The Best Evidence That Past Lives Exist

The Best Evidence That Past Lives Exist

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The Very best Proof That Past Lives Exist

Episode 8 of Season 8 on Afterlife Television: In honor of two of my Eire traveling companions, Brian & Carole Weiss, this week I’m talking about past lives. Particularly, I reply the concern, What is the finest evidence that past lives exist? I also converse about little ones who keep in mind their past lives, which is a fascinating subject. And I give you a few mind-blowing books to examine about that topic. Finally, also in honor of my buddies, I speak about regression hypnotherapy. The display ends with a quick clip of Dr. Brian Weiss (Numerous Life, Lots of Masters) conveying why some of us came into this lifetime with physical or mental problems, or have been born at a time when circumstances established us up for psychological troubles later in existence.

Episode 8 is nineteen minutes packed with previous-lifetime insight. I feel you are going to love it. Verify out the Present Notes beneath the video providing all the backlinks I assure in the exhibit. And permit me know what you appreciated by way of social media, electronic mail or in the remark section down below the video clip on This week’s photographs in the video clip had been taken by both equally Melissa and myself throughout our new vacation to Eire. A lot more on that in the intro. Really don’t ignore, if you indication up for our publication, you will under no circumstances miss out on an episode.

Many thanks to all of you who still left Amazon evaluations for my two textbooks, The Magic Mala and Solutions About The Afterlife. Humongous gratitude.

A great deal adore, Bob Olson ~ &

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BRIAN WEISS Book: A lot of Lives, Several Masters

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JENNY COCKELL’S E book: Across Time and Death: A Mother’s Look for For Her Past Life Kids

JENNY COCKELL’S AFTERLIFE Tv set EPISODE: Mom Finds Little ones From Past Life! Previous-Existence Recollections, Desires & Regressions ones-from-previous-everyday living-previous-daily life-reminiscences-dreams-regressions/

BRUCE AND ANDREA LEININGER’S Guide: Soul Survivor: The Reincarnation of a Globe War II Fighter Pilot

CAROL BOWMAN’S Book: Children’s Past Lives: How Past Life Recollections Affect Your Boy or girl

CATHY BYRD’S Book: The Boy Who Knew Far too Significantly: An Astounding Accurate Tale of a Youthful Boy’s Previous-Life Recollections too-A lot/dp/1401953425

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  1. Bob,
    Have you thought about what souls from the other side are saying and compared their topics on information they have for us? Maybe someone has collected all this information and have made a comparison, and if so could you lead me to that information.

  2. Great book, Bob. Well written, engaging and informative. You express information, and your beliefs, so well. Thank you for the book, this channel and websites, yours and those you recommend.

    One of my sons lives/works in Dublin going on five years. I visited him this April. What a very lovely country. I learned to make Irish Coffee with instant coffee there from a friend, surprisingly. Not everyone there owns a coffee maker.

    I’ve had two past life regressions by degreed, practicing psychologists/hypnotherapists, as well as had repetitive dreams as a child from past lives. My ‘Irish’ son told me about his past life as a judge, unprompted, when he was three.

  3. I hope you upload more videos , when you have time Bob. I wish you had a new video every week , that would be wonderful ! Sending warmest wishes to you & your family , from all your viewers in Ireland.☘️

  4. Thank you for the clips of Ireland! Greatly appreciated! Love Dr. Brien Weiss! Read all his books & spent a weekend @his lecture at Omega in Rhinebeck, NY! Saw his wife/daughter! Loved it! Hope to read your book as well, Bob!

  5. Hello, are you able to do a video on soulmates and twin flame connection after death? If my twin flame passed after 2 years of being together suddenly. We’re only 29. It’s been 2 months…and Wanted to know if take on twin flame reconnection in the afterlife. Thank you. Your channel amazing!

  6. I dont think I can be regressed. I have had 2 people try and I just dont get it. Nothing happened. However, I had a reocuring dream when I was young. 2 to be specific. I need to know more. To understand why I am the way I am today. I need to know there is more after we die.