What Happens when You Die | An Interview with Penny Sartori

What Happens when You Die | An Interview with Penny Sartori

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Penny Sartori is a British health-related researcher in the industry of near-death reports. She worked as an intense care nurse for numerous several years, in the course of which time she cared for many clients who were near to death.

In this interview she tells how she began exploring near-death experiences, inspired by experiences she experienced on the intensive treatment device. She describes the fascinating findings of her research, which became acknowledged globally.

00:50 How did it appear that you did a study into near-death experiences?
07:00 How numerous folks with cardiac arrest did you job interview?
07:09 And of those people how substantially experienced a near-death experience?
09:41 Do you try to remember any other striking reviews?
16:45 So what was the in general summary of this?
21:38 You also looked into conclude of everyday living phenomenon?
26:04 How do we know this is not just a hallucination?
26:39 What do you think is the benefit of this research for society?
28:43 Have you had experience with sufferers who committed suicide or tried using to dedicate suicide?
30:20 Can you speak with every consumer about near-death experiences? Or is there a resistance?
30:44 Have you also read about hellish experiences for the duration of a near-death experience?
35:17 Do you think there is a relationship involving the way somebody thinks and the kind of near-death experience they have?
36:46 How is this research gained in a professional medical profession?
38:05 Need to we stimulate talking about and chatting about death?
41:50 What do you do to converse your insights and your experiences?
43:56 What kind of pupils are they?

Interviewer: Jens Rohrbeck
Director: Mehmet Yesilgöz
Editor: Werner Huemer

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