Why Souls Choose Short or Difficult Lifetimes – Afterlife TV

Why Souls Choose Short or Difficult Lifetimes – Afterlife TV

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Afterlife Television set Job interview: Taken from the vault, this interview reveals excellent insight from my clever-beyond-her-years visitor, Terri Daniel, like her discerning understanding of why some souls opt for to have a short life time and others opt for to experience a hard lifetime. Terri’s perception will come from her spiritual experience speaking with her son immediately after he missing his potential to talk because of to ailment and then again immediately after his youthful passing.

We go over a good deal of floor in this job interview about the afterlife that I have talked over in other Afterlife Tv set episodes. It is great to hear an amiable voice saying it. A number of items reviewed contain: why a child’s death is not misplaced potential, the conflict between moi and soul, the uncomplicated path to spiritual surrender, and Terri Daniel’s comprehension of the change in consciousness we hear so significantly about.

This is not an episode you want to miss out on. You may possibly want to acquire notes during this one particular. The healing pictures in online video gifted to us by Melissa Olson. Take pleasure in the ride!

With unconditional appreciate and admiration heading your way,
Bob Olson – AfterlifeTV.com and BobOlson.com

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Terri’s e-book, Embracing Death: A New Seem at Grief, Gratitude and God

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Terri Daniel

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  1. Bob – when I first came across you and your channel, I thought 'oh-yes, another one with only a tantalising bit of the total story'. Having watched lots of your broadcasts like this one and read your book (and some of the featured ones), I now know that your content and guests are not just the 'real deal' but also fill in all the gaps the others don't cover. I can't thank you enough.

  2. I lost my 37 year old brother suddenly and unexpectedly last month. Your channel has been of tremendous help. Like you with your father, I’ve been obsessed with finding out where my brother (and best friend) is. Thank you for all you have done from the bottom of my heart.

  3. Lost my child 2014. I have never been religious. I was always biggest skeptic in paranormal after life etc. My view is different now because i experienced so much communication from my son. I have other sons and they have also had Adc communications from their little brother. I always say iam not special how can i get this communications and some other mothers dont.

  4. A Course in Miracles talks the real truth about this dimension! What she is saying about things(ego) being the same and the world being the same as 2000 yrs ago is true and the world will never change(don’t want to sound pessimistic). The only way to get out of it is to forgive it! ,,,remember that it will not change….the ego will never change!!!!!

  5. I had read a book about angels where the auther says that if we want to know our guardian angel's name, we just have to ask, so not really expecting to receive anything , i asked, and a few nights later in a waking state, i heard my angel tell me their name. There was no gender attached to the voice. I could never quite describe the way in which i heard my angel's voice until i heard Terry's description of "across dimentions" and that's how i heard it coming from afar it seemed. From across dimentions.

  6. I don't see myself as a spiritual man..a bible reader etc. I do however believe in God, the spirit, the spirit world..or as I call them..dimentions and KARMA. I came to the conclusion that there is no hell. I do believe we answer for my wrongdoings. I mean, who here can actually say they are innocent ? We are all wrongdoers after all. However, we don't get punished, though it may seem like it for some. We will go through what we go through to simply learn from our experience after we cross over.

  7. It is now 31/12/2020. My wife died three weeks ago after a very painful illness. I know she came into my life to change me, she did that. I became a better person. I know my wife had to go because she had done her job..and there is more for me to do around the corner. It will involve helping other, as I have done much of my life. Saying that, I have still a lot of work to do on myself. Work my wife started and up to me to take it further.

  8. If we listen to that still small voice..that gut feeling..one rarely goes wrong. Ignore it..freedom of choice..and you take what comes and responsibility for whatever happens. I like to believe that I, the soul, is advising on the right choice to make.

  9. Thank you for doing this interview. My son died suddenly 18 years ago and to say the pain was unbearable would be an understatement. But through that pain i found out how much love was inside of me and without my son dying i would never have experienced that, it felt very spiritual. This is the first time hearing someone acknowledge there can be spiritual growth from this pain. I attended a meeting at one of those " other organisations for bereaved parents" just after my son died and i was told off by another member after i expressed having a spritual experience and hence a continued relationship with my son in heaven. Believing this was a group dedicated to support the parents of children who had died i assumed all views and experiences would be welcome. One parent boldly told me to "stop talking like that" and that i was " dishonoring my son by talking this way". With my renewed depth of love i experienced after my son died instead of getting angry and upset with this person i realised we were both experiencing our grief differently. I would love to talk about my son and not feel so alone in my grief. It would be nice to have a community where you felt welcome to express all grief experiences freely without judgement.

  10. Amazing, amazing content. Live our life to the fullest. Whatever journey we're on, no matter how many times we come back, we are only ourselves this one time, so let's embrace it fully…easier said than done, I know!! Let's not mourn and grieve too much…Our departed Loved Ones are preparing for the next step of their growth, so focus on the here and now.

  11. Thank you so much Bob for having your show on Afterlife. When I/our family lost my 28 daughter to cancer, I started searching many life after death you tube channels. I Truly love your channel and agree so much with you and your guests on the afterlife thoughts, theories , and truths . This makes me want to read your guest s books and yours.

  12. I slip sometime in and out of greif over my husband and best friend of 20 years. I know without that pain I wouldn't have healed in so many other ways. I no longer hold anyone in blame or responsibility including myself. I give myself room to take it slow each day one at a time.

  13. You are the first person I found online to help me after losing my son . Your content is very healing and I listen to you speak while I try to meditate and it helps me fall asleep easier . Thanks and I’m sorry for the loss of your dad

  14. Beautiful story from a great lady and great teacher! She helps take away the fear of death,because she makes you realize and understand that death is not the end of our existence,it’s just a change/shift of consciousness,if you will!

  15. quantum physics, energy cannot be destroyed, it changes form. Our bodies are temporary envelopes for our souls, so that we can experience lives from every facet…poor, wealthy, different races, etc and evolve
    my family were extremely abusive my entire childhood, leaving me with severe lifelong ptsd and disability…the only solace/nurturing I ever received as from my animals.I hope to see all of them