The 12 Signs That Spirits Send Us – After-Death Communication

The 12 Signs That Spirits Send Us – After-Death Communication

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The 12 Indicators That Spirits Mail Us – Just after-Death Interaction

“Are your deceased loved ones seeking to explain to you some thing? Here’s an early Afterlife Tv episode that could awaken you to the indications your loved ones in spirit are sending you. Our loved ones in spirit connect with us in quite a few ways, and Monthly bill Guggenheim teaches us the 12 most prevalent groups of after death communications (ADCs) in this online video conversation.

“Bill is the co-writer of Hi there From Heaven with his former spouse, Judy Guggenheim. Jointly they interviewed 2000 men and women and collected additional than 3300 first-hand accounts of ADCs. In this dialogue, Bill defines right after-death communications, shares his incredible story of how he was led to do this research, and teaches us how to figure out when our deceased loved ones are calling us.” ~ Bob Olson, Afterlife Television set

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To Buy Invoice Guggenheim’s Ebook: Hello From Heaven:

Invoice Guggenheim and his former spouse, Judy Guggenheim, wrote Hello there From Heaven: A new discipline of research – after death conversation – confirms that everyday living and adore are everlasting. Initially revealed in 1995, Hello there From Heaven has grow to be a vintage on the subject of right after-death communication (ADC), a expression to start with coined by the authors.

Monthly bill and Judy Guggenheim have been conducting soon after-death interaction research due to the fact 1988. Invoice serves on the Board of Advisors of the International Association for Near-Death Reports, is a member of the Association for Death Education & Counseling, and has introduced workshops at conferences for The Compassionate Pals, Mothers Versus Drunk Driving, the Association for Death Schooling & Counseling, In Loving Memory, the International Association for Near-Death Scientific studies, Bereaved Moms and dads of the Usa, Mom and dad of Murdered Children, as nicely as other guidance groups for the bereaved, hospices, churches and identical establishments devoted to private and spiritual development.


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  1. My dad passed in Dec. of 2015. The next year, in October… I had a dream where he was telling me how to handle a tree in my backyard that had fallen (the tree had not fallen). I told my husband about the dream when I woke up. 2 weeks later, Hurricane Matthew hit North Carolina and we heard a loud noise outside on our back porch during the storm. The exact tree that my dad was showing me had fallen on our porch. I looked at my husband and said "Daddy warned me it would happen".

  2. I was living in Brisbane Australia and my brother was living in Sydney Australia. I was making coffee late one night and I was told in my head to go to the door and look up to my left on the lounge room wall and that is when I found out that my brother had died. It was 10:pm and my brother said to me ( I am happy now ) I could see my brother from his waist up to his head . I knew that he had died at 10.00 pm and to say good bye to me. My cousin rang me and told me that my brother ( Michael) had committed suicide by hanging himself. I had just had my first baby and I was not well when my brother wanted to come and live with my husband and me , my husband told my brother he could not live with us because I was not well . This was back in 1984 and around 1985 my brother had died. Michael was about 21yrs or 22yrs old and I was about 25 yrs old . My brother had tried to kill himself twice before. Not long after my brother had come to me every night I was woken up by a spirit walking down our hallway with a white hospital gown on . I was able to go to N.S.W Australia and visit my mother . I told her about the spirit in a white hospital gown that woke me up every night ( I knew that the spirit was close to me or got to do with me ). I found out my brother had his clothes stolen and was buried in a white hospital gown. So I knew that my brother knew I wouldn’t be able to be at his funeral and he was not happy that he did not have a suite to be buried in. I blamed myself when he died and I was depressed for a long time . I am 60 yrs old now , I still miss my brother. I still see spirits and I hear them.

