The Power of Words (The Bible Warned Us About This)

The Power of Words (The Bible Warned Us About This)

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The Energy of Words (The Bible Warned Us About This)

Words and phrases carry a huge importance. God designed the Universe with words and phrases Jesus healed with text, and Christians worship by text.
Terms are the most potent force that humanity has at its disposal. Words and phrases have energy and electricity, and they can support, recover, hinder, harm, injure, humiliate, and humble folks. Their importance crystallizes perceptions that kind our ideas, motivate our actions, and, in the end, ascertain our world.

The ability of phrases is central to lifetime in Christ and the Kingdom of God.
Due to the fact the Garden of Eden, God has been speaking to person. He educated Adam and Eve on how to remember to Him through obedience and warned them about the repercussions of disobedience. All over human heritage, God has spoken both of those blessings and curses.

Hebrews 11:3, states “By religion, we realize that the universe was shaped at God’s command so that what is viewed was not built out of what was obvious.” God made use of phrases to literally speak the Universe into getting. Of all the earth’s creatures, only human beings have the power to connect by the use of text.

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be cautious with phrases

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  1. Adam & Eve is just a parable and the Bible was written by men, Roman priests who ruled over most the land 2000 yrs ago, it was very different than it is now, they took the scrolls of men and women followed who followed Jesus and distorted the teachings of Jesus and hid the scrolls for thousands of years. The early Christians who lived when Jesus was alive didn't believe the way Christians do now. The truth lies within your soul, sit quiet and listen and the truth will be revealed to you.

  2. Very true. A word or phrase used at the right (or wrong) moment can change a life forever. I noted someone say recently that assembling a word with letters is called spelling for a reason. Words can cast spells as surely as if wizardry was involved.

  3. We were told that the word of the Lord is a hammer that breaks the rock, i.e. the barriers in our lives. Joshua was told to mutter on the word day and night so that he would make good progress and be prosperous.

  4. All churches should take notice of this, and NOT misrepresent the teachings of "The LIFE of GOD". ( Which is The LIGHT of MEN ) through Jesus "The Word ( father or previous one ) made flesh" ! NOTE in "The Gospel ACCORDING TO John", in chapter 1, verse 1, Quote; 1/. In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God…. End Quote.
    NOTE The WORD GOD ( Singular ) was with The WORD ( Singular ) in the Beginning, which has since been removed from biblical writings… This WORD was INZ, which is a 'Geometric algorithm' from The ZION Language… ( NOT Hebrew ) The WORD GOD is, also a 'Geometric Algorithm', the English version of the 'Geometric Algorithm', from the ZION Language ( NOT Hebrew )…

  5. What comes out of the mouth comes from the thoughts and emotions we experience. That's why intention is so important, it cannot be hidden forever. Be careful what you put in your head, you can never take it out. Television and movies are not the best thoughts to have in your head. They call it Hollyweird for a reason. It's mostly evil and worldly, not promoting the holy. Music too, can put a message in your head you play all day long. It matters.

  6. I had a NDE experience last year, and I remember being AMAZED at how we have the ability to read und understand words… like it BLEW my mind. I could almost feel from an outside perspective of how we turn symbols into ideas and memory and knowledge – how our eyes filter in the lines, process them, and turn them into feelings exchanged. I have always felt strongly that reading books is a form of time travel, and doorway into the writer's soul, but I thought that before my NDE. When you read, you are filtering in the ideas, drinking them like water, into your own mind, as if you were actually in their mind having those thoughts yourself. Us having the ability to read is like a pinpoint doorway of knowledge, kind of like how DNA is written like a code and expanded in an endless loop.

  7. It makes me wonder,, if we've lived so many past lives, what if in one or more of them we were a serial killer, or Adolf Hitler? Then in our most recent ones we were mother Teresa? Would part of us go to hell and the other parts to heaven? What if Adolf was a Saint in other lives? How's that work out ?