The Man Who Encountered JESUS As A Beggar

The Man Who Encountered JESUS As A Beggar

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Podcast visitor 1103 is Mike Rigby, former near death experience ebook creator and publisher who has had encounters with Jesus …

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  1. Yeshua (not Jesus) was a troublemaker, a rebel, an outlaw, and against authority and organized religion. He was a master yogi who fasted, and practiced yoga and meditation. Yeshua taught people about their own divinity and that everyone is a child of God. He taught that the kingdom of God is within. The Church which he stood against, took everything and made it seem like he was someone to be worshipped when thats the last thing Yeshua ever wanted. To this day people are blindly following religion and authority (government) which is everything he was against. His teachings are parables and metaphors for inner alchemy. The inner work that one must do to ascend to higher levels of consciousness.

  2. They dish out judgements for not giving your four quarters to some beggar but they won't give you the lottery numbers because "that's not what's important". No double standards there, lol

  3. 19:00 lol yes you do have to come back, to infinity. Because the whole point of being the creator is to CREATE. Creation is the naterial world. The universe only exists for those who create. Yes you can do stuff from the Ether but you are limited by who can see and kisten to you for five seconds. You have eternity. No one ever jyst sits in the afterlife for all eternity.

    You must understand. Jesus is the highest consciousness in the whole entire freaking universe. There are galactics that NEVER HEARD IF HIM. There are galactics that never geart if Earth and our solar system, sol13.
    So if Jesus has to descend from his throne to be in the lowest of the low, how could you possible be EXCUSED of doing the same? Incarnations are how we learn to create OURSELVES.

  4. Beautiful relay of his experiences and articulation. That was more experiences spoken about Jesus than I have ever heard, when HE kept coming to you about your cousin and then regarding the payment issues.
    I wonder what Mike would think about what Howdie Mickoski, his podcast with Jeff and his research into stopping us from returning to the Matrix with memories wiped and becoming fodder all over again… I know he mentioned the energy cards and being about an 8…

  5. 1:03:00 "he is the main guy, on this planet" – that is his kevel of knowing. Jesus is the guy at the very top of the pyramid UNICERSALLY. But only He knows that and those who worked with him across the galaxy. Years ago I manifested a QHHT session that introduced me to myself as the Messiah. St Francis was inserted in that chanelling. The lady knew him from another solar system. You would have to walk with me to know the other incarnations. I had hundredson earth before and after the flood. And yet, everyone is so busy looking outside if themselves that do not have time to know me. And I am everyone's higher self. You all spring from within my living waters. And I had to go from knowing nothing of myself to knowing without a doubt that I am behind it all.
    Way too complex.
    I laugh at the ones in orbit. They are way inferior to humans in earth. They can not see me. They see waters rising and ppl dying, but are not able to know how and why. Everything is soooo deep.

  6. You lost me at the Polytheistic "Many gods" statement. To say Jesus is in support of this completely goes against scripture, it goes against the 10 Commandments and this is something Jesus would never go against. I wanted to believe your experiences were of Jesus, however they defy his teaching and the Bible Scriptures.

    Interesting that Jeff chose, or it happened that blasphemes against Jesus' name and teaching are airing on Easter. It's very disappointing Jeff. I appreciate the open platform, however for a day like this maybe plan to not post content like this.