What Psychic Mediums SEE

What Psychic Mediums SEE

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  1. Thanks for telling and explaining. That's the first time I hear someone say it like I experience it myself.
    Curiously, I can't do it on cue, it just happens. Question: for me, it feels exactly like… let's say I ask you what's the color of your kitchen, you don't need to see your kitchen, you know what color it is. Voilà. Am I right?
    My theory is : when the medium finds him or herself in the direct vicinity of a person who needs to hear a message from a passed loved on, the spirit detects the presence of the medium and jumps on the occasion to be somehow heard by a person who can percieve it. Wether I am right or not, is it possible to learn how to do it voluntarily?
    Thanks for your advice.
    My name is Frédéric, by the way.

  2. Interesting. I get the flashes too. But more often, since my kundalini awakening I see them in real time but in two main ways. One is with my eyes open as shadows or lights and the second way, the better way, with my eyes close is as low contrast silhouettes. Usually dark black against dark grey. The features I can see in bits and pieces but still usually in black and grey at low contrast. However sometimes I can zoom in as on a computer and that area will get clearer with light around it. I see a lot of non human lower entities this way for reasons that are too complicated to get into. They can have very strange animal like features.However I see higher entities sometimes as colored light. With my eyes open, I get these rainbow flashes that are really cool. That’s how I see my guides or ‘helpers’ as I call them. Then there are the extraterrestrial looking beings. They were the first I saw. Which I think is telling in itself. But also they seemed to initiate my awakening as I could see them with my eyes closed doing things to my body which I know understand as removing blockages and things like that. Weird eh? Definitely a surprise plot twist in my life. Lol. I can do energy healing now as well but I’m also going through a rough shamanic awakening where I have to heal myself first. I have constant bad energy thrown at me which I learned to clear and transmute. My abilities get stronger as I do but it’s taken a massive toll on me. However before that, for over two decades I could just feel them and experienced it as severe anxiety and depression. As if I was feeling these emotions independently from my own. So that wore me down over time and by the time I first began experiencing my awakening, my life was reduced to a very solitary existence where I couldn’t do much of anything anymore. I’m still like that but I’m no longer experience the horrible anxiety. Just the depression. And I finally can see what’s going on and fight back. So I’m more empowered. It’s as if I was allowed to be attacked so that I could learn how to transmute darker energies. Which is awful but I guess someone has to take on the big baddies of the energy realm. I think they cause a lot of mental illness and disease. They are also the entities that cause sleep paralysis. I used to get that practically every night as a teen at the same time all this started happening. Anyway, I’m telling my life story here. Lol. It’s just hard to explain. I do find your healing videos help so thank you and your other videos are interesting too. I love to hear about other people’s experiences and learn from them as well. It’s like we all have a little piece of this puzzle. 🙂

  3. You described it perfectly, based on my past recollection from when I was actively developing my skills as a medium. But my third eye has been closed for a long time, and for some inexplicable reason, I really miss it now. Curious, do you think your use of psychedelics has helped to open your third eye? That’s what I’m hoping for. I’m currently looking for somewhere safe to do an ayahuasca experience and hopefully also get my hands on some mushrooms.

    Thanks for the great content. I’ve watched about half of your videos so far and it’s been really helpful. I’m going to keep going and watch all of them!

