The Problem With Near Death Experiences Becoming A Religion – Dr. Robert Christopher Coppes 496

The Problem With Near Death Experiences Becoming A Religion – Dr. Robert Christopher Coppes 496

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Podcast visitor 496 is Dr. Robert Christophor Coppes creator of the books NDEs and Entire world Religions, in which he when compared NDEs with 5 important religions, and Messages from the light which focusses on how considerably we are interconnected and the outcomes of the connection. During the near-death experience podcast we will be speaking about those publications as well as his upcoming reserve Impressions of NDEs. Robert Christophor Coppes retains a PhD in economics and labored for many decades at the College of Groningen and in the banking field. He was in a industrial place with a French lender and afterwards in a supervisory purpose at the Dutch Central Lender (equal of the Federal Reserve). He has not too long ago retired to compose and lecture. His conviction that Near-Death Experiences are real spiritual experiences dates again to 1979 when he read Raymond Moody’s Everyday living after Life. In 2006, he wrote a ebook, which was revealed only in the Netherlands, in which he when compared the essences of NDEs with these of 5 planet religions. This e book was translated in English and posted in the US in 2013. However, his 1st reserve in the US, Messages from The Light, was revealed in 2011. It was also translated in Dutch and German. His approaching ebook is based mostly on prices from far more than 100 NDErs. The concept he derived from all these quotations is that we are all 1 and that Love binds us.

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  1. Given the wide variety of disparate and extremely biased accounts we shouldn't accept anyone's NDE or OOBE. Spirits easily imitate loved ones, they're virtual (but not quite) reality masters. The astral and lower spiritual realms are populated by deviant angels and other dark psychic denizens out to mess with or minds and make us believe stuff that ain't based in truth. Jesus is the truth. It escapes the notice of our self-absorbed, glamour soaked world that we're in a spiritual war for souls; the immensity of ignorance is astonishing: the luciferian powers bedazzling the minds of the masses (Ephesians 6:12). We've inherited an ancient spiritual subversion: the earth is fallen, mankind is a spiritually fallen race highly prone to deceit and delusion. Frankly, and for many more reasons I can't include here, we need a Saviour and by Jesus Christ do we have a Glorious One

  2. people are human. Tower of BABEL occured hence different TRIAL and ERROR religions throughout the years. THIS IS GOOD to prevent unwanted "love" that isn't really LOVE…..

    JERUSALEM is a foundation "stone" in the ELEMENTS of being human…but only the LOVE of MESSIAH covers SIN…. ahem…. WHILE a man is USING his BODY on this earth. HENCE, interpretation leads to FOOLISHNESS or WISDOM from the word. CAN't serve TWO masters.

  3. Thank you. Wonderful, informative conversation. I get most of what's being said. There is much talk about love. Love is number one. On the other hand there is talk about our plan to be here and what we are to accomplish. So, I find it unimaginable for one to plan on coming to earth to be a mass murdered, child abuser, etc. That makes no rational sense. What would be the reason for such abominable actions!?

  4. Because God has endowed conscious beings with the ability to suffer enormous pain, (as well as pleasure), he also has an OBLIGATION to demonstrate to us that he exists and that our suffering (some of us far more than others) is transitory. So I see this as a two-way street. If God demands loyalty to him then he also has obligations to us.

    In that sense, this century of modern science has gathered considerable proof of his existence in fine tuning of the Universe, the information requirement for life itself and even the Big Bang Creation event. We can also add the Shroud of Turin and of course NDEs and OBEs.

    So God does seem to be acting out on his responsibility to us. I appreciate him for doing that and have kept an open mind to his "collection of evidence." My point of writing this is to point out that he is keeping up with his obligations to us. If we don't keep an open mind to his "preponderance" of evidence, it is not HIS fault.

    Sanjosemike (no longer in CA)

  5. Try and tell Jesus his death and resurrected was a fake? Jesus spoke of hell more often in the book of Matt and Revelation? I'm not discounting ppl NDE but please don't group Jesus the son of God with other human only men. He was part human and part God. No comparison

  6. Hi Jeff. Interesting interview. I would say, from my experience, that the No.1 realisation was that, I am not my body and consciousness goes on after death. That was massive and made me lose all fear of death. And the love is so powerful that it is almost painful… for self as well as others. And the oneness, of course.
    Jesus' death, I think, was Joseph of Arimathea gave him a drug to drink which mimicked his death. He did that bc the Romans were clearing the crucifixions for the festival to follow and were just killing the still living victims outright. Pronounced dead, Joseph was able to take him down and being wealthy, he had a tomb to take Jesus to. Over the 3 days, he was healed and then Joseph spirited him out of the country (Joseph had ships at his disposal). His appearance in the garden was himself, healed. He had "come back from the dead" bc he had been taken for dead and indeed, nearly died. Many think, and there is evidence for the idea, that he spent his remaining years in Kashmir. There is a tomb there, said to be his. He died aged 80, having spent his life preaching and teaching. There is evidence that he spent the "missing years" learning in India as well. And if you take the non-canonical gospels, Jesus' teachings are very like Advaita Vedanta.

  7. I couldn't disagree more with his assertion that our choices don't matter. I listened twice to ensure that I understood him. Everything we do matters. I wish I knew how he came to that conclusion.

  8. I really enjoyed listening to Robert, he's very interesting, when he talks about the soul feeling squeezed in a tiny body it reminded me of the experience of Dr. Jill Bolt which she describes in her book " my stroke of insight".
    Thanks for another great episode!