  3. Why haven't I heard about this guy before. I've had all 12 although variations in each category differ, but they amount to the same type of experience. This only started 1 hour before my dad passed I had an epiphany about what life was all about. I believe I had tapped into whatever he was experiencing as he was dying and passing over. Everyday, if I allowed myself to I can sense those who have gone. I feel privileged to have this gift but don't use it, no one around me want to hear it. I thank you for your courage please keep on going it is an enormous comfort to those who have lost precious ones. Bless you and yours X

  4. I do believe our loved ones send us signs, my experience makes me think this without doubt
    My story goes like this…..My dear grandma passed away on the 17th of June 1995 the time was 11.15am
    In the weeks and months after she passed there were a few coincidences that happened around 11.15, ie I found a watch that had been missing for weeks and the time on the watch was 11.15….I was working in a store on the tills, I was handed a check by the customer, the surname was same as my grandmas (charlesworth) I glanced at the clock on the wall was 11.15 and so it went on too many to mention…..the family always had a joke about it and we said if we pass first we will send proof we are ok at 11.15 then we will know for certain
    Many years later, in fact Feb 11 2014 my Auntie passed away
    About 4 days after her death even before the funeral I decided to clear my drawers out for some reason, there was a pile of old Birthday cards in the bottom drawer so I I just got them out and started looking at them, I opened one of the cards and it was to me from my auntie who had just passed, I was just thinking to myself, how sad and a thought popped into my head…..yep I looked at the clock on the cabinet, was 11.15……that was my sign, so thank you Auntie you knew the special time and sent the sign xx

  5. I remember driving to work to do my afternoon shift , i am a support worker, it was a Friday and i was running late, so i was concentrating on getting to work on time, all of a sudden i heard a voice shouting urgently that somebody i knew was trying to get in touch me, it was the voice of my ex-partner, who i was exceptional close to, it confused me, and i puzzled over it and carried on to work, i had misplaced my phone so could not check anyhow, when i got home later after my shift as i walked through the door i was told that this particular person was trying to get in touch with me, it was a close friend of my ex telling me that my ex had passed away suddenly and unexpectedly that morning, i knew he had a tummy bug that was doing the rounds, but i had spoken to him the day before on the Thursday and he seemed fine and on the mend, it was a complete shock there was absolutely know way i could have known he had died that morning we lived 190 miles apart.

  6. Many years ago I lost someone I loved he used to buy me flowers to surprise me. I used to play a certain song for him , a love ballad . I recently moved back to where he died and visited his gravesite 2 days before what would have been his birthday . I got out of the car stood beside his grave and at that exact moment “our song” played on the radio which I did not leave on in the car loud enough to hear outside the vehicle and not from 25-30’ away.But somehow I heard it loud and clearly the exact moment I stood beside his grave. 2 days later on his birthday a total stranger walked up to me and handed me a beautiful bouquet of flowers. No explanation no words passed between us I was so startled by it I can’t even remember thanking her.

  7. My dad passed recently and was seeing his mom and dad shortly before. I found a penny in his burial clothes and slipped another one into his coffin before it was closed. I told him to visit me and leave me signs, because he would know I would not be afraid. Since his death, he has left me two pennies and an actual visitation. Though I did not see him visual, I knew he was the one who entered my apartment, closed the door and turned my toaster oven off, which I did not know how to do. As a former fire chief, he would protect me. I talk to him out loud and ask for his help with things. We were very close in life, and he would come to me. No doubt he is.

  8. OUr son died a little less than one and a half years ago. For the past few months a ruffed grouse flies into our car to get our attention, then follows us up our driveway. When we get out of our car the bird will come close and listen to us, looking directly into our eyes. Sometimes I talk to the bird for nearly an hour… feeling sure it is our son communicating with us. It has become a regular meeting.

  9. I've had several experiences on this list… manifestations, soul travel, dreams, and physical touches and embraces. I've also had an otherworldly messenger. They have all related to the same individual whom I loved in a past life. I read Hello from Heaven many years ago and was very cheered by it. It confirmed what I already knew and brought me great joy.

  10. I just ordered Bill's book wanting to gift it to a young man struggling with life & grief. It seems his special friend who passed has been trying to get through to him for perhaps two years & I've only just come to acknowledge that & tell him that. The situation seems urgent & I'm doing all I can to contribute to his life even though I'm an outsider. This interview is hugely helpful to me. Thankyou.

  11. These are so much better than the DMT testimonies. I never hear people saying they saw their deceased family while they're on DMT. Family is important to me and these NDE's and signs from deceased loved ones give me hope. Also confirms signs I've had from my deceased grandfather. Like coming home to a TV that's turned on to his favorite channels National Geographic or History channel when I didn't have the TV on when I left the house.

