Susan Schoenbeck – The Language of Grief

Susan Schoenbeck – The Language of Grief

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Susan Schoenbeck, M.S.N, R.N.
— web site
— her book: Good Grief: Daily Meditations

Presented at the IANDS 2012 Conference, Aug. 31-Sept. 2, in Scottsdale, AZ

The world doesn’t stop because you need some time to grieve. Death sometimes is the only thing that brings a halt to our frenetic day-to-day pace. Death makes us stand still and contemplate the reason for our being and our circumstances in life. Death shakes our world upside down as it snatches a loved one away. The near-death experience (NDE) gives us a language for grieving. Most importantly, it reveals that we are in no pain when we die and that a being of light and love welcomes us into our spiritual existence. The NDE calls forth comforting words mourners can say in remembrance of a deceased loved one to make grieving less complicated and more realistic. Those who have lost loved ones no longer need to accept that death is the end of relationships and move on. The process of remembering the deceased in the framework of the near-death event helps mourners adapt to death in a healthy, positive, life-affirming way. Mourners become more understanding of the spiritual form of existence and using NDE concepts can explore their continuing relationship with the person who has died.

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