  9. The best program on NDE. About the judgement part I am confused what about choice of murder, torture, abuse, rape, molestation. This may not resonate well with victims. It's not fair. I am Hindu (essence of it is moksha or not to come back). Somehow naturally I had a lot of knowledge of what u say even as a child. My thought on mistakes or wrong choices, we are given another chance to come back n set things right. Sorry the negative energy of severe choices have to be set right. We are encouraged to do that with love. Sorry can't get away by saying unconditional or non judgemental etc

  10. I have watched countless Jeff Mara podcasts on YouTube, I believe NDE is the cutting-edge spiritual awakening of the 21st century. God has made this possible for humanity to truly understand God as the origin if you will, the Parent of humanity. That human beings are connected to God and each other and all one. That God relates to human beings with True Love that surpass all knowledge and human understanding. In the beginning, Adam and Eve walk and talk with God. There was no need for religion. After the “fall” Humanity deviated from God and created religion as a mechanism to return to God. Throughout history, human beings have sought God through religion, created religion as a way to seek God’s love and truth and sought to understand the physical reality and the natural phenomena through the pursuit of science. I believe NDE’s will not be another religion but a spiritual Tsunami and path to elevate humanity to fully understand the pursuit of life, God, and the spiritual realm and be able to reach a high level of spiritual maturity to live in God’s love and spread this love to others before transitioned to the spiritual world. Jesus said “ the greatest commandment is love God and love humanity” Our life on earth is necessary to experience and made for us to grow our spirit and consciousness through our physical bodies. We need a body to grow the soul and consciousness to full maturity before we transitioned. That’s the purpose God created us. The invisible God also created us so he can have this beautiful experience in corporeal form through his children. Thank you so much, Jeff, for this platform, which I believe will transform many lives. The NDE’s experiences are beyond words, and those of us who have not had one are also touched to our core.

  11. I had a NDE 45 years ago. I don't think NDEs can be considered a religion because NDEs are a personal experience. It seemed to me as a personal experience between the Source and the spiritual realm and myself. I do believe that we all have what I call the divine spark within us. This is a spiritual matter and not a physical or religious matter.

  12. "Lord Jesus Christ, I believe you are the true Son of God and that you died on the cross to rescue me from my sins, death and to restore me to heaven to be with the Heavenly Father and the Holy Spirit. I choose now to turn from my sins, my selfish ways, and every part of my life that does not please you. I choose to serve you and I choose to give my entire life to you. I believe in you. I believe you are the way, the truth, and the light. I accept you into my heart, into my soul, and into my mind. I choose to serve you and to receive your love and forgiveness. I ask you to take your rightful place in my life as my Lord and Savior. please lord of lords and king of kings come reign your peace, love, and happiness into my heart and into my soul. fill my heart and my soul with your love and your life, and help me to become a better person who is truly loving and trusting —a person like you. Please cleanse my mind, body, and soul from the demonic entities that have been tormenting me my whole life. may the blood from your sacrifice wash my sins away and restore my mind, body and soul in your name Jesus Christ. allow me to Live, Love, Learn and grow through you. please bless my soul in your holy name, the heavenly father, and the holy spirits name and help replenish the strength of my mind, body, and soul in your honor. Thank you, God of the Holy Land and the Holy Spirit. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen".

  13. I would love to see dr.Jeffery long on here. He has even proven them scientifically. however science isn’t even needed because of the example he gave about the woman in surgery and she knew her dad smoked a cigarette. There is tons of this type in ndes. Definitely proof. Even a blind girl who born blind seeing in an nde. List goes on

  14. As we evolve as a species it is natural that more of us will experience this sort of thing . Love is indeed the most important thing , on this side of the veil it should be , on the other side it is the basis of everything . Dr Coppes has understood this instinctively ! We are all individuals so each experience will be individual . I have watched many of these , those who were fanatical about faith or outright atheists come back either with a new tolerance or a faith that is both simple and absolute .

    What God wants from each of us is to come into this life and learn and to be the best we can , we stumble and fall along the way but God doesn't judge us , for those who have had an NDE come back with an understanding that the average person does not possess . Whichever angle you look at it the message is the same , there is an existence to follow this and it is so incredible there are no words in our language that can accurately describe it .

  15. I agree with you that everything is connected in a "oneness". But I believe that there is a Source. I call the Source "God". God is not a composite of everything added together. We are the expressions of the Source. We are at-one with the Source. We can co-create with the Source. The Bible says we are the "images and likeness of God". Even Jesus did not claim to be God. Jesus said that God lives in him and he lives in God.

    I think that Jesus was on target. But the Christian religion changed everything. I find more truth listening to NDE people rather than Christians. Although I think Jesus "got it".

  16. I had my own experience in heaven. I participate in and support churches, but it is very difficult to listen to the things people teach in churches. Religion often dwells on the after-life and they get it wrong. They teach that 97% of people will burn in hell. Then they bring those values to earth, while thinking they are helping. If people knew that perfect love was waiting for everyone, they might bring loving, healing priorities to their lives on earth and improve things rather than making things worse.

  17. We agree to BE here, not DO here. So the idea that we have a lot of options HERE does not square with the choosing of all these options BEFORE we get here. The future cannot be shown to us, if there are options. We are here to experience this story of life. It is not optional. The 4 things that "God" conveyed reflect this perfectly. Perhaps our only choice is to resist what is, or not. If that makes any sense.