  12. This book greatly helped me after the suicide of our daughter in 1999. erhtThe signs started almost immediately, and my husband had a vision of our daughter that appeared over her casket exactly as described in the book. He told me about it some time later, and I compared it with the book, which he had no knowledge of. Within a few days, lights started to go in and out over our dining room table when we were talking about our daughter. I started to experience what I call spirit vibes, almost like an electric shock when she wanted to get my attention about something. This started me on an interest in the paranormal and I started to read widely on the subject. I also became an avid reader of Victor Zammit's newsletter and I recently joined an affiliated discussion group which features speakers of interest to me. They have recently included Jurgen Ziewe, and an amazing medium. Thanks Peter Guggenheim for changing my life, and of course to Judy who is now my Face Book friend.

  13. One night I was home singing on my karaoke machine. I didn’t really have in mind any particular songs to sing but while I was scrolling for songs, I felt a very strong presence of a recently deceased good friend. I then asked her “I feel you with me. If you’re really here pls give me a strong sign.” Immediately a song came up titled “I AM HERE.” WOW… JUST WOW. My emotions were all over the place!

  14. My father passed away august 2019, few days after having passed away around 15 days later I had a dream or something I cannot explain, speaking to him, asking where are you? I'm in a very nice place, after I asked is it hot?.. No, very good temperature, have you seen your parent? Answered no, and what do you do? I cannot explain it, they don't like we explain what we do… I woke up with a very strange feeling scared and happy and the same time.

  15. When my brother-in-law Channan died suddenly in Fiji everyone was shocked because he had been happiest and heathiest for the last 6 months. But he had warned people for 6 months that he wouldnt always be here to run things and so he began instructing his mechanic sons how to finish building their house without him. On the day he died, it was noticed that where the family was gathered the loungeroom light was flickering. being mechanics, the bulb was changed quickly. But the new bulb flickered also. It was a newly wired up house. So the group moved to another room and the light started flickering in there. The lounge room light had stopped flickering. They moved into room three and that bulb began flickering, and room 2 stopped. The mechanic's quick conclusion was that Channan was following them from room to room flickering the lights to get their attention to message them that he wasnt dead and lifeless at all but just invisible in an adjacent channel of reality, but able to affect lights in our reality channel.

    It went a lot further. Deceased Channan turned up flickering lights 3000 Km away in Sydney at 3 different homes of relatives including mine for about 6 months. Channan had never visiited Sydney yet he was able to locate his living relatives in 3 houses and flicker the lights in one room only, to message them that he was very much alive, just invisible, and had near godlike powers being able to flicker electric lights on and off. He was so enthusiastic he kept his daughter awake in her flat flickering the light sometimes nearly all night. She complained. LOL.

    He did other things like turning up in dreams. Scaring his superstitious Fiji neighbours with voices coming out of the dark. He had always been a great practical joker.

  16. I had an ADC in 2004. I’d been helping care for my grandmother, with hospice coming in a few days a week. On the morning of April 4th, my Mother called to tell me she had passed. I went over to her house and stayed with my Mom until the coroner came to pick my Grandmother up and take her to the funeral home. I went home and showered and got ready to go to work. Two hours later, I was driving down the road, passing her house, and she spoke to me. The voice was hers and was behind me and slightly above me, in the car. It wasn’t in my head. She said, “Goodbye, Sally.” I hit the brakes. I was so startled. I said goodbye to her and kept going. I have always wondered why I was allowed to hear her.

  17. I felt my grandmother's presence and my great grandmother's presence in the same day ❤❤❤ I wish so desperately they were with me in the flesh because my youngest children would absolutely adore them. My oldest children would of course love to learn from them also. My paternal grandmother came to me and filled the room with her scent of perfume she wore while alive….I am sure I have had many other encounters I missed but oh man are they awesome when they come for a visit…my whole spirit comes alive.

  18. I have felt the Lord's hand on my head one night. It was amazing and I just knew in my heart it was his….he is so awesome…I just love him and he always comes at the perfect time. He had placed his hand on my crown of my head and held it for a few minutes. It took me off guard but of course I welcomed it. I had asked him to touch my head weeks before and of course he did.
    I have also seen orbs and a fairy light stream across my backyard…and audible voice in 2020 of the Lord he talks just like he does in the Bible. I have also experienced my 3rd eye opened one night when I was asleep….very close up like a projector screen. The colors in it were very vivid and bright.