Virginia's Unique NDE

Virginia's Unique NDE

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A Exclusive NDE: Virginia Jablonski, a gun-carrying diplomatic security agent ahead of her NDE, contracted Lyme condition, which was misdiagnosed for a extensive time. For 8 a long time she refused opioids for suffering, but finally her doctor insisted and prescribed fentanyl, an opioid 50 to 100 instances additional potent than morphine. 1 evening when her body simply just “forgot to breathe,” she slipped away into a vivid NDE. Soon after choosing to return to her body and this everyday living, she embarked on an intense research for healing.
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  1. Thank you, Virginia! I'm a 70 yr old man living in Ohio. I have not had an NDE that I'm aware of (though I may have had one as a small child). But about 6 yrs ago I experienced a significant "shift" in my inner person and found my self on an obsessive spiritual quest, interested in subjects and areas of study I had NO interest in previously. My personality changed a lot as I started forgiving people I had spent years blaming for my problems. Emotional, mental, and spiritual barriers, over time, fell away. So I love to watch NDE videos and hear NDE stories as many, many of them seem so similar to my own experience. Like NDE-ers, I have become extremely empathetic, which can be so uncomfortable at times. But that seems to be connected to my capacity to love, and I often find myself saying loving, encouraging things to total strangers, and I am conscious that this is helpful whether they're aware of it or not. Thank you again for your wonderful message. God bless you in your healing work!

  2. I've had Lyme since 1990, it became bad in 2005, and almost unbearable by 2012, including confections . There's no way I'm coming back, if given an offer during an NDE. Better to have Cancer than Lyme.

  3. Thank you so much for this video! I also struggle with opioids, and would like to heal myself but I have no idea where to start. Could you or anyone in the community suggest a resource that I could check out. A link, a book, whatever. Anyway, thank you very much for sharing your experience. I certainly resonate with you.

  4. I've had three back operations, to help get rid of sevier back pain, no help just more back pain, so the Doctors put me on Opioids, that was 15yrs ago, I've never had a problem with overdosing them, instead of taking a complete pill ever 6 hrs, I take a half pill every 3hrs, this eliminates yhe posability of an overdose, I forget & take a second half of a pill, I won't worry.