What does the Bible say about Near Death Experiences?

What does the Bible say about Near Death Experiences?

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Usually I hear men and women point out how the bible does absent with significant considertaion of Near Death Experiences. Nevertheless in this movie we get critical look at What does the Bible say about Near Death Experiences? (Portion 1)

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  1. I dont think they can be proven conclusively. So much happens in the brain, how can we determine if it's a vision or chemical reaction? Not saying it cant happen. Just wondering.

  2. NDEs are real. However, how do we know if some of them are demonic deception or not? People see things during them that they couldn't know. However, demons have knowledge they could be providing/feeding them unknowingly . There are atheists who come back after ndes saying "oh everyone goes to heaven I'm no longer afraid to die. " Therefore I'm thinking that some of these experiences contradict with what the Bible says about unbelief,other religions, and what happens after death.

  3. Brother I mite have to explain I was smelling burning from my body in 2018 I know I was dying when I got to 2019 I died God stop me told me I have to go back he told me he will heal me I was badly sick and body was in pain this all happened at home no hospital no doctor i remember him saying to me I will heal i didn’t go anywhere like hospital at all I was in a bad way i see many healing still

  4. NDEs don't correspond to what God tells us in the Bible. In the Bible we are told that the only way to enter Heaven is through Jesus who is the only Way to Heaven, by firstly repentance of all our sins and secondly accepting Jesus as Lord and Saviour after which God gives us the second birth so that we can enter Heaven. The NDE reports don't say any of that. They say they see God as a bright light and approach towards Him and then He tells them that they must go back to Earth to show love and kindness to everyone and to have no fear of death. Yet in the Bible we see that when anyone comes near to God they are struck down with great fear. This suggests that they are not seeing God but Satan who appears as light. And this is a message that Satan would like to replace the Gospel with. Instead of repentance and accepting the Lordship of Christ all you need to do is be a nice person to everybody and tell them not to fear death. In contrast Jesus tells us about the eternal flames of Hell and that we should fear being thrown into eternal Hell. So it appears that NDEs can be a way for Satan to lull people away from the true Gospel to join him in Hell! As Ann Marshall said below, there is no scripture explicitly supporting the idea of NDEs. We are to be guided by the Bible as only the Bible is the Truth and we must avoid the lies of Satan.