Your Past Life Experiences Are Causing You To Suffer!

Your Past Life Experiences Are Causing You To Suffer!

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Podcast visitor 501 is Jen Ward, dynamic healer, performance mentor and team facilitator. She has
devoted her daily life to aiding many others unlock their real prospective. She is also an attained author and poet. Jen’s remarkable and tough private journey has gifted her with a distinctive capability to perceive in electrical power, study akashic information and change stagnant power. This, together with her Spiritual Flexibility Tapping strategies, lets Jen to work with clients to see and clear away the blockages to joy and effectiveness that exist in any unique.

Jen is the creator of the SFT Tapping protocol. SFT tapping is different to other affirmations due to the fact it bypasses the moi. This is the top secret sauce to Jen’s strong energy healing operate with client and the collective to uplift all of humanity.

Jen is the creator of 19 guides and is in the course of action of updating various of them. Most notably, Jen has not long ago posted the second edition of The SFT Lexicon, a roadmap and an easy-to-observe guidebook for everyone trying to find to rework and uplift on their own as a steppingstone to transcendence, increased consciousness, and enlightenment. She has just lately revealed her most current poetry e-book, Jenuine Poetry for Existence: Poems to Uplift Humanity.

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  1. **League of Angels**
    It is so interesting to me to get privy to people's secret concerns. Many are similar. They are afraid to be abandoned. They are over concerned that others will think they are strange for their belief. They are homesick for a place they don't remember. They feel isolated and removed from the people who really get them. They give so much of themselves and it is not appreciated. They are taken advantage of, and used by the people they love. They are unique in their ability and great capacity to love. So many of us are alike in our fear of being different!
    I had a vision once. It was a league of angels in heaven. They weren't winged. They were angelic people living in bliss. Everyone was living in pure, unadulterated Joy. There was a huge gathering of millions of these wonderful people. They were being told of a place that needed more love in it or else it would be destroyed. They needed volunteers to incarnate in the harshest conditions. They would be abused and treated very bad. They would not be appreciated or have much comfort in their mission.
    Their mission was simple to love. Their purpose was to love under all conditions. They had to love stronger than the angry people hated. They would incarnate as close kin to the angriest lot and still be able to see the love germinating in them. They had to be a shock absorbent er for the hate and sop it up on this planet so that the love could prevail and this planet could be saved.
    Many hands went up right away without question. Many more. The brightest, sweetest beings were all going to expose themselves to the toxic poison of anger, greed and hate, so that others could get free to experience the incredible love that was who they were at the core.
    I know now who those angels are. I meet them all the time in the cyber world.. Those who are reading these words now are the heroic beings that risked all for others. I am blessed and grateful to be reunited with you all and to honor you for the relentless work you do in the advancement of Love in the world. I bow to your greatness and say thank you for doing what you do and for being loving and kind.

  2. Thank you, Jen! Question: When using your tapping technique: Is it enough of I do 1 'cycle' per item / sentence? Or does one have to repeat the same issue multiple times in order to see results? And if zo, how many times? Thank you, anyone, for the answer. Have a very nice day!

  3. Hello, I can relate to this lady in a but some how not really knowing theres a God, but when I realize I was loved I so happy, so now I have forgiven those that tryed to keep me down, I am loved, I am child of God, thank you for sharing your experience.