Woman Discovers We Are living In A MATRIX Like Simulation During Her Near Death Experience

Woman Discovers We Are living In A MATRIX Like Simulation During Her Near Death Experience

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Near-death experience 565 visitor is Ariel Hooper, musician, creator and lifestyle coach who encountered God through her NDE experience in 2020.

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  1. A lot of NDE'ERS say they go to a dark void and there's a portal with two doors and a light. Why she didn't go to the light is one question I have and the other question is I wonder what would have happened if she went through the other door?

  2. She cut out at various times which made it difficult for me to hear the key words she was saying. I'm like the others who said I don't want to be in a simulation and so many other NDE stories talk about reincarnation and it just kind of depresses you because you think am I just going to be in a never-ending series of bodies and experiences and have to go to other planets and not really go back home to source and stay with him!

  3. Jeff, I truly believe that you have been gifted by source, God, creator, to do this work that you're doing. This is your life's calling and you have helped so many people to understand that there is no fear of death which is what keeps us bound to Earth. I wish there was some way that we all could express to you how much we love you for doing this work and what it means to each of us in our lives. As everyone else mentions, you asked the questions that we would ask at the right time in the right spirit! Much love to you sweetheart and thank you so much!

  4. This makes the most sense of anything I’ve ever seen about the other side and about life!!!! I connect with this so much! Wow! My mom who passed away months ago, had a NDE and she saw Pods as well. I feel more connected to her now that she’s passed.

  5. This sounds crazy but it happened to me around 2015. I had en experience where I felt I woke up and understood the world better, I had better control of my environment. But this lady has seen this far more advanced than me.

    now in 2022 is happening again.

  6. I don't understand a few of her points: we are in a space ship that is also a simulation? she came out of her body and looked at it, but also looked at a pod? Where is God? on the spaceship? How did she see dead relatives and historical figures if everyone keeps getting recycled?