The Near Death Experience of MarVeena Meek

The Near Death Experience of MarVeena Meek

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The Near Death Experience of MarVeena Meek

Here’s an early Afterlife Television episode on Near Death Experience that only a couple of fortunate persons have observed.

MARVEENA MEEK: “In this discussion, MarVeena Meek shares the aspects of her near death experience after her horse fell on best of her through a rodeo. Discover how MarVeena remaining her body, looked at herself from afar, and traveled into the spirit world. A near death experience is when a man or woman dies for a few seconds or minutes, leaves their body, usually goes to the afterlife (spirit world), and then returns to their body.” ~ Bob Olson, Afterlife Tv

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MarVeena Meek is from Dallas, Texas. Just after a near death experience opened the space of her brain that permits men and women to see outside of the physical dimension, she was in a position to see and hear spirits. In this video, MarVeena talks about her near-death experience, how she was out of body and looking at herself, how to frequented the spirit globe, what the afterlife seemed like and sounded like, and how she was sent back again to her body. It is a fascinating story about daily life after death and near-death experiences. Take a look at MarVeena’s at

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  1. Hey, MarVeena, I hope  you are not having to deal with physical issues now originating from your injuries.  I had major body trauma at 16 and have had issues arising from that time.  I hope you do not and, if you do, I hope it is minor.  You look and sound great, I feel a softness and a positive quality  from you.  If you are one given special gifts to help and heal others,  I say go full charge.  What a wonderful gift to be able to give people what they truly need.

    Hi, Bob, as usual, you are good as gold … one of the qualities that you possess that I enjoy is your enthusiasm.  Many people lose that quality in  life and a sad thing that is.  In fact, I find it contagious and  that is a very good thing.

  2. Thank you Bob! Every time my Spirit starts to sink, or confusion about whats happening, you post another reassuring video! Makes grounding easy to reflect on my past & be reassured about the future. Makes this incarnation worth it. No Fear, the worse that can happen is all right! Much Love, Many Blessings!

  3. I have personally worked with Marveena though her apprenticeship program and reiki. She is a wayshower of a selfless nature. The results I experienced were of an unexpected nature. From a self help alternative perspective or from a spiritual path perspective, Marveena has a way of guiding anyone along their own path of realization. She is the real deal and gives in a way that allows anyone a guide post with which to propell themselves. Thank you Marveena!!

  4. It was time to revisit this great interview and here it is posted on Youtube! Thank you, thank you!!! PS. Bob Olson does a wonderful thing by bringing us these videos. Marveena Meek is a real cutie! Her story is so inspirational! Hope she is having happy and healthy life!!!

  5. I definitely believe in past lives, and I think that we keep the same "SOUL", but not personality. There's a big difference, I've seen myself in a different body, different look, different personality but the same SOUL!