you. God and Jesus can help you know when is the true sabbath day.

  4. I know the pain. Many of us know that pain that excludes us from family unless they are supportive isolation comes easily with me. Years of isolation stopped singing and writing music now moved and isolated physically which exacerbates depression. I know God is the answer and sticking to a treatment plan

  5. This is absolutely true. I am experiencing this in my life. We have not been given a spirit of fear, but of power and love and sound mind. Jesus is a very loving person. He is like the big brother that looks out for you. Do not be afraid to ask to be him to help you overcome what is causing your fear and anxiety. Cast your care upon him for he cares for you. He and his angels are very powerful to step into your situation and bring you to full joy and intervene in our lives. We need him. We are All precious childen and belong to God

  6. Never let anyone steal your innocence from rape. That is not true. Innocence is not taken away or stolen from rape. Not one can take anyones innocence from them. For her to say children’s innocence is taken from children or teens thru rape is a lie from the enemy. The one who raped or molested is the one who is not innocent.