Tibor Putnoki – 9 Minutes – My Path to the Light

Tibor Putnoki – 9 Minutes – My Path to the Light

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9 Minutes – My Path to the Light, Tibor Putnoki, 2016 IANDS Conference (Hungarian with English translation)

Tibor Putnoki went through a profound near-death experience in 1994. His NDE lasted for 9 minutes. This experience not only changed his earlier life entirely, but also gave an inspiration for the rest of his life: “People need to be told, they need to know, not to live and act as they do, and I did”. In the presentation Tibor will give a talk about his own NDE story, including his path to healing/recovery and about a totally new life with a much wider scope and aims compare to his previous one. Since he speaks only in Hungarian, an English translator, Kristof Toth, will translate. Tibor Putnoki is the Founder and Spokesperson of Light of Love Public Benefit Foundation, which is the IANDS Affiliate Group in Hungary.

Light of Love Foundation web site: http://www.szeretetfenye.hu/?lang=en

For more information on near-death experiences, visit http://iands.org
For information about IANDS conferences, visit http://conference.iands.org

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  1. This is one of thee best I;ve seen on the NDE experience,in the past 20 yrs,though I've known about such since I was 17 back in 19750-when at in and high school age ,I read Dr. Raymond Moody's books, "Life After Life". Now on to the rest of the rendering here…great Message of Love,here for shure.

    1) reaction/response to the comments made about the translator here… A) how Many of you speak Hungarian? B) See? thats for starters C) How Many American's seeing this speak fluently and I mean fluently another language, making you fluent in 2 Languages,your native tongue and another?? Very Low percentage,here Im shure. These days, the American Version of English is sooo 'wrecked" by the distortion of the language and uncaringness, including conscioiusness,being awake,Manners, Respect…etc, "Whats up?" it is NOT a greeting ,it is question. If I asked you,(not 'axed'thats another one! geez!!)'Whats down or whats side ways?" you'd look at me,sideways! Right just like I look at some of the younger folk, when they 'greet' me with this bullshit,but I digress, NOT many you speak another language,,much less Hungarian,of all things. Give the Handsome Younger Man,some credit,I though he did a greater job,doing his best. After all how many Hungarian Translators do you know??
    2) The Man,Tibor Putnoki and the Younger Man,THot, I thought they were beautiful together, Like Father and Son, infact I though they were,as such. Their noses are almost identical,and other similar features I thought they were Father and Son,their 'energies' are very good together,perfect match for delivering such a high message of Love and Light.
    3) If There ever was a Man, resembling Santa Claus and embodying Santa's image,heart and energy it is
    Mr. Putnoki- its so amazing…. the message and heart of love and kindness,the energy he emits and shares

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  2. Nagyon köszönöm az elöadasodat Tibor. Tanitanod kell ezt, magyaroknak mérhetetlen szükségük van ezt tundi, hisz annyi viszontagságon mentünk már át a történelmünkben hogy a tudatos hitünk veszendöben van. Hálas vagyok bátorságodért és igaz segitsegedert. Thank you for inviting Tibor and the effort to make possible to hear his story outside of Hungary. You have done a wonderful job.

  3. God will slowly but surely succeed in bringing us back to him(it). I do, however, share his feelings on the fact that not very many people are interested in this subject of outmost importance in one's existance. Yet, it will (or rather) has already been done it is just that we are not aware of it!

  4. I very much enjoyed this story. makes me happy to remind myself that the people I have lost are living in paradise. and a reminder that I must make more of an effort to be loving.