Top Five Ways NDEs Have Changed My Life

Top Five Ways NDEs Have Changed My Life

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Best Five Methods NDEs Have Adjusted My Existence

Backlinks to my past videos about pre-start reminiscences and my NDE-like experience:


This movie is the top rated five methods NDEs (near death experiences) have transformed my life.

1. My faith has been strengthened and broadened (certainly I am a Christian but my way of looking at spiritual matters has grow to be a lot further and broader and far more inclusive)

2. Anxiety has been removed from my daily life

3. Loneliness has been removed from my lifetime

4. The quantities of joy I experience are outstanding

5. My daily life has been simplified

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  1. Listening to you speak is like listening to my own thoughts. I've been studying NDEs since 2015 and they have completely changed my perspective on life, religion, and God. I was raised in a Christian church, school, and home and have always had questions about inconsistencies in traditional Christian dogma. Hearing and reading NDE accounts has helped me free myself of some past conditioning that I've always been uncomfortable with, but at the same time, I've felt a bit lost since cutting ties with principles that I grew up with. Have you experienced this? Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with us 🙂

  2. Mellisa, you can go beyond religion and Christianity which has become a form, about the SELF. You are the new creation of God. You are in the new heaven and earth. Christianity had a function and role in the first century. Christ had a role and a function in the first century. That ended when the new heaven and earth came into existence at the coming of Christ. All forms were destroyed when the temple and Judaism were destroyed. We are no longer in physical forms but in the formless, the spiritual. What Jesus did was fulfilled and now we are all in the new heaven and earth where God and the lamb dwell forever. Jesus is not the object of our faith because his role and function were to lead all back to the father. God was in Christ reconciling the world to HIMSELF! We are not separated from God. This was a time when all Israel was restored and redeemed (Heb.9:15)_ at the coming of Christ in the first century to complete salvation (Heb. 9:28). All people today are beneficiaries of this salvation because all is fulfilled through Christ.