The Buddha in Hell: Distressing Near-Death Experiences

The Buddha in Hell: Distressing Near-Death Experiences

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Transformational near-death experiences, like other spiritual epiphanies and ‘great dreams,’ sometimes present with bizarre, difficult-to-interpret imagery. In this hour-long introduction to the topic, Nancy Evans Bush, author of the Buddha in Hell, works with two distressing NDEs to illustrate the limitation of literal understandings and discuss useful approaches to unraveling meaning even in bizarre and terrifying-sounding situations. Source: 2017 IANDS Conference

ABOUT NANCY EVANS BUSH (In her own words)
I am a near-death experiencer. On most Sundays, I am in church, where I exercise a deep though unconventional faith and a thoroughgoing distrust of literal interpretations, although I accept that others find them meaningful. I have also been for thirty years a researcher of distressing near-death experiences, working with the International Association for Near-Death Studies and publishing in their peer-reviewed, scholarly journal. My work bridges the gulfs between social science research, secularism and religious beliefs, and the sometimes loony world of public opinion. To the best of my knowledge, my work is as close as anyone has come to offering a body of substantial scholarship specifically about the distressing end of the near-death spectrum.

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  1. so, according to this nde, just a belief (easy cop-out) in something, ensures your place in heaven. is that why a rapist, murderer, pedophile, abuser, liar, deceiver, imposter etc can all get into heaven as long as they convert to a specific religion and believe in jesus christ? well, if that is the case, then heaven will eventually become hell, won't it? pfft. btw, i know people who believe just that and they are the most horrible and satanic/demonic souls/nature who claim religion and especially fundamental religion (christianity/judaism/islam). these religions really appeal to the most egoistic, arrogant, power mongering, immoral and corrupt. i would even consider the evil higher powers/principalities in the high places (even astral realm) due to this insane, ridiculous, corrupt and unfair reason which has no basis in merit but only entitlement.

  2. The Christian/Muslim God is WAR wrapped in a facade called “Love”. and millions worldwide were destroyed in the name of Jesus through war and conquest reports the class Western Civilization which includes every war in which Jesus never appeared while Catholic priest gangs murdered Jews across Europe for “Killing Jesus”; Your God is hate.

  3. This is one of the most widely used story in Christianity. I would called it propaganda. such stories has always been used to substantiate the faith simply becos it is the way it always do in the absence of any real facts or events or real benefits. Face it, if it’s so true, why are there so much suffering in life and in the world?

    The Burmese monk story is so laughable and detrimental to the monk . Calling him a monk do injustice to the rest of monkhood be it the pure Buddhism or any external sects of Buddhism. He is simply an uninstructed and ill disciplined and foolish monk, who did not even possess a single stanza of what the Buddha taught. Buddha had taught that the notion of hell’s and heavens lies in ones minds and deeds. If ones minds is defiled by greed, anger and delusion, so are his words and actions. These defilements rooted mentality and proliferated verbally and bodily are what leads to his rebecomings even in this life itself. One is in hell or heavens even when he is still alive as a human. If u r peace loving, generous, honest, upright, consummate in virtues, and u are mindful and well concentrated and has right views, u r possessing of a heavenly mind here and now and thereafter. If you are deluded, with bad morals in mind, speech and action, you are already possessing of a mind of a ghost, animal or hell beings. What you are and what you do leads to what you will be. The physical human bodies are just four elements waiting it’s time to be expired just as everything in this world. Yet the mind and all its inclination travels on, upwards or downwards.

    Now, the words of this monk, and the followers of his words, beware. becos you have believed in untrue, your mind incline towards the untrue,, you have closed your mind and eyes to the true and apparent and lived in ignorance and wrong wishes, denying true reality, and possessing of herd mentality. Such mental inclination and delusions are that of animals becoming and what animals generally behave.. When goodness and wholesomeness are deemed to be superseded by mere believes that borders on superstitious and in worse cases, result in wrong speech and actions, there is really no good outcome even in present life.

    For how else would it be? When we possess a mind fully capable of thinking and doing good, recognise real virtues and virtuous beings, seeing shame and fearing wrong doings, we are a capable human beings. But when we replace what we are capable of with believing in falsehoods without proper investigation and to follow unenlightened ppl guide you in spreading and believing in things and stories that goes against what you can see and observe readily, or which goes against your good conscience all in exchange for a greedy outcome without effort and sacrifice, it’s certainly really tragic, here and hereafter.

  4. More people with distressing or hellish NDEs need to come forward to tell their stories. This is the only DNDE that I have heard of that brought religion into a NDE that sounds like the same old fear tactics they use to scare people into believing in a religious doctrine they want others to believe in where it excludes people from being able to get to heaven on their own. I feel that the answers are inside of each person and they are better off following their own intuition instead of someone else’s. The monk’s NDE is weak since it stands on its own until others who have similar DNDEs come forward to at least collaborate similar accounts. I do believe the darkness is out there and that one must turn towards the light no matter how far away from the light they may be and ask for help from the light whether you call it Jesus, God, Source, Allah, or whatever you will be saved from the darkness no matter how far away you may be. I feel those who do not want the light and are comfortable with the darkness will remain in darkness where they desire to be since the universe needs both to exist.

