The Myth Of Earthbound Spirits – Ghosts Lost Between Worlds

The Myth Of Earthbound Spirits – Ghosts Lost Between Worlds

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The Fantasy Of Earthbound Spirits–Ghost Who Are Allegedly Shed Concerning Worlds, Really don’t Know They are Useless, Or Are Concerned To Go Into The Light

“Too many of the bereaved are suffering in their dread that their deceased loved ones are dropped or stuck among worlds–commonly identified as earthbound spirits. To me, this is a sad and unlucky tragedy for the grieving since I have not found any proof of this perception in in excess of 13 decades of investigating the afterlife. Yet these beliefs that the a short while ago deceased can get missing and not find their way to the light, or don’t know they are lifeless, or don’t belief their loved ones in spirit who are contacting them to the light, have been passed down by means of the generations, and I don’t know anyone who has ever questioned these tips. If you have been apprehensive that your liked one who passed could be an earthbound spirit–or if you have been blindly spreading these strategies all over to others–consider the multiple arguments I make in this online video to dispell these worry-building myths so you can make a conscious determination about this issue immediately after looking at each sides of it.” ~ Bob Olson, Afterlife Television set

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  1. I'm so glad you addressed "energy imprints" or thought-forms – the fact that these are not the soul or the being, just a happening that held tremendous import for that person – something into which much of their energy flowed. Every thought ever thought is still in existence – and they grow by their magnetism of other like thoughts until sometimes the thought-form can seem to have intelligence & identity. Instead, they're much more like a recording, a DVD, often repeating over & over, endlessly.

  2. Thank you for the video Bob, my home is full of spirits.. they usually are peaceful but not at all scary, like tv programs like to suggest. Your videos are amazing. I have researched this very subject for years, its nice to hear that you have the same conclusions 

  3. It is always so refreshing to listen to such realistic views.  one thing however I would like to add that as spiritual beings experiencing a human existance, we all have one added human trait of choice, which could explain why getting lost or not crossing over is due to the fact that it is of choice to do so which could linger over for some time after the soul is separated at death

  4. I'm more inclined to believe that some spirits for whatever reason, are not at peace after death and this might be the hell that is spoken of. A self induced hell. And maybe while good spirits are exploring their new world, the bad ones hang about earth unable to move on to new pleasures and experiences, or so called higher levels of heaven, dimensions, vibrations etc. I'm working on the premise of 'as above so below', in other words our earthly lives mirror our spirit lives. Great stuff to ponder on.

  5. Thanks Bob for the "Myth of Earthbound Spirits." My mother used to beat herself up emotionally because she was no longer able to get to the cemetery and pay her respects to her parents. It is just as well, because when she did go she had a terrible time emotionally. She used to bring me with me every time- I was just a child, but I think she needed me there for moral support. I am 56 now and remember  that little girl- all these years I've  communicated through a journal to all those who I loved that went before me.

  6. I really enjoy these afterlife report. I hope one day you do one on the different levels or realms of the afterlife. I've heard (read) that there are seven of them, basically, and they start with the etheric closest to earth, astral, summerland, etc. and gradually progress higher and higher above the earth as ever enlarging circles enclosing the circles of the panes beneath them.  Anyway, I hope you do a report on this sometime. It's a fascinating topic.

  7. I have been investigating these things as long as I remember, and have come to the same conclutions as you. A few times I have seen spirits, and intuitively knew when it was an imprint, which it is nine out of ten times.
    I do think that very negative feelings can stick to a place, but thats energy without spirit.

  8. I lost my daughter at the age of four.   Years later I went to a well known medium and she came through.  Wow!!  it was awesome and my Mom also came through at that time. Telling me things only she and I would have known.

  9. Bob, have you heard of Tom Campbell & his Big TOE, Theory of Everything.. he's written a trilogy about his out of body experiences & how he has learned how the universe works through his OBE journeys. Bob Monroe at Monroe Institute was Tom's boss for several years & they did experiments in OBE. Anyway, Tom is a physicist, & he believes reality is a virtual one, and is made up of data.. which would fit very well with the theory of imprinting on a place; say someone is murdered & then someone else senses or sees the theory, they are accessing the data base. Thoughts are things. Tom has his own You Tube channel & I've listened to his videos repeatedly, as I do with many of the videos on your channel. Thanks!

  10. My dad passed away March 2014.  One week after he passed away around 11:40pm my iPhone which was plugged to the wall began to make a strange vibrating noise.  This kept happening on and off for the next two months and suddenly it stopped.  This year again March 2015 the same thing with the phone started to happen and it stopped after two months.  Can it be a coincidence or can it be related to my dad?

