Wife of pastor who died by suicide shares grief and hope: Kayla Stoecklein

Wife of pastor who died by suicide shares grief and hope: Kayla Stoecklein

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Mental health and rebuilding immediately after a tragedy with Kayla Stoecklein, the wife of Pastor Andrew Stoecklein who died by suicide. In this job interview with 100 Huntley Street’s Cheryl Weber, we listen to Kayla’s story of losing her finest good friend, spouse, and father of her beautiful little ones to mental disease.

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    God bless,

  2. And another question if a child molester or Predator died in the ACT will he go to hell or will he go to heaven child molestation is a mental thing nobody in their right mind have sex with babies so a person that molest a baby is mentally challenged so the trip they be prosecuted or sent to hell

  3. "I have heard many such things: miserable comforters are ye all" (Job 16:2). "For they bind heavy burdens and grievous to be borne, and lay them on men's shoulders; but they themselves will not move them with one of their fingers" (Matthew 23:4).
    Perfect descriptions of all these comments and replies insisting he's in Hell.

  4. I'm a Christian, but I'm struggling, I'm a 2x cancer survivor and have had a lot of other health struggles, but the only thing I feel keeping me from taking my own life is my niece because I'm the only male figure in her life and I always wonder who would walk her down the isle at her wedding if I died? Shes the one thing keeping me going I'll never forget the feeling I got the first time I held her, due to cancer treatment I can't have kids and just holding her made me think "this must be what it feels like to have kids" I love cars and hope to pass down my cars to her because she actually loves playing with cars a d the Disney movie Cars, just hope I never come to the point of suicide but life for the last 10 years physically and emotionally have been incredibly difficult, especially physically!

  5. I told somebody. They called the police. Police came and told me that if I want to do it, do it quietly or they will come and lock me up in a mental institution. Lesson: Don't tell anyone if yuo are serious. Tell everyone if you want help and attention.

  6. Lemme say smt as a Christian ik this and no offence God bless u but ur husband didn’t go to heaven if he committed that that’s murder and he murderered himself and didn’t get the chance to repent I’m not God so idk but I’m pretty sure he’s not with Jesus

  7. First of all get your title straight, not ALL Christians believe what you think. Whoever wrote the title to this. The Catholic Church might believe differently, but It is NOT the unforgivable sin in the Bible.

  8. I’m
    Sorry for your loss. But I’m not sure saying this would be helpful for those who are suicidal. Cos you don’t know if he’s saved for sure only the Lord knows. I wonder how many commit suicide just after watching this video.l bevasue they think it’s ok , they’ll make it to heaven. Sorry I’m against this

  9. Sorry suicide is a sin
    And you can’t flip the script to suit your current situation
    And also it is selfish because you cause pain and hurt for your loved ones you leave behind
    You can’t take the easy way out
    Everyone has their own battles and struggles in life
    You keep fighting and praying for a better day
    If you believe in the bible as a Christian you can’t bend the words when it benefits you
    Put your hurt and pain upon the lord and he will help you overcome this devastating situation
    God bless you

  10. No matter how bad this life treats me, I'm more afraid of taking a chance of dying and going to hell, than I am living and facing what some people call "hell on earth". So no matter how depressed I get–suicide never crosses my mind, because of the fear I have of hell. If its true that you die and go to hell for taking your own life–its almost as if the devil says–"if you think your life was bad on earth, I'm going to make it 100 times worse for you now"!

  11. In the end. I'm coming to conclusion..Unfortunately to get ongoing help from any professional only happens while the $ is presented. Leaving family broke. And family. It's not fair to burn them out for an entire lifespan. So what is the right thing to do ?

  12. I'm sorry, but suicide does not guarantee that one will be with Jesus. The Good Book suggests quite the opposite. I feel terrible for your loss, but we should not encourage anyone to take their own lives. So in short, this is a very dangerous message.

  13. "Ask God to help you live with the pain."
    Okay, I know some of my comments on this video can come off as emotionally inconsiderate, and that it's "easy for [me] to say these things when [I'm] not suicidal."
    but… God wants to set us free from sin, not to merely help us crawl on the floor under the weight of the pain.

    This video teaches a low view of what God wants for us – to set us FREE, not help us just enough to have our nose 1cm above the water level.

  14. Well she got it half right on the salvation gig .. maybe maybe not .. BUT .. suicide is silent in the bible … as a matter of fact .. Jesus committed suicide . I have trouble understanding why Christians don't kill themselves … why do you want to stay in this shit hole when you can go someplace happy . Hey lady I know you mean well but … well you want people to live in pain .. like say bone cancer … man are you a sadist .