Victoria Ukachukwu – Buddha at the Gas Pump Interview

Victoria Ukachukwu – Buddha at the Gas Pump Interview

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In 2014, I awakened to the realization that remaining aware is my correct nature. The experience of just staying conscious without the need of the identification of a person who is conscious was at at the time exhilarating and disorienting. This simple but profound realization remodeled my experience of everyday living to one particular of effortless remaining. A amazing result of this awakening is a lasting peace that transcends all experience. In this awakened sense of pure staying, the bodily body is knowledgeable as an aim feeling of staying, and the mind is skilled as an goal feeling of figuring out. There is no extended the want for an personal identification as a person who ​is dwelling daily life. There is only awareness and the experience of the objective sense of recognition in various forms of expressions. The illusion of a particular person becoming knowledgeable of objects dissolved and was changed with a pervasive sense of pleasure and independence.

Prior to 2014, my lifestyle was dependent on the story of a lady named Victoria Ukachukwu who is a experienced scientist with a Ph.D. in Organic and natural Chemistry from the Ga Institute of Technological know-how in Atlanta and is a divorced mom of two daughters. All of my experiences derived from this main id. More than time, this identity became incredibly limiting and issues about God and the nature of truth began to come up. Science available no satisfactory responses nor did the Catholic religion in which I was lifted. In 2010 I found out the teachings of non-duality. In individual, the teachings of Mooji and Rupert Spira. In 2012, I went to my 1st ​retreat with Rupert Spira and came away with additional thoughts. It was not until finally June 2014 when I went to a next retreat with Rupert Spira that all queries dissolved with the recognition of my genuine nature.

Subsequently, in 2019, I discovered the timeless teaching of Joel Goldsmith which even more reaffirmed and expanded my burgeoning being familiar with of spiritual principles that illuminate the mother nature of staying.  In his reserve, The Learn Speaks, Joel Goldsmith reminds us that the Real truth of being is eternal irrespective of how several various techniques it is presented. Consciousness is the inventive theory of life. Consciousness is the eternal truth of the matter of staying. In my experience, staying aware or Awareness Alone is our real nature and our only purpose. It is Complete.

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