The Inevitable Dialogue: What To Do & Say To The Dying

The Inevitable Dialogue: What To Do & Say To The Dying

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The Inevitable Dialogue: What To Do & Say To The Dying

“Death is inescapable and yet we are so unprepared for it. This episode teaches us what we require to know, need to have to do, and need to have to say to the dying and grieving. We are all heading to die and, if we reside extensive adequate, we are going to be with somebody who is dying. In this episode, Dr. Lani Leary shares her remarkable experiences and insights about 1) What youngsters need when someone is dying (or has died), 2) What the dying want from us as family, good friends and caregivers, and 3) What we need to consider about in advance of time to make our possess dying experience superior.

“Only a handful of avid enthusiasts of Afterlife Tv set were privileged adequate to see this job interview, and now is your prospect to see what you missed. Even if you never like to think about death, you will be delighted that you saw this episode. Lani’s tales are as captivating and entertaining as they are educational. And her existence tale gives us a hint of how the universe/God, our souls and our spirit guides established up our lives to experience what we arrived listed here to do. Just one of the top 3 interviews I’ve performed in phrases of meaning and importance, this is a single you’ll in no way ignore.” ~ Bob Olson, Afterlife Television

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Demonstrate NOTES…

Speak to DR. LANI LEARY: Dr. Lani Leary welcomes your concerns or opinions about this movie and matter. If you have queries or feedback for her, you can contact her at [email protected]. Tell her you noticed the Afterlife Tv job interview with her.

To Acquire Lani Leary’s Reserve: No A person Has To Die Alone:

Lani Leary, Ph.D. specializes in get the job done with chronically ill, dying, and bereaved consumers. She has worked for the previous 25 many years as a psychotherapist in non-public apply, as a chaplain in the intensive treatment unit of a hospital, and as a counselor in 6 hospices throughout the nation.

She served as the director of mental overall health providers at an AIDS clinic, as a professor of Death Experiments at George Mason College, and as a researcher at the Nationwide Most cancers Institute of NIH. Lani has spoken nationally at more than 250 conferences which include the American Holistic Health-related Association, Virginia Association of Hospices, Spirituality and Healthcare, Global Sudden Infant Death Symposium, and Omega Institute of Holistic Scientific studies. She is the creator of Healing Arms, an internationally ideal-promoting audio tape about therapeutic touch and complimentary techniques to agony management. She is qualified in grief remedy, EMDR, hypnotherapy, and Important Incident Strain Administration.

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  1. I worked in hospice death and dying is never a easy subject and when a patient was close to crossing over I had to let the family know that at times could be very difficult! There were signs and symptoms that go along with death most people would have some or all some it was just no signs or symptoms they would just go I have so many stories….. Great topic thank you

  2. another wonderful show Bob!   i was fortunate also to experience my mom's passing in my arms on her 97th birthday!… the last few days mom was unable to swallow or eat… she waved and talked to people who werent there, but she could see and hear them: now i know this was all very real and happy to be part of her death… a mothers love never ends… i always talk to her under my breath and in my thoughts, dad too!
    be well and thrive,

  3. Always looking forward to a new video from you. Been watching for a few years now. I am always watching and listening as I fall asleep at night sometimes needing to continue the video the next day. Always an inspiration, and has caused me never to be afraid of death and the other side. Keep it up Bob.

  4. Anyway, to answer your question, Yes, sometimes people DO return from the brink of death.  A friend came down with nasty liver/kidney disease, was denied a transplant, and sent nursing home to die, even being taken off dialysis for about ten days.  He convinced the doc that it wasn't time to die, and he had no intention of doing so, and convinced the doc to put him back on dialysis.  At this point, he could not even adjust himself in bed.  But… with proper nutrition and lots of care, he slooooooowly got better… in a few months he was in assisted living, couple more and transferred to independent living, and now he is back home and, though still on dialysis, is living his life as he likes, doing the things that he likes.  He is a more spiritual person, I would say, than he was before, but there were no unusual experiences that could not be attributed to all the dope that they had him on at that point (Morphine sulfate, hydrocodone, ambien, ativan, and some others).  So yes, it does happen.

    Another case that you would find really interesting to interview involves  a guy that lived a clean life but came down with cancer just the same.  Super well documented.  He gets to the time of death and this spirit is presently escorting him up a stairway as I recall, and he;s really pissed about everything, so he pipes up and says to the spirit "Just a minute here.  I have some questions". And the spirit says "Why, of course!"  So they have this tremendously long yak where he gets all his questions answered, and the spirit indicates that of course he can go back and live if he wants to  Presently he wakes up, calls his care-giver and gradually gets better.  I believe he founded the Global Coherence Network, or something like that, sorry I can't remember his name.

    Heard him interviewed on Noory a couple of times, some years ago…. he could be able to tell you the name.

  5. Must say this is another of your good videos. Have been watching your videos for a while now. Keep it up! I have been with the hospice (Penang Hospice Society, by the way, I'm from Penang, Malaysia) for the last 15 years and I have been asked several times what do we say to the dying. This video is so appropriate and I would like your permission to share this on my Facebook. May I?

  6. I have not done this before but THANK YOU BOB! Long story short, was a widow at 30, and then my dad pasted 5 yrs ago (in my 50th year) and my mom just passed this  May 29th… siblings didn't talk to me after dad died ( I am the oldest) and still don't.. your show is how I truly have been able to grieve and I thank you for caring much you talk about and your guests talk about seem to help…. your wife has a very special husband.  namaste my friend …

  7. Wow, I couldn't believe the synchronicity of this video. I have a friend who has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and has been given to April to live. I am just in the process of learning about death and dying, wanting to take hospice training and learn as much as I can so that I can be there for her in the most supportive way. Having watched this video has given me the confidence to move forward. And the interesting thing I've learned about myself is….I instinctively knew much of what was being shared on the video. Being present and listening, letting her lead the conversation and validating her along the way. As a result we have experienced such a richness in our relationship as never before. Thank you, thank you, thank you. for this video. I am going to purchase the book today!!!!

  8. When my 86 year old father was dying, I left my nursing job, moved in with him and cared for him for 15 months until he died. My father had not been a kind or patient father. Our relationship had always been at arm's length. I was with him when he died. It was the most blessed experience of my life and and the most relationship healing as well. It was empowering beyond description.
    We talked of many things in the months before he transitioned. In the moments before he died i had an inspiration fill my heart and I verbalized it to him. I told him, " Daddy, do you remember that on the day I was born, your's was the first face I ever looked into?" "Yes", he responded. Then I added, " It seems very meaningful that your face was the first i opened my eyes on , and my face is the last you look into today". He nodded and smiled and then he said, "I am going to sleep now." ……..moments later he breathed his last.
    His 15 month struggle had been the greatest test of his life. At last he had made it across the finish line and escaped burdensome mortality. It was like watching a Special Olympics participant cross the finish line and felt simultaneously, immense pride in him and gratitude and humility. i knew i had never done anything as meaningful in all my life. …….And I became healed as well.