Veteran Tony Woody’s NDE: Meeting the Light

Veteran Tony Woody’s NDE: Meeting the Light

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Veteran’s NDE: Retired Chief Petty Officer Tony Woody tells about his near fatal crash landing, his NDE at the time, and the continuing unfolding of his NDE a few days later when he encountered the Being of Light. This experience led him to explore world religions and modern science seeking answers to the nature of consciousness. Subscribe to this channel to see new video interviews about NDEs and related topics. For more information about NDEs, go to

The following message is from Tony:
“I AM pleased to share with you the Johns Hopkins University Press most recent Narrative Inquiry in Bioethics Article that includes my NDE story. They are using these stories to develop a new protocol for front line providers such as police, military, clergy, psychiatry, EMT/ER personnel and so on who work with high NDE risk people due to the nature of their jobs.

Here is the link to eighteen Near Death Experience stories that were chosen for publication in the “Narrative Inquiry in Bioethics” at John Hopkins University Press.

My personal story is listed on page 39 in the attached document and can be downloaded independently of the others here if you want to read or share it separately.

Please share widely, especially with front line providers who need this information whether they know about NDE aftereffects or not.”

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  1. The urge to merge is understood and in my story once the light was gone, I've simply never been the same again, but before I was ejected back into my body a calm and collective ominous voice said "Go back, it's not your time yet."

    Love everyone unconditionally because god is in everyone is exactly correct and live each day as if it were a prayer because everything you put out into the universe entangles us all.


  2. Wow, this is great!! what joy! no love here in the physical is even close to Original Source, Our Father …and what he experienced was a speck…there are no words for the Fullness of God, I AM. Now we experience what that can deepen in us here. Thank u Tony for this amazingly descriptive recount.

  3. it wasn't a waste of time to learn all of that knowledge because you would not have figured out the equational equation of where you are today without that knowledge but i understand what you are trying to convey