The Blueprint of Your Soul's Purpose

The Blueprint of Your Soul's Purpose

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DR. HEATHER ENSWORTH: “Here’s an extraordinary job interview about a window into our soul’s function. Ever ponder what your soul intended for your lifestyle? At any time want you had a map indicating your prospective in this lifetime? Proof indicates that astrology may well be that window and map. This interview with my private astrologer, Heather Ensworth, connects the dots between our astrological start charts and the afterlife (or potentially a far more correct description would be our spirit-planet existence right before we were born). We chat about soul objective, indicators of talents or abilities, children’s delivery charts, no cost will, past life themes, karma, overcoming styles, conscious recognition, and so significantly far more. This is a incredibly one of a kind inquiry that reveals some unforeseen insights about everyday living, death and the afterlife. Do not miss!” ~ Bob Olson, Afterlife Television

Never skip Bob Olson’s new book: “Answers About The Afterlife: A Personal Investigator’s 15-Calendar year Research Unlocks The Mysteries Of Life After Death.”

Routine an Astrology Studying with Heather: To program an appointment, e mail Heather by means of her Contact web page: in touch with.

Dr. Heather Ensworth’s Bio: Heather Ensworth, Ph.D. is a medical psychologist with 30 many years of experience. She is a working towards astrologer (certified by the Astrology Institute in Lexington, MA) and a shamanic practitioner (with teaching with quite a few academics and shamans like training by the Healing the Light Body program in Peruvian shamanic healing practices). She has labored in sacred circles for women for much more than 20 yrs. She is committed to checking out and training ancient wisdom and healing tactics for our very own healing and the healing of the Earth.

Author’s web site:

Heather’s ebook, “Finding Our Heart: Knowledge from the Stars and Planets in Instances of Change” is explained as: Integrating astrology, mythology and spirituality, this book is a reflection on the themes of the astrological ages throughout the previous 13,000 many years and is an exploration of what astrology has to inform us about the that means of the adjustments occurring globally and culturally in this time. You can invest in it on Amazon:


AFTERLIFE Television set is hosted by Afterlife Investigator & Psychic Medium Researcher Bob Olson Bob Olson’s other sites consist of:

Bob Olson is the writer of “Answers About The Afterlife: A Personal Investigator’s 15-12 months Research Unlocks The Mysteries Of Everyday living Following Death” – out there on Amazon in each paperback and Kindle e-book: or take a look at to down load a totally free excerpt of the guide.

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  1. Bob I to think like you ,my question is why I don't here more psychic mediums or Astrologers speak about the Spiritual Awakening. Connecting the dots. So others can gather information on how all is connected.

  2. I truly enjoy your show, Bob. You always have just what I'm waiting to hear at just the right time! 🙂 Thank you also to Heather for explaining everything so articulately. I do have a question though. I am adopted and do not know what time I was born. What happens in this situation. Is the reading going to be as accurate and will it fit to my soul purpose? Thank you so much! Blessings and Love to you! Namaste~

  3. Hey Bob a thought popped in my head while watching your interview with your guest. You talked about going through cycles through the ages and repeating eras over and over through the ages and through our souls journey as well but at different levels. You used a spiral to visualize it but I think an easier visualization that popped in my mind that might be helpful for learning for other viewers is the idea that its like a frisbee. As the frisbee turns and turns the same side of the frisbee comes around but when it does the frisbee has moved so it no longer means the same thing when this era comes into being because its has come into manifestation at new time and place. It made sense to me and I figured I would pass it on. Peace&love my friend, I love your work keep it up!

  4. Oh wow what she said about Neptune and Chiron at the end (around 50:30)  blew me away.. I'm just these last few days pulling out of a huge emotional shut down and now I feel like the flood gates have opened solving SO MUCH of past issues. Transformation is upon me and it is SO GOOD… WOW LOVE IT 

  5. This was an awesome interview. I am an astrologer myself and she lives very close to me. It is too bad more people do not learn astrology. She has it down right and I like her philosophy is great and sound.

  6. oh wow. I had the ultimate pleasure of a reading with Jeffrey Greene. He was able to ascertain that the pain in my body was a cellular memory brought into this life to be addressed as a result of a "not too distant lifetime ago when my 'bottom' was destroyed and I died from it." This lifetime was to include a rebalancing of power as a result of that event. But it was up to me to figure out the HOW. In the end, no pun intended, I did, as noted by the dissolution of the pain in the arse. lol. Wild, huh? Makes you wonder about karma in all of this…as if things are already in place for us to do no matter what we think we came to be/do.