Yoga & Christianity: Why I cancelled all Yoga teaching

Yoga & Christianity: Why I cancelled all Yoga teaching

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Mike Shreve shares his journey pursuing God by Eastern Religions and Yoga and then acquiring the truth in the Bible and the uniqueness of Jesus.

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  2. God can't be one because it's not an entity .. Either God is everywhere or God is not there at all..Godliness can be realised within ourself only through spirituality …what yoga teaches is realise godliness within ourself and certainly it doesn't mean a God is sitting inside you ..I don't know what have studied in Vedas ,Geeta as you mentioned.. your understanding level needs to improve ..Total absurdity you people are spreading accross.


    Many years ago when I was a youngster and had many indiscriminate reading habits, I read anything that came to my hands. I advise Christian parents to pre-censure reading and viewing material for their progeny.

    At that time in the early 1970's, a book on yoga came into my possession. This book was "The Autobiography of a Yogi" by Paramahansa Yogananda. In this extensive autobiography, the Hindu mystic, Mavatar Babaji the false Christ of India. raised a man from the dead. I often wondered about this for years. I later on – through spiritual discernment – discovered that these Indian mystics did not resonate with Jesus Christ or the God of the Bible (Genesis 1: 1). In 2 Corinthians 11:14-15 it reads – "And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light."

    There is heaven and hell which they do not explain. Thousands of people are having outer-body-experiences and near-death-experiences of heaven and hell, yet these mystics bypass it completely. They are having them all through youtube and the books that are written about it are voluminous. The Bible talks more about hell than heaven, and Jesus says that there is no reincarnation for the Christian. The Bible states that it is appointed once to die, after death then the judgement (Hebrew 9: 27). There is only salvation through Jesus Christ. His blood cleanseth us of all unrighteousness. I believe is was Sri Yukteswar that said salvation come thought self effort. No, that is not right, it is through the blood bought death and resurrection of Jesus Christ on the cross. It is not by self-effort, it is by grace through faith in the finished work of Jesus Christ on the cross (Ephesians 2: 8)

    In a video, there was an occurrence when this Hindi Guru performed a miracle similar to Jesus. When the person died the soul wandered on earth and the demons involved made it return to the body when the Guru gave it life. They are able to perform counterfeit resurrections, great miracles and healings many under the power of demonic principalities. Sai Baba and MaAvatar Babaji are able to materialize objects out of thin air and affect teleportations. Some are able to materialize and dematerialize into thin air. Read "The Latent Power of the Soul" by Chinese Christian author Watchman Nee. They do this to win souls to their false religion of Hinduism with 330 million gods (Fallen angels).

    In the presence of two Christian missionaries, this did not work for the dead woman went to hell. She could not be resurrected by the Guru because God did release the woman from hell. It was only when the Christian missionaries prayed that she was able to return to her body. This was the true resurrection in Jesus Christ. Remember what Jesus said: “I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in Me, though he may die, he shall live (John 11: 25). Remember that the magicians of the pharaoh were able to turn their rods into snakes. But Moses' snake eat up the other snakes.

    Jesus requires a life of holiness (Leviticus 19: 2) and constant repentance (Acts 3: 19). Sanctification was thrown out of the window long time ago in the churches. It has to be practiced for it gives you power. Prayer also raises your voltage, fire and gives you power as well.

    Yes, Jesus Christ is the resurrection and the life. Only every born again Christian has the resurrection Spirit in Him. In 1 Thessalonians 4: 16-17 your dead bodies will be recreated, upgraded and glorified and be taken to heaven by Jesus (1 Corinthians 15: 52). Remember that Jesus' blood washes you of all sin (Hebrew 9: 22). Reincarnation goes against the Rapture and the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

  4. It’s a program of stretching, breathing, and meditating which had it’s roots in eastern mysticism.

    It’s possible for a Christian to compartmentalize the benefits of those activities within a Christian construct.

    Unfortunately too many yoga instructors are caught up in a new age version of the age old mysticism.

    Yoga by itself is not a sin.

    If, in your weakness or lack of faith and maturity, you are unable to separate the two then that is on you.

    Don’t judge your brother or sister for enjoying their liberty. You may caution and correct them if they are introducing non-Christian ideas — but until they do so they are not in sin.

    Likewise we won’t judge you for your lack of faith.

  5. Christians are some of the most hateful closed minded people. I should know I was one for 45 years. Many would benefit from yoga. I met many atheists in my journey that was far more loving than Christians. It is once I left Christianity and open my mind and heart to other that I became a more loving, caring, and peaceful person. Christianity does allow you to search or ask questions, just accept with blind faith for fear of going to hell. Life became worth living w/o Christianity. Also, a lot of horrible things have taken place in the name of Christianity, so calling loving/forgiving people.

  6. All these things that been called Worldly Enlightenment forever are basically the same things AND THEY ARE ALL DEMONIC I Call them The False Light of Satan And It Also All Leads to Demon Possession and really Seeing and Hearing Evil that no one else can hear or see but you and To One Selling there Soul to Satan like They Sing About how they sold there Souls in over 100+ Songs I Practiced this stuff been Enlightened i Know First Hand that goes for New Age, Buddhism, Third eye Meditation, Yoga, Some Guru's self help self growth self improvement Program , Mystical Enlightenment ,Ascension or Ascended Enlightenment, Opening or Aligning your Chakra's a.k.a Aura's a.k.a Senses . All of these things are Deeply Embedded in Wiccan teachings on there Site with there chakra symbols on the site, Deeply Embedded in Freemason and Illuminati Teachings who have also Called Their-selves Enlightened Being or People or People of Great hidden Esoteric Knowledge who have found the Enlightened Path Yes Secret Societies Folks, Even The Occult Church of Satan Members Boast about doing Yoga or Opening their Third Eyes. Not only that this stuff is all tied and connected together , And are apart of there False Gods and Goddesses Teachings from Egypt and India etc Yes False Gods of Meditation/Enlightenment & Magic like Isis of Yoga,Thoth,Osiris of Ascension ,Kundalini of Yoga and Chakra's and The False India Elephant god of Yoga and Buddha of Buddhism …. What is even worse there are Thousands of Videos they make themselves on youtube related to all the stuff i just talked about Witch Meditation Videos Witch Third eye Meditation Videos and Chakra and Mystic and Ascension Videos. Third eye songs By Famous and not so famous singers singers i have like 20+ of these on my play-list like Katy Perry's Legendary Lovers song she sings about the third eye and black eyed pea's etc And these things are also all tied to there Witchcraft Symbols And Secret Society Symbols they put in games movies song videos anime and evil dark things they sing about in song and have these things in there Satanic Ceremonies During the Super-Bowl Half Time Shows or During the Olympic Ceremonies or Grammy Awards or Oscar's and during there Concerts etc With there Many things of darkness false gods falling away and demons and satan or fallen angels in many things also and its all also Tied to who the Wicked People Are That The Bible Refers Too The Wicked have Fallen or Stumbled in Darkness and Cause others to Fall The Wicked Dwell in Darkness or are like a Path of Darkness Themselves and How Evil the Wicked are in like Romans in the Bible that basically Describes them as being Changed and Being Abominations and heartless and very evil in every which way

  7. I love hearing testimonies of people from other religions who have found Jesus. It illuminates how unique and special Christianity is in ways that are different from my own experience of coming to the faith, but are just as beautiful. Love this!

  8. Meditation which is enlightenment and witches and freemasons call themselves enlightened is the false light of lucifer the light bearer it seems good positive relaxing and healthy for you but is the key and doorway and gateway to demon possession and seeing and hearing evil for real and selling ones soul to satan