  5. Very interesting the idea of suffering not as a punishment.
    In my own experience, when someone is going through a bad time in life, so bad as to consider suicide as an option and that person is told and realized that all suffering may have value as a key element that allows us to evolve, or to pay for some "debt" (so to say); then immediately the sufferer abandons the idea of suicide and starts again to live a positive life, sometimes from ashes.

  6. Bravo to Nancy for helping dispel a few myths about NDEs and Buddhism. My spiritual mentor writes “ The sun burns on its own. It is a scorching ball of fire. Nichiren Daishonin says, “In the breast of the Buddha is a great fire.“ It is the flame of great compassion that in impels the Buddha (we are all Buddhas, by the way) to go into the midst of those burdened with suffering and thoroughly burn away their misery. It is the light of the Buddhist great wisdom to lead or people to enlightenment. The fire of the Buddha continues to burn eternity. It never goes out.“ (Daisaku Ikeda in “The Heart of the Lotus Sutra)

  7. great to see and hear you talk again. I think of you fondly, you were such a key source of encouragement in the years after my voyage to the great beyond. My own NDE was such a storm of hellish encounters and their apparent transformation into ineffable beauty and love, I feel fortunate that I got to complete a circle that showed me how darkness and light,] apparently polarized and at war), could conjoin on a plane where "good" and
    "evil" were (beyond my human comprehension) somehow entwined into a reconciled state of LOVE that contained and transcended them both. My brain can't grasp the concept, but my experience left my spirit with the imprint of that paradox. Trying to express this sounds like a justification for evil, and I admit, I don't know how to manage this without going cross-eyed and giving up.
    I also recall the horror of crawling on the bottom of a sea of concrete for what seemed like eternity in a universe utterly devoid of love or hope, and the certainty that as I was pulled underwater by a sea of hungry hands that I was being dragged into eternal damnation. But every horror was met with a balancing vision of beauty and love that made the worst of the horror seem like a mere shadow, something only real in the absence of the light. it was truly astonishing to see scenes straight out of the holocaust dwindle to a dissolving shadow once the light was cast upon them. So after enough of these episodes that tried my sanity and faith to the hilt were past me, I had a strange courage and focus that allowed me to walk through the vision of an oncoming tank, and a huge gorilla coming at me to tear me to pieces, with a sense of calm. This gift has helped me walk through walls in my life back in the world- through the murders of friends, the deaths of my parents, a trainwreck, being accused of a murder I didn't commit, now cancer and a brain injury. All shadow puppet plays in the light of the LIGHT that supercedes everything. LOve you Nancy Bush, oxoxo

  8. 'I am' an Ex-Christian!
    From the comments below: I LEFT the Catholic/Christian faith 20 YO, due to the Discrimination, The judgements, The Hypocrisy, The Abuse, The Hate…OMG!
    This is WHY humanity is waking up to this kind of…it's messed up!
    NDE's: This message is of Love & Hope and the kids of today and tomorrow will most likely NOT put up with this kind of ** ****! Humanity does NOT need this kind of message.
    Love knows nothing of Religion, Love is The Way!


  10. We have in our subconscious mind what we live in others live
    That is the pass experience in his recent pass live.If have another NDE is going to be different
    We are here in planet Earth to experience the 3D density in many lives…

  11. The monk had many witnesses of his death. I believe the monk story. Lady you need Jesus Christ now. Why should anyone believe you and not him. Why go to such length to discredit him if it is not true. You protest too much. If he is a liar, he would be of Satan. Would Satan ever tell anyone to serve Jesus?

  12. Maybe the story was literally true. However, what the "king of hell" said probably wasn't. The universe is far too vast and ancient for one being to rescue all from hell. Too many civilizations that came and went. How many of them heard of one person from earth? I would not trust what the king of hell said as trustworthy.

  13. In history as before as after ascending of Christ they were a lot civilizations which technically cannot know about Christ to follow. Is God so cruel to create them knowing they predestined for hell? I'm sure, that's ridiculous. I add, that amount of the innocent people is more than a billion.

  14. Jesus is Lord God Almighty clothed in unfallen humanity and He is the author of eternal life to all who trust Him alone for salvation.

    The only reason anyone will ever be in Heaven is solely by the shed blood, death, burial, and resurrection, of Jesus Christ alone.

    Anything added or subtracted from this is another gospel.

    Our good works, repenting of sins, and obedience, are solely for rewards in Heaven or a lack thereof and have absolutely nothing to do with salvation at all.

  15. just passing through, saw you mentioned on reddit, I absolutely adore the introduction to your condition. My mother has announced her entrance the same way. The botox treatment works amazing, think it's rather affordable now.

  16. This woman has committed a very serious sin slandering, defaming buddhas or any gods is not forgiving especially you don't know much about those religions( all religions are good if they teach you to be good person, humanity, compassionate, loving & caring). This woman is an evil person that's why she's going to hell.