The Afterlife EXPLAINED

The Afterlife EXPLAINED

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Matt Fraser is America’s Best Psychic Medium, very best-providing creator, and star of the strike television sequence on E! Amusement.

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  1. Thank you Matt. I just lost my best friend (more like brother) to cancer. He's been dead on only two weeks, yet I love and miss him dearly. Truth be told, I have no idea what happens. I believe there's life after death, because I've read and listened to over 100 NDEs, from people I trust are telling the truth. Especially when many were devout atheists, and are now changed believers forever. I am a spiritual person, and I believe, so I try to have an open mind with others.

    All I know is that my friends death was painful due to cancer, but he did say 3 things that stuck with me. When we were all crowded in his hospital room, he screamed "I am not going into that tunnel" " I need to be on my feet". He then screamed his son's name. Then, right before he died, he told his wife " Do you see the light? It's beautiful ". Then, some time later before he died, he said "mama" or "mommy". This is out of character to speak that way.

  2. My grandma died a few years ago. And she wasn’t saying much when my sister and I came to say goodbye .
    I was sitting next to her . Crying and telling her how she My grandma died a few years ago. And she wasn’t saying much when my sister and I came to say goodbye .
    an amazing grandma . And thanking her for everything . She looked past me , and said “ this is so beautiful , I want to go home now” I don’t know what she saw . But she was at peace . And that made me sad yet happy at the same time

  3. Lol I can’t imagine kicking and screaming once God wants me back lol . I can’t wait to see home again . I will my life here . And miss my family , but I’m
    Excited to go back home . I know my son will
    Be there once after I’m long gone . I know my sisters and family will be there too . It’ll be paradise . And I’m excited