“The Mind Extends Beyond the Body” | An Interview with Rupert Sheldrake

“The Mind Extends Beyond the Body” | An Interview with Rupert Sheldrake

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Rupert Sheldrake, biologist, talks about his telepathy experiments, the
electric power of views, consciousness and about his reserve “The Science Delusion“.

00:56 What do you think suggests that views in fact go over and above our brains?
02:49 Can you convey to us about some of the most critical experiments you have done and the success you’ve acquired?
06:04 It is not just individuals, there’s also animals mainly because you’ve accomplished a great deal of do the job with animals as effectively?
07:42 What do you consider is the mother nature of thoughts? What is the perception of them?
10:50 Have you observed any rules by which feelings work? Does for occasion length make a big difference or the feelings we connect to our views?
12:16 What do you believe is the foundation for this?
13:43 Assuming that our thoughts are not just constrained to our brains and our very own bodies, what do you think are the implications for our lives and for our worldview?
16:26 So does it matter what we consider and how we feel?
17:18 Can you convey to us a tiny little bit about the content of “The Science Delusion“?
19:53 I was fascinated to browse how this materialistic watch dominates practically every single area of society.
21:47 A person of the issues you pointed out is the placebo influence …

Interviewer: Jens Rohrbeck
Director: Wolfgang Scherz
Editor: Werner Huemer

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  1. You are outdated. My cat's ears point in the direction of which way the storm is coming from. As for my parrot, repetition according to daylight = plays out like clockwork. Same goes for the dogs waiting for their owners. +- 10 to 15 minutes proves that traffic had something to do with that. Try using an exact time according to daylight in your next experiment. What about the phrase "wow, what a surprise to hear from you", telephonic experiment left out. Just A Thought shared among you good folk.

  2. Whereas a programming & formation of the mind for time/space navigation takes place within the brain, the flow of Consciousness precedes and expresses Itself "through" the brain. The brain is an equivalent of a biological CPU — the mind an organic "hard drive." Thus, the Cartesian duality of "mind/body" is an equivalent of a localized CPU/HD interaction. Functional Consciousness "flows" as an FM Signal. In effect, Dialectical Materialism disconnects the human CPU/Mind FROM Consciousness. This has become a serious problem of science divorced from Spirit. We have adopted the transient shadows on the wall of Plato's Cave as an ultimate reality. No Light or Spirit, no Shadow, Consciousness or matter.

  3. I dont see much sense in that "implication" part. Of course that we are social "animals", and that we have intuition, and our thoughts and intentions are important and able to effect other people – these things are obvious to materialists too. His logical reasoning "If thoughts are private then they doesnt matter" is simply not true, even private thoughts has impact on our feelings and mental health, and even our physical health.
    The only difference between materialists and spiritualists is their approach to facts, science, matter and logical reasoning. Spiritual people usually doesnt appriciate those things, they often care more about afterlife than this life.

  4. The interconnectedness of everything not only makes intuitive sense, but is even abundantly evident in conventional science. The materialistic paradigm is so deadeningly oppressive because we all know on some level that there is so much more to life than a "weary, flat, stale, and purposeless" existence mirroring a selfsame universe. Certainly, little meaning can be found in such a counterintuitivly isolating belief system. But Sheldrake's work bridges the gap between the brain and a more profound – and natural – interconnectivity.

  5. We are millenary spirits.
    In new edition.
    Essa não é a primeira vez que estamos aqui.
    Já vivemos muitas vidas com muitas pessoas diferentes da nossa atual família.
    Voltamos para continuar nossa jornada evolutiva na terra.
    O aprendizado nunca termina.








  6. Honest, open science along with the latest information regarding the finding of neurites in the heart, expanding consciousness and experiments by Rupert Sheldrake are bringing us out of the Dark Ages finally. Thank you Dr. Sheldrake!!❤

  7. This man is the OG of our time.we better pay attention because not many intelligent men are left.he is very precise to the point. We have to
    Think into the abstract reality because that is where the truth lies

  8. From the ancient text ~ Srimãd Bhàgvād Gita (3,000 BC) – The "Ātma" (soul or "consciousness") is neither your body, your brain, nor your thoughts or mind. It is something away from these. This life force resides in the heart. The "Ātma" has no beginning, nor middle, nor end. It cannot be cut, burnt, harmed or destroyed. It is immortal. All Āatmas return to the the "Param"-Ātma (Super Soul or "Super Consciousness") when the Ātma leaves your body. "You", at your very core, are your Ātma. The Ātma changes bodies as you change your old clothes to new ones. It moves through space time, with it's eventual goal being "moksha" or salvation, an end from the cycle or birth & rebirth on this planet. Your Ātma ("you") is just a temporary, transient resident in your physical body. The Ātma is not matter born, like your material body, brain or thoughts/mind which are all matter born (neurons, synapses, neurotransmitters etc). The Ātma is not bound by space or time. It is eternal & has always existed, and always will.

  9. Among other abilities, animals are natural intuitive mathematicians and so are humans. Some humans are better at intuitive math than others. By intuitive math for humans, I am saying that data relevant to a subject is interrelated quickly in the brain and a possibility is received.

  10. Thanks for this interview. A chill went up my spine as I got the feeling that Rupert's clarity and conciseness flow directly from our most primitive awareness. Somewhere we went astray–or perhaps we had to get to where we are in order to look back, as in a mirror. Perception as our only actual emotion. Something like that, at any rate.

  11. Try to experiment on this just give it a try.
    Take a picture of you person your love very much or important to you who is in distant place. Place it under your pillow when you sleep. The following day, ask this person (without telling what you did) did he /she have a nice sleep that night?
    An infant cried often the night when the mother spent a night in some place and has been thinking of her child at that moment.

  12. Thank you Rupert! I am intrigued by morphic resonance and admire your works. I think you are "ahead of your time" and hopefully we recognize that soon so that you can be seen more "innovative" instead of "heretical".

  13. This is interesting but I still need convincing of what if anything consciousness is beyond an individuals unique way of interpreting external stimuli via the brain acting as a processor of perception. Sit in a dark room and close your eyes, try to imagine none of your senses exist and you are removed from your body. You are now essentially a "conscious" brain that could be anywhere (it has no way of knowing, seeing, feeling etc). You also would not be able to think in a way we are familiar, as that usually involves our brain using words we have learnt in a particular language. If you were a baby born, removed from its body and its brain kept a live in space, what of conscious experience would there be? 'Potential energy' maybe. Until someone can help me get around this, it seems our consciousness is really just the product of our brain processing wavefield (sound, light etc) through our senses and how we uniquely respond to this stimulus building complex neural pathways. It's like an engine, full of potential but of itself cannto function without the chassis, electrical loom, fuel systems connected to it (our senses and metabolism)