  4. I usually got fear of someone thinking I'm crazy so I never said anything……. I usually had what this Blackfoot Indian man told me were warnings I would see stuff before it happened……. Usually I would have these moments where I would have these daydreams and they were actually manifest into actual events and what happened the day before or even on the same day I have Cherokee blood in my family history………. So only two other times I was taking care of a couple patients, but not at the same time……. The first time I was asleep on the couch in the living room of a patient while she was sleeping star wars movie was on and when I woke up I saw an apparition manifested into that evil man with his the hood off in the foyer and it freaked me out so bad I said oh hell no my brother you're in the wrong address you've got to go so The apparition backed up placed the hood back upon it's head and disappeared ……. So I figured that whatever Spirit attached itself to that image and try to scare me heeded to what I said because of the way I said it it responded and disappeared……. I believe it was respectful and understood what I said that's the only time that I actually had something like that happen and then one other time I was taking care of a patient she was in hospice in her house she kept on seeing this lump under her blanket and talked about her dog oh that must be so and so that must be her dog and I asked about it because it was a small blanket and it was bunched up under her blanket …… One night probably the middle of the night I was resting on the couch in her living room and she was resting in her bedroom and I wake up and I look and see this image it may have been a German Shepherd I'm not sure but it walked right into her room and I thought that's pretty doggone cool……. The image didn't look my way but was walking straight into her room and it kind of humbled me and made me a little sad and joyful at the same time that she was getting these visitations from people she knew before they passed on and it brought tears to my eyes and I thought to myself she doesn't have long left here she's making connections with her loved ones even her own pet before she went to the other side……. And one other thing that I will include is that my son was taking me to my patient in my vehicle but my car conked out and I needed a ride to my patient but my car stopped working the same hour that she passed because my son went by the time he took me it had been about a half an hour when I had gotten there and they said she had passed she was a pretty cool lady too we butted heads but we were close I bond with people I guess that's a gift how you bond with people I can't do it any other way but being myself opening up and being there for them there's people that don't know you in the healthcare field people that don't know you those patients don't have time to warm up to you you have to be warming up to them people don't understand that just to connect with them I have to bear my soul and open up to everything so that I can be there to connect them bond with them as if they're my own family that's the only way I can do it I don't know how to do it in the spirit world to do it on a continual basis I think it would be too overwhelming because it's overwhelming for me here connecting with people that are living I don't know how to do it and not be freaked out and overwhelmed for people have passed on to connect with them……. I had done that when I was a child growing up I would see things in the walls I would see things in pictures I can still do it I can still see those things one night I was at this very exclusive housing community very wealthy and I was chilling out in my vehicle before I came into work and I looked up in the tree there was a tree on the other side of the street and I saw a serpent the image of a dragon or a serpent and I thought to myself you have either built these houses on hollow ground of some type of burial site or you've done it in a very greedy and unrightful way because I saw that image there it kind of freaked that kind of freaked me out too and I got into the house whatever that Spirit was it didn't want me there I don't know why but if you can enlighten me on any kind of EVP things and how to train yourself with the right way the white noise and all that other stuff I'm very interested in that but they say that you can also draw evil dark spirits that can be destructive I would just think those spirits or entities would be upset that they were dragged out of there environment and showing their anger toward it and the only way they know how that Amityville horror movie not the new one with Ryan Reynolds but the original one that was quite a movie based on true stories I'm interested in and there's a book that I read that got my attention ghosts of Virginia I'm from Virginia I was born in Arizona Pima county Tucson on Air Force Base but that book is very interesting how people died most of them died because back in the day they all I don't know why it was kind of stupid used real candles on Christmas trees and every house burnt down every house is a renovation of the original one because they use these real candles on their Christmas trees and each house burnt down most are the majority of them and some of the people died in other ways as well it was really an interesting book I've got to see how I can get a hold of that book and read it again because I didn't really read it all the way…….. Another place that I'm interested in it's called seminary avenue and it seemed like there's a lot of activity on that street the old is a very old neighborhood when I was in this house it was huge and I could feel something going on as I three story house and this old couple husband and wife were living in it I'm not to myself why do y'all want this Old House it's huge and it was really odd a little off and I can feel I can that's my gift I guess I can feel certain energy whether something's real or not I am an empath I do believe I am an empath I don't know if I'm a hyoka empath or not but I sent some feel those things so if there's a book that you can have me go to like to tell me about to go and get I would be grateful for it……… The other night I work Taco Bell I was in the Drive-Thru and this customer I was taking her card or money or whatever and it's getting ready to hand the food out but I'll notice the dog had red eyes no the dog that I've seen has that this particular dog has red eyes so I don't know if the dog is possessed or if it's a breed but I never seen another dog with Wendy like kind of shines the dog has red inside of its eyes and I don't know if that's a kind of breed that was would be able to see at night or if there was something else going on with this dog but I've had a gift of being able to relate to animals because they don't sense fear animals are very adept at sensing fear from people so if they feel fear they will react the way they feel……. Animals are very intuitive

  5. My typical experience is no matter what im doing or who im talking too.. I'll get a picture for instance a Polaroid in front of my face..its all i can see… I've described in detail to whomever I'm with… I get the spirits feeling..of happiness.. Regret..whatever … But usually i know they're there because i see myself through their eyes so i know.. They're on my right or behind me..ect..

  6. For me spirit look like a normal solid human being (one way I see them), except I know they’re spirit because it feels like they’re out of place. I don’t know how to describe that feeling but I can just sense they’re different. The other way is through my 3rd eye. And how I explain it is, if I asked you what your mum looks like, you can immediately picture her in your mind. Except the spirit I see are strangers. And they’re for the person I’m reading for or they’re my family member. Also, when I sense them but not see them, it’s the same feeling you get when someone walks into the same room as you. You can feel their energy.

  7. I made a painting of a building wall with a shaft of light hitting it. I kept seeing a little boy reading a booking in the shaft of light, but I did not paint that. A friend of men kept saying he thought he saw a little boy reading in the painting.

  8. My aunt works at an adult home and she see the dead come to the person who gonna die and she say when they bend down to kiss them it's her sign they will be leaving soon. So now anytime a resident about to die her Co worker be like anyone else in there with them. Lol