Susan Had a Near Death Experience and Encountered God And Jesus

Susan Had a Near Death Experience and Encountered God And Jesus

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This podcast guest is Susan Dyer. In 2017 she had a near death experience where she encountered God and Jesus. Also all through her NDE experience she went to pay a visit to one particular of her lifelong guides.

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  1. I'm so sorry your teacher berated you for calling Jesus "a mirror" of God (@ about 22 min) when the bible states that Jesus is the image of the invisible God (Colossians 15:1). Your answer was perfect.

  2. I think most people that have near death experience have no spiritual growth in this life time. All they know is that when they was younger. They wss taught about jesus etc. So that's what they see. Other people see somthing different. In that realm god has many names and shapes. God can be anything and us everything.

  3. It’s all about having a personal relationship with Jesus! It’s as easy as ABC.
    The ABC of salvation •
    A – Admit Admit that you are a sinner. To "sin" means to do something wrong. Here we bring to mind things that we have knowingly done wrong in our lives, as well as the times when we should have done good but failed to do so. •
    B – Believe Believe in Jesus and put your trust in Him. Christ's death on a cross two thousand years ago was an act of selfless love. He took on himself the whole sins of humanity, making it possible for all people to encounter God. Believe that Christ has died for you, for all your sins. •

    C – Confess Confess Christ Jesus as your Lord and Saviour. This means acknowledging that he is your boss, your master. A kind, generous and loving master. What he says goes.
    A Simple Salvation Prayer Lord, I admit that I have done things that are wrong. Thank you that you have died to take away all my sins. Please forgive me. I receive your forgiveness now and declare that I want to live for you for the rest of my life. Come and fill my life with your Holy Spirit. I now depend completely on you. Amen.

  4. Wow what a fantastic interview today! I am very curious about her experience with shadow people and her sense that they are merely parts of ourselves. I wish she had expanded more on that.

  5. I'm (unfortunately) glad to have found comments that resonate with my feeling about this person. In a way, it reassures me to know that not all listeners may be taken in by absolutely all the guests' sayings. I certainly don't affirm anything here nor do I ''judge'' that woman. I rather feel sorry ''if'', like I tend to believe, she is making up that story and ''if'' she (actually) dupes her ''clients''. And by the way, I'm a huge fan of Jeff's interviews, I absolutely believe in the hereafter, in Heaven and in the power of Love and I'm opened to the idea that we may all be God… I've nearly watched all of them and only a very little percentage seem untrustworthy (to me). Thank you (and sorry Jeff and Mara).