The Doctor Was SHOCKED She Was Still Alive After Her Near Death Experience – Marissa Goldberg 331

The Doctor Was SHOCKED She Was Still Alive After Her Near Death Experience – Marissa Goldberg 331

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Podcast guest 331 is Marissa Nina Goldberg. All through Marissa’s near death experience she encountered 3 entities. Soon after her NDE experience Archangel Raphael started off checking out her.

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  1. These experiences where people claim to have gone to Heaven, Hell, or Heaven and or Heaven and Hell is NOT based on fact.
    Because humans are not spirit beings they cannot reside in a place called Heaven or Hell.
    There are two kinds of bodies Celestial(spirit/Angels) and Terrestrial (flesh and blood/natural body/humans 1st Corinthians 15:44) bodies 1st Corinthians 15:40.
    Humans who are saved do not go to Heaven after death neither do the unsaved go to Hell and are being tormented there after death.
    It is not until the first resurrection that the saved have their bodies changed so they are as the Angels who are Spiritual/ Celestial beings Matthew 22:30
    They start out having a natural body and after being raised have a spiritual body 1st Corinthians 15:44 and are immortal/incorruptible 1st Corinthians 15:52-54.
    The unsaved will be raised in the second resurrection and will be judged and undergo a second death according to Revelation 21:8.
    Hell is NOT eternal as Hell is to be done away with according to Revelation 20:14.
    According to Ecclesiastes 9:5 the dead know not anything.
    .Verses from Hebrew-Greek Study Bible Red Letter edition Publisher-AMG PUBLISHERS
    Jesus is NOT the real name of the Savior and NEVER was What is Jesus' Real Name Season 1 Episode 33
    Yeshua is the short form of Hebrew name Yehoshua
    You need to be baptized by emersion
    Matthew 28:19
    Doing it yourself
    I baptize myself in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost if Holy Ghost is not the correct name then in the correct name Father I baptize myself.
    Go completely under water
    (The reason why this is done is because of a discrepancy in the name of the name of the Savior there could be misinformation on this)
    If the officiator is baptizing you then the wording would be the same with the exception the officiator will recite your name in part or in whole)
    Remarriage after Divorce is Adultery
    Whoever putteth away his wife and marrieth another committeth Adultery, and whosoever marrieth her that is put away committeth Adultery Like 16:18..

  2. What a lost person …how screwy her interpretations and where she ventured for help …Who doesn’t know the kabala is evil …her saving intellectual grace is she had her experience in 1986 …where not much was available …if you read this dear …read Watchman Née the spiritual man …29 years in a Mao goal …seems like a person who’s come from bad poor of spirit and love family marriage and culture

  3. I have been in both the White room and the dark space. The 1st time I experienced this I was about 27 years old, drinking and smoking weed every day. I remember falling to sleep and then in a dream state I was in the white room. Before me were 3 tall blond beings, wearing white and gold robes with a Greek key pattern around the edges of the robes which were tied with a gold rope around the waist. These powerful beings who were presenting in human form were not aware of me at first but quickly became aware that I was standing looking in awe at them. I remember one saying to the other , "how did it get here"? The next minute the middle being lent forward with their arms upright, palms facing forward ( it reminded me of the RC priest does in church). The being said to me, "Are you ready"? I knew it was asking me did I want to go with it. So I said, "Yes, I'm ready"! The it said put your hands on mine palm to palm. I did this and straight away I was flooded with energy and unconditional love in every cell in my body ending at my solar plexus. I woke up gasping for breath but feeling absolutely amazing and knowing that there is a life after death. I feel I had stopped breathing and it was not my time to go.
    I experienced the darkness twice one before my partner died. I woke up in a dream and it was a lucid dream everywhere there is darkness but it was comforting. I begin to see a sliver/dot of light coming towards me until eventually before my eyes is the Aum symbol in gold written in Sanskrit hovering before me and the Aum sound . I was blown away by it. After my partner passed away I felt a terrible sense of foreboding which I could not shake. I had a feeling that something terrible was coming but I did not know what! then 9 years after my partner dies I had another lucid dream. Again I am in the darkness and before my eyes in silver numbers is 2020. I work up knowing that this was the year when it will all start to unravel….it's the beginning. I did tell some of the girls at work who thought I was nuts but when C-!19 hit the news networks here in the West I jogged their memory about the dream and they just laughed until we all went into lockdown. I
    I only wish I could dream of the winning Lottery numbers!

  4. I was told the white room is like a bus stop. Arriving to, and going to some other destination. (Told by that other dimension)

    I went from the white room to the pure black from a door from the white room, one female in the white room said someone wanted to talk to me. I stepped in to that void, and I don’t remember anything. I came back immediately, and I was out of the body when I came back, and could hardly move, and it was difficult to get back in to the body again.

    There was a thing occurring 8 hours before this experience, walked by a place and got a instant awareness of, Having to walk away from it, it was a area work had be done to, both me and company owner felt it, could not go there, just left it. I’m convinced the two are connected.

    This was perhaps 26 years ago or so, remember it as it happened a second ago.