  11. I believe, based on my experiences, that you are absolutely right.. as a teenager I had a woman, I called the lady in white, come to my room in spirit and tell me I needed to tell someone.. she communicated in thought not words.. I didn't know what she meant. I told my mother but she kept saying it was just a dream. one day two twin girls I was babysitting told my mother I was out back talking to a lady in white.. they also saw her.. to make a long story short we later figured out what I was suppose to say and tell someone.. and we found her physical body in a wooded area behind our home.. I never saw her spirit again. my home now is surrounded on two sides by a cemetery. I have lived here almost 20 years.. and I have been in the cemetery in the day and night.. its not scary at all.. there really are no spirits there.. if there was.. I would have moved.. I can assure you.. I also worked in a "haunted restaurant" and only once did I see this exact same spirit come in and walk into a room and I went there and no one was there. many others had seen the exact same thing.. this is the first I heard of an imprint.. but it really does make sense.. thanks for sharing..

  12. The word "ghost" seems so commercial to me. I have watched a number of ghost hunter type shows on tv and find them to be entertaining in as far as the Folklore of the story goes and the history. There's a certain romance to them. Like you, I don't think spirit gets trapped here on Earth because it seems so cruel and contradicts everything I've come to learn about our souls and transitioning. As far as EVPs and trying to communicate with ghosts are concerned, I think it's frightening that people are inviting spirits to talk with them without doing some sort of white light prayer and or sage-ing of the area they are in when inviting spirit to talk with them. I pray for God's White Light to surround and protect me before I start making requests of my Spirit Guides because it seems like the smart/safe thing to do. Thank you for you keen insight.

  13. Sir you are awesome and and great and thank you for sharing the knowledge with us I hope and pray to GOD that you have an excellent and successful life all the people around the world have an amazing and peace in their life

  14. Energy imprints is a good point. I heard, with my brother, a full scale battle going on. One that had happened centuries before with great slaughter. A lot of deaths occurring and being replayed somehow. We did not go to look in the valley but sat fairly frightened in the vehicle. I was told that very traumatic events are basically recorded by nature.

  15. I've had many out of body experiences while sleeping. One night while sleeping ,lying on left side, I had a tap on my shoulder. My dead ex husband ask me if I would go with him, immediately my spirit man left my body, l could feel the wind on my face. Don't know where we were but he ask me a guest ion which was if I had seen his friend Ricky. I said yes but your dead and he's not. Back in body, always remember these experiences when I wake.i believe after meditating on this that he simply didn know he is dead. I helped him to get to where he is supposed to be. I've not heard from him since. By the way your spirit man looks just like yourself only ghostly and it can do amazing things!

  16. iv always said there are no earthbound spirits, it always seemed impossible to me, I used to have debates with spiritual friends about this and they always said yes there are, you are not developed enough to understand, I, on the other hand, would think well it doesn't make sense with my learning, remembering and research about the subjects you mentioned. Its never fit in with NDE. And your right its an old fashioned idea. xxx great talk

  17. I agree. I believe the soul has no fear or negativity. Once they leave the body they are back to love. All this in between stuff is humans adding on arms and legs. A perception that someone had that got passed on. My gut agrees with this video. Humans like to complicate things. It's far more simpler than all that

  18. I don’t believe in ghosts either. I think what people are picking up is either spirits or energy imprints. Why would the spirit world, as complex and brilliant as it is, leave people behind or forget about a soul? It never made sense to me either!

  19. Awesome Truth  !!!
      Love the Myth busting Truth Thank you for Sharing                                        
    This is a Confirmation you are speaking the Truth                                                                         The terms hauntings and ghosts are used interchangeably. As opposed to an entity, however, Kryon talks about hauntings being a repeated pattern of events that happen over and over in the same fashion. The Crystalline Grid holds and remembers Human action. In certain conditions where the interactions of Humans have come together in dramatic events, such as a murder or sudden death, this grid will create an energetic informational imprint of the event. This imprint will then replay itself over and over, like a recorded loop of reality and emotion, at the very location of the event. The grid has stored this emotion, and will continue to play it back in a cycle of time. Note: Dark entities, of any kind, are not hauntings or ghosts.

  20. I remember a scene in the 1982 Steven Spielberg Box Office Smash "Poltergeist" where Beatrice Straight talked about lost souls who just hang around their houses and are afraid to walk to the light, but they know they are dead.

  21. Well done Bob. Yes, as Nanci Danison says we "are" seeing spirits from another dimension. We can see right through them and see an earthly environment behind them. That makes most people think they are in our dimension, but they are not. Since the spirits are translucent it only seems that they are in our realm.

  22. Had an experience about 18 years ago. A fellow student died suddenly. I could smell him and feel him hanging around. I didn't say anything, then two other students commented they could smell him as well. The explanation given by the chaplain was the 'conventional' one you alluded to – that he was confused and didn't know he was dead that's why he was hanging around. He had just come to the school and did not die in his home country. We could smell him even after his funeral when the body was taken back home…i can usually smell and feel a presence so this is nothing new to me

  23. Also this talk wasn’t spoke about 100s of years ago even older people I tell my grandma about this and she’s open but grew up different and it could be confusing for people that pass away and have certain expectations and I think everything changes all the time. I would like a medium to connect with someone that passed 100-150 years ago that would be interesting