Twins Separated at Birth: 4 MIND BLOWING STORIES!

Twins Separated at Birth: 4 MIND BLOWING STORIES!

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These twins have been separated at delivery and when they ultimately fulfilled had the most insane synchronicities ever! Does this prove we’re in a simulation, telepathy is true, or are these just all comprehensive coincidences?

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Johnny Carson with the Jim Twins at?v=HbNVIWMC7fU

The Twin Relationship

BBC Documentary out?v=qw3S35wGgT8

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Ebook: The One particular Mind single-Mind-Unique-Higher-Consciousness/dp/1401943152

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  1. I usually don’t tell people about this. There are answers. Source (God) is speaking to us plainly. I am not a new age guru, my background is fundamental Christianity. But I have discovered channeling specifically “ KRYON “. His message resonates with me like nothing ever before. All it takes is an open mind and the hunger for truth. I will leave this right here for whoever may be searching. Great content by the way!

  2. I'm beginning to think that identical twins share the same soul. Maybe twin souls decide to incarnate as twins or maybe one of the twin souls splits and incarnates as identical twins. Idk, it's a thought that's been swirling around inside my head for awhile now.

  3. Some say that twins are like one soul in 2 bodies but this is not very likely. Not all twins are dressed alike and talk alike . Some are very different and have different taste in things. But definitely all have very strong telepathic connection. I guess we all do . 🙂

  4. According to Michael Newton's book Journey of Souls, sometimes a soul incarnates into more than one body at the same time. Maybe that's what's going on with these twins. As you say, maybe their minds are 'entangled' as one.

  5. Ok so I’m an identical twin. Definitely we have over the years done the same thing or thought the same thing or thought I’d each other and rung each other on the phone at the exact time. We’re twins. We look the same. Spent all of our childhood together and had the same upbringing.

  6. Actually, twins reading each other's minds had been debunked.

    This is off the data that I looked up. And it says the same thing on all the other data ratings that I looked at.
    worldwide, and the fact is that most twins do not report experiencing any sort of mysterious telepathic connection.Mar 26, 2018