Woman Dies and Learns She Had Not Yet Fulfilled Her Purpose | Norma Edwards Near Death Experience 1

Woman Dies and Learns She Had Not Yet Fulfilled Her Purpose | Norma Edwards Near Death Experience 1

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Female Dies and Learns She Did Not Fulfill Her Intent | Norma Edwards Near Death Experience Aspect 1

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This is element 1 of my interview with Norma Edwards about her Near Death Experience!
Watch Portion 2 right here: https://youtu.be/hUyRw72NdtY


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  1. I fell in love with Norma, what an amazing experience. I have not had an NDE, but have had an amazing awakening where I went into the light, felt the love for about 3 weeks. Others noticed the transformation. I had many messages during that state of Grace and many miracles. Teach only love!

  2. I have a question. In all her past lifes, how is possible that she was the kid in the cotton field and the man in the horse? You can live two lives at the same time being different people?

  3. It so cool to hear about her thinking process like the malfunction of the equipment,etc. Finding explanation for what was going on in a very human way not realising she was out of her body "dead" like state. Amazing! Thank you!

  4. The word is “Euphoric”.
    Becoming Love feels like what we might think it feels like- no thoughts, exciting and calm and peaceful at the same time. With complete understanding that everything is as it is and that Love is the truth of existence.

  5. I understand, not wanting to speak about it. I've had NDE and some very spiritual encounters there after. And I've not spoken of it until recently, I shared with my son. But it does seem to be a sacred story. And one whom you wonder, if others knew, would think we were crazy