The Life Your Soul Planned Before You Were Born!

The Life Your Soul Planned Before You Were Born!

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The Daily life Your Soul Planned Ahead of You Had been Born!

“Here’s an early Afterlife Television episode you really do not want to miss. In this job interview, I communicate with Robert Schwartz, writer of Your Soul’s Plan, about how our souls program our troubles in daily life on reason. If you’ve ever questioned why undesirable issues transpire to superior people today, Robert Schwartz shares with us his conclusions about that matter dependent on several years of research.

“This video dialogue features hope and knowledge about the troubles we meet up with in everyday living, and it may possibly even go away you with a sense of inner peace and acceptance in the confront of your difficulties — or at minimum aid you think there is this means to your suffering and that you’re not simply a sufferer of unlucky situation. I’m thrilled to existing this discussion to you, so I hope you won’t miss out on it.” ~ Bob Olson, Afterlife Tv set

Really don’t miss out on Bob Olson’s new e-book: “Answers About The Afterlife: A Non-public Investigator’s 15-12 months Research Unlocks The Mysteries Of Life After Death.”

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Your Soul’s Strategy: Exploring the Real This means of the Lifestyle You Prepared Ahead of You Ended up Born by Robert Schwartz explores the premise that we are all eternal souls who approach our life, including our greatest worries, before we’re born for needs of spiritual development. The guide incorporates ten correct stories of persons who planned physical ailment, having disabled kids, deafness, blindness, drug dependancy, alcoholism, getting rid of a loved just one, and serious mishaps.

The facts about their pre-start designs was acquired by 4 gifted mediums and channels. The e-book provides the precise conversations persons had with their long term parents, little ones, spouses, good friends, and other loved ones when they prepared their life with each other. For readers, struggling that after seemed purposeless results in being imbued with deep this means. Knowledge could be obtained in a additional conscious method thoughts of anger, guilt, blame, and victimization are healed and replaced by acceptance, forgiveness, gratitude, and peace.

You can acquire a duplicate of Your Soul’s Approach at

Robert Schwartz Biography: In a personal session with a medium in 2003, author Robert Schwartz was astonished to speak with nonphysical beings who knew every little thing about him – not just what he experienced finished in life, but also what he experienced considered and felt. They instructed him that he had prepared lots of of his most complicated experiences before he was born. Noticing that a information of pre-start scheduling would deliver wonderful healing to folks and allow them to fully grasp the further goal of their life problems, he made the decision to devote his everyday living to the examine of pre-delivery organizing. The remarkable insights that have emerged from his get the job done speak to our heartfelt, universal craving to know . . . why.


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  1. Yes, I am seeing this for the 2nd time – & am gaining much insight to a painful situation. It has not been respolved yet, & I am actually contemplating notifying a connected party of the situation. The reason for the delay is I am afraid of negative fallout…. In order to rise above it, I could just move on without embarking on justice. I remember seeing my uncle come to my parents, & ask their forgiveness over a matter, & my Dad simply say "thats ok!" I respect my Dad's attitude, & know I will be happier if I can do what he did! <3

  2. I was baptized as a child in the Pentecostal church and filled with the Holy Ghost. At age 16 I had a car with no a/c and my window was down as I was driving over a hill. Suddenly a voice in my head said put on your sunglasses! I did and right after, a gravel truck passed me and a rock flew in my window cracking the left lens in my sunglasses!
    In my 30's I worked at a gas station and in the early evening the hair stood up on my neck and I was panicking like I had to get out of there! I had someone take my shift and I left. They called me about 30 minutes later they had been robbed at gunpoint. God protects us!

  3. We're all here to experience for God and to perfect our souls. I believe we live many lives. You come here with a plan and have recruited most of the people in your current life to play a role in your production LOL. These people most likely reside in your soul group on the other side.

  4. Interesting. I has something similar with the guides' intercession many years ago. We had just moved to a town that I had lived in as a child. One afternoon I took 1 or 2 of my kyds to the Library and then to Kmart for mittens. As we drove up 5th street I passed a house that looked like one I had lived in when I was maybe 3-4 years. I decided to come back down that street to take another look on the way home . As I came home, there's a split in the street where you have to move way to the right to avoid turning down a one way (7th St) . I moved to the right so I could continue to 5th…. and next thing I knew, I was 1-2 blocks down 7th. This was late afternoon traffic – I have no idea how I merged to the left in the traffic and turned down that street. However, I thought it was no big deal as I could still turn at the next corner and still drive past that house. Before I got to the corner, I thought well, the house wasn't going anywhere, and I could check it out another day – I needed to get home before the olders got home from school.
    A short time later I was home, the news on TV and the anchor announced a fatal accident took place at the intersection of 5th and another busy street at a certain time. I felt like I had been punched. I knew without a doubt, had I driven down that street as I planned to, it would have been us. There but for the Grace of God. lol! Sometimes they need to do more than whisper – they apparently literally have to take the wheel.

  5. Everything said here coincides with Past Life Regression cases in books by Dr. Brian Weiss, Michael Newton, PhD, Dolores Cannon, etc..With many NDErs (& IANDS) agreeing that we are here for a reason and we don’t die unless it’s our time to go…Also Abraham/Esther Hicks’ teaching of Law of Attraction…We’re all here for Soul Growth…Wishing everyone a wonderful Soul Growth journey!!..:-)

  6. I was sent here to save my mother’s life when I was nine. I’m 57. Still wondering why I am still here. My son died three years ago. I am clairaudio and have heard a voice telling me to either protect people or myself.

  7. After my mother passed away suddenly in her sleep in 2008 I had a reading done and what the Medium told me was that my mother was given an option to either die in her sleep and go home back to heaven or she could come back but she would die of a much worse disease and she chose not to come back and go through that pain and put us through that pain so even in death my mother was protecting my brother and I!! this is such an interesting topic.

  8. I also wanted to add another comment that my souls plan was probably to learn how to grieve and to learn forgiveness because I’ve lost my mother my father and now my brother has committed suicide as of one week ago and so I feel like that’s part of my pre birth soul plan to go through the pain of losing my whole family. but God made sure to separate them so that I didn’t have to lose them all at once my mother was 2008 my dad was 2021 and my brother was 2022 and I’m eternally grateful for that time between each one so that I could process and move forward with each person.