What Psychic Mediums HEAR

What Psychic Mediums HEAR

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Some men and women have asked me what particularly psychic mediums hear when they hear spirits so I did my greatest to explain it.

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  1. ive heard my name being whispered in my ear since i were a child i havnt gone by my birth name in 6 years and i still hear a male whisper it in the past 6 years even tho iv not called myself or been called that in 6 years

  2. Thank you for this! I always wondered if other mediums are "hearing" and "seeing" in some kind of clear 5- senses way, rather than the internal third-eye visions I have (similar to yours, from what you described). Glad to know my experience is the common one.

  3. OMG OMG OMG THAT HAPPEN TO ME TODAY ACTAULLY I was on the bus, and something like a thought or I cant explain it , it was like I was talking to myself but it happened put the blue was like "get up" but I didnt know why I felt like it wasnt me cause I was listening too music but IT came out the blue and crazy your videos came out the blue on my youtube and like wow ! I felt this this been happening for a couple of weeks !

  4. One morning my screen door was locked without being locked. I could not get out the door, then I realized I forgot my keys. When I finally got on the road I got into an accident. It was like the universe was trying to tell me not to leave.

  5. A sense of humor or a way in which they can effectively communicate. You would connect those dots. I never watched the show. You forgot to mention.. the smell of cigarettes. Do you remember when you'd discovered or spoke of your keen sense of smell? Your friends dad or uncle passed. Heavy smoker. Your fingers reeked of smoke.

  6. I've heard the same male voice several times throughout my life. He says my name except for the last time, he said ready but it was extremely loud. I hear him audibly. I have heard a woman once, she whispered "hello Monty".

  7. Why do psychic mediums ask so many questions instead of giving answers like what is the name of the soul they are hearing. So many that I have observed over the decades I have lived have the same delivery….is there someone here with a friend or relative that passed from something around the chest…is the name bill or bob, it’s a b sound. Right just add an s to that b. All for $$$$$$.

  8. You know how you have 10 times more nerve connections coming from your heart to your brain as opposed to the other way around?….I NEVER HEAR YOU SAY YOUR HEART IS TELLING YOU???…BECAUSE THAT'S HOW THE CONNECTION HAPPENS TO ME AND IM SURE IM NOT THE ONLY ONE…and it's not just pictures and sound, it's feelings and emotions that stir up the visions which are secondary…just to clear that up.

  9. Cats do…hang around. Whether it's heaven, I don't know. Probably not, this close to earth vibration, but yes. Cats do interact with prior owners from the spirit state. Went into my living room one evening; both cats are lounging around. Thought I saw a "cat" streak from one side of the room to behind the couch, did a head check, yep both of my cats are present and accounted for. And then watched both cats watching the spirit cat run around the room.

  10. I'm really enjoying your channel. I've been on a similar journey since a little before my soul mate died, and then much more afterwards. It's always nice to hear my visions and "knowing without knowing how I know" stuff I use in my massage practice as well as just communicating seems sort of a universal experience

  11. I hear them through my thoughts. When I was learning to communicate, I had to learn to distinguish between them speaking and my own thoughts. I will ‘hear’ names given to me, sometimes a song with their name in it. I also get a high pitched sound in my right ear when I’ve connected. I also get shown pictures by them which I relay to the sitter. I used to love doing all that ❤️

  12. Sometimes it has sounded like someone was talking inside my head. It's done it since i was a kid, I have been practicing to get more attuned to it. It'll also feel like dense energy coming to sit on different areas of my head or my ears. I love it, this has changed my whole approach and intention with mediation to shift as well. And paying attention to what it looks like and means to me to "see images from my minds eye".
    Also learning what it feels like to be grounded and present. Opening up a Kundalini yoga practice as well. The path has just been paving itself right in front of me, I am so grateful.

  13. I understand that, when they talk sometimes there is images that I understand the meaning, when I'm open to talk, they usually just talk, rarely have images.
    There's only images when I need to give the information.