The Secrets of Consciousness | Part I: Seeing Without Eyes • Trailer

The Secrets of Consciousness | Part I: Seeing Without Eyes • Trailer

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Looking at with out eyes. Perceiving without having sensory organs. Consciousness without body.
That which is apparent to most persons who experienced near-death experiences is really unimaginable for science-oriented men and women. Consciousness originates from the brain. It displays by itself in the brainwaves – and only there. And nevertheless some amazing perceptual phenomena phone this materialistic worldview into issue …

Element 1 of a documentary on the subject of “consciousness” – to be viewed completely on Thanatos Television set from March 4, 2022!

Camera: Heike Sucky, Katrin Salhenegger-Niamir, Mehmet Yesilgöz, Wolfgang Scherz, Sebastian Depke, Werner Huemer
Translation: Alexandra Grasmik, Peter Cox
Narrator: Peter Cox

A movie documentary by Werner Huemer

℗ Mediaservice Werner Huemer
© 2022 Thanatos Television set EN

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  1. Humans do NOT know WHAT Consciousness really is ! 'Consciousness' involves two components; 1/. an Analytical process involving the brain, and 2/. "AWARENESS", which is NOT a human Component… "AWARENESS" IS "LIFE The Real Self" which is Non-Dimensional, and does NOT represent, nor even remotely look anything like any species, including the human species…. 'Consciousness' can NOT exist without "AWARENESS", which was born from NOTHING, a result of "The Nothing" Awakening or becoming "SELF-AWARE" !

  2. When you merge with it by the end, you want to laugh so hard because what you were seeking was yourself in the first place. So much worry and thinking, and bam! It’s just you 🙂 Sure there are people extremely bound to action without any self inquiry who just wake up and take another go, evolving a few steps behind you. But they also will start living and waking up from life more and more consciously.

  3. I have had an Out of Body Experience and I have met deceased loved ones in my Lucid Dream states, which I once thought impossible and ridiculous, so now I know how important it is to keep an open mind!