The Life-Altering Near Death Experience of Dr. Lani Leary

The Life-Altering Near Death Experience of Dr. Lani Leary

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The Lifestyle-Altering Near Death Experience of Dr. Lani Leary

DR. LANI LEARY: “I promised to have Dr. Lani Leary back again to notify us about her near death experience so this is it. Lani shares with us the near death experience that occurred for the duration of a regime dentist procedure, how she left her body viewing it from previously mentioned, achieved and communicated with her deceased mom, traveled by way of the notorious near-death experience tunnel, and how she grew to become one with the Light (God/Supply/Appreciate). Soon after Dr. Lani Leary tells her tale with poetic articulation, I wander her by it once more to extract the insightful facts and daily life-changing classes this interesting trip to the afterlife teaches us.” ~ Bob Olson, Afterlife Television

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Hear to the music Dr. Lani Leary talked about in the course of the interview
(incredibly comparable to what she read during her near death experience).

Observe the initial interview with Dr. Lani Leary listed here:

Get hold of DR. LANI LEARY: Dr. Lani Leary welcomes your questions or opinions about this online video and topic. If you have inquiries or responses for her, you can get hold of her at [email protected]. Inform her you observed the Afterlife Television set interview with her.

To Buy Lani Leary’s E-book: No A single Has To Die By itself (Amazon affiliate)–please notice that THIS Reserve ONLY BRIEFLY MENTIONS HER NEAR-DEATH EXPERIENCE (just so there is no confusion)–the ebook is largely targeted on helping men and women put together them selves and their loved ones for a meaningful death, which is a thing every single of us would profit a great deal from mastering:

Lani Leary, Ph.D. specializes in function with chronically ill, dying, and bereaved consumers. She has worked for the earlier 25 years as a psychotherapist in personal observe, as a chaplain in the intense care device of a hospital, and as a counselor in 6 hospices across the region.

She served as the director of psychological wellness companies at an AIDS clinic, as a professor of Death Research at George Mason College, and as a researcher at the Nationwide Most cancers Institute of NIH. Lani has spoken nationally at above 250 conferences such as the American Holistic Healthcare Association, Virginia Association of Hospices, Spirituality and Healthcare, International Unexpected Toddler Death Symposium, and Omega Institute of Holistic Scientific studies. She is the author of Healing Hands, an internationally best-promoting audio tape about therapeutic contact and complimentary strategies to pain management. She is certified in grief treatment, EMDR, hypnotherapy, and Vital Incident Stress Administration.

Web page: Dr. Lani Leary’s web page:


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  1. Some might say (eastern thought) that we fall down through three levels of mind as we die and leave our body. the first level is the waking mind,( we see the room we were in), the second is our subconscious (dreaming) mind, where we are greeted by loved ones, the third and most significant level of mind is…the unconscious mind, or in the east the true nature of our mind – the very subtle mind, it has it's own luminosity (the whitest, purest, most loving light) and is naturally pure and peaceful and very very vast. Now when I hear these experiences of NDE ( I had a similar waking experience not triggered by death) I think about peoples descriptions of what we will all experience in these three levels of mind. We can prepare for this experience in life also, by practicing a peaceful mind (forgive me I am going to use the M word) through meditation practice. Thanks to all who share their NDE's.

  2. I think our experiences are unique because our missions on Earth are different. So our messages from God and the experience we are given are designed to keep us on our chosen path (as in the reason we incarnated in the first place). I haven't heard of anyone who had the same experiences as mine, even though there are similarities.

  3. thank you for this.

    I am finding my answers whether to believe in life after death of not, I lost my grandma months ago and we were so close… I cannot say I'm a person of strong faith and because I believe that after this physical life there is no more I find it hard to let go… hearing stories like this makes me hopeful that maybe I'll see her again.

    I'm a non believer but I have to admit that during my grandma's dying process and after her death there were lots of weird things that happened like unseen visitors, deceased family members who came to fetch her, smell of flowers and candles from nowherr after she died

  4. The strangest thing happened to me when i was dating an athiest.This really bothered me. But we were in bed, in new house mom was renting.The light was on and he was on inside wall. Ironically the day before i asked God to give me a sign. I felt man's hands around waist. But i saw nothing. I felt my body rising; but stayed there. Then an incredible force of energy picked my spirit up and i mean I was flying so fast down this tunnel . I saw the light. And screamed NOOOO!
    Then it stopped immediately. But there was my bf in the corner covering his eyes. Shaking i said what? He said all he could see was a bright light in my eyes. We broke up 2 yrs later. Lost touch. Little did i realize that he would play a pivotal role in meeting my future husband..

  5. I've never heard of a shared death experience ever. That makes sense to me. All these yrs I've asked people. You are the 1st person that I've spoken with that's been able to call it by name. That was 34 yrs ago! That's so incredible; and I've watched your show for years ;and many many NDES. Thank You so much for sharing; and finally getting an answer.

  6. Wow what an interesting article
    I thoroughly enjoyed it. When i felt the hands go around my waist; I knew immediately that they were a man's hand. Long and a feeling of being safe. I looked and was shocked to see nothing.
    But the instant I felt my body rising up off of the bed; it was definitely as if a portal opened. I was flying so fast; but I was flying horizontal. My feet first. I saw a grayish circular opening; and a bright light at the end of this tunnel/ opening. The speed was incredibly fast. I was so shocked; but the speed and seeing the light at the end of it; was when I screamed out NO! That's when everything stopped immediately. Thank You for the article Bob .

  7. Bob from the Blueberry state ! you've outdone even U !! I think about passing this earth angeL on the sidewalk and I think she would just be super nice, I Love how she was close to her MoM, its ironic Lani is in hawaii and thats where they shot the TV show LoST with the final ep of all the ''life players'' all ending up in a church and having mysterious flashbacks. I also thought about her mention of sliding around head first like pete rose of baseball infamy, thru the light tunneLs of Love, but again I dont really see how any authority can over ride the souLs own sovereign free will to refuse to return to the 3D earth reaLm, I think if a single person has no kids and their parents r already in Heaven, (so as to be no credible reason to come back) it's more probable n that sort of case that the souL can stay n Nirvana to find their souL mate and get to do all the things they never got to do on earth because they were hampered by factors such as lack of $$$ etc., !!

  8. What a beautiful rendition of this phenomenon! Nitrous oxide is mentioned by William James in his book, Varieties of Religious Experiences (a distillation of his famous Gifford Lectures on mystical experiences) as he, personally, experienced this substance. Also, The late Australian physicist, Dr Raynor Johnson, records in his book, "The Imprisoned Splendor", an articulate testimony of a man, whose mystical experience was induced via nitrous oxide, through the same agency of a dentist, treating him in a dentist chair. I've encountered the music motif a number of times, along with the feeling of love, most recently in the book, by oncologist Dr Jeffery Long, "God and the Afterlife": the woman describing it says it was conveyed to her, that "the most important thing in the universe is love, love is all that matters, we are all the same, and we are all love, and that she was exactly the same as everything in the universe, specifically down to every single blade of grass." Lani's story brought tears to my eyes; similarly, some of the beautiful testimonies in Dr Long's book.

  9. I love that Dr. Leary said she can just close her eyes and put herself right back into her mother's arms again. I've lost my mother and miss her terribly. I'm looking for a way to be with her like this and wished I knew how to.
    My mother said to me, about a month before she died, "We'll always be together." That touched me so much.

  10. I had an nde aswell 2015. I didn't experience a tunnel bit the white light was amazing. I was surrounded by white light and felt emence love, there is no words to describe it. It's so strange listening to this because I was also thinking of working in a hospice after that.