What Spirits Discover By Watching Over You

What Spirits Discover By Watching Over You

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Afterlife Television: When a person passes and goes into the spirit earth, there’s an sudden discovery that requires position as they check out above your lifestyle. It is not anything I have heard everyone talk about, but it’s undoubtedly a sample I’ve witnessed recurring in my investigation of daily life after death over the previous 20-as well as several years. When I 1st recognized the sample, it opened my eyes to an additional essential rationale why our loved ones view over us, and it gave me additional incentive to are living my existence to the fullest of my prospective. You’ll see why right after seeing or listening to the episode. I actually think you are going to achieve a ton from this exceptional afterlife standpoint.

The photographs that instill a perception of splendor and peace in the online video are presented by my sweet Melissa.

When I was a child, I explained to my moms and dads I beloved them ‘as considerably as the complete dump.’ Not that I cherished the dump by any means, but that was the premier area I could envision at that age. With that, I’m sending you enough adore to fill the universe, Bob Olson AfterlifeTV.com and BobOlson.com

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  1. Yes there in full luv n clarity yes n still it does stink her first grandbaby n her sons wedding I’m sure she’ll see n watch over but we’re sisters of 4 now 3 n other sister just had her first grandbaby so in that sence it’s sad to us here luv ya bob laurafahey in o.a.

  2. Hi from Morocco ! Thank you for your amazing and inspiring videos !! I don't think I need to wait for my life review after I die to know how much you impacted my life. Not only you changed my vision of death and of the afterlife but you also released me from many negative emotions on a daily basis such as guilt, regret, hopelessness, and fear of making poor choices. Instead, you helped me fill my life with a lot of patience, compassion and most importantly with love!

  3. I worked years for himalayan masters, I heard it said that when you die you become 9x more intelligent. Also most go to their own funerals and watch, and are telepathic, so be careful your thoughts ! Also some nde people have panicked that they entered a black void type place, but I have heard that can just be a type of consciousness you pass through, not to worry..

  4. At least now we all know that Consciousness (well, most of us) is the ultimate foundation of all reality(s). Even in the Hereafter it is still with us. We actually do not need a physical brain to use it. Kudos on the video Afterlife TV with Bob Olson.

  5. Excellent video, I recently experienced (right before the pandemic hit) my first reading with a very gifted medium.It was life changing! I highly recommend it. She contacted all 4 grandparents, my father and aunt, a dear elderly friend who had recently passed and my late cat Oliver who had also recently passed. I recorded it and she was spot on with everyone. It was incredible. Isn’t it great that we live again, and again? I’ve become spiritually enlightened, I wish my closest and dearest were open to this way of thinking but they’re not ready. I did plant some seeds.

  6. I began having a serious interest in the after life since the passing of my husband coming 2 years this month,there is conflict about if it is okay to try and contact a loved one.MANY Religions frown on this, i started visiting a spiritualist church so far I have not had My hubby come through but I have had tings occur which made me know he was around,it would be nice to have a clear communication, WOULD LOVE to find a medium in Canada been to 1 they were off in every way can the person appear than their actual age on passing, So glad I found this site it helps me to feel some comfort.THANKS

  7. Incredibly illuminating. I have been feeling intuitively that the relationship continues, and that they are actively participating in my growth and evolution from the other side, but never heard this voiced by anyone. Thank you for this confirmation. ‘The relationship continues, it’s just different’ – yes.

  8. Bob, thank you so much for this. My husband of almost 42 years passed suddenly on October 26, 2018. I was completely devastated and the only thing that began to help was reading books about the afterlife, continuation of consciousness, NDEs, etc. Thus far, I've read 79 books, and am almost done with #80. Your Answers About the Afterlife was and remains one of the most important books I've read and I'm thankful that I found it early on. This video presented ideas I had not absorbed in any of my reading. So thanks again. I miss my husband every day, but I get ADCs all the time from him, so I know he